How to Stop a Whining Dog

How to Stop a Whining Dog

Ways To Stop A Dog From Whining

Whining is a one of the chief ways a dog has of communicating. Whining is one of the first actions it learns. When hungry, a puppy whines, which tells its mother that the puppy is hungry. The mother comes to feeds its puppies, and the puppy learns that whining produces results it wants. But sometimes you want to know how to stop a whining dog.

As dogs get older, they are conditioned to whine when feeling discomfort or distress. For example, if a puppy feels it is being left behind its pack, the puppy whines. This is no doubt brought on by separation anxiety, but the whine is a call of distress for the rest of the pack to come rescue it.

This is no different when a dog leaves its old pack and joins your family. Your new dog will try to communicate with you in the same way. How you and your family react to your dog’s whining is the key. You choose to either reinforce or discourage this behavior.

Like people, dogs like to get their way. Whining is just one of its tools. Essentially, either you train your dog to stop whining, or your dog trains you to respond to its whines. Which will it be?

3 Ways to Stop Your Dog from Whining

1. Do not respond to whines.

If every time your dog whines, you pay attention or bring him food, the dog will never learn to stop whining. If you forgot to feed your dog and it’s hungry, then by all means feed it.

But if you have taken care of your dog’s food and water needs, then your dog probably wants attention. Young dogs often whine in the middle of the night, for this very reason. If you give in and pay attention to your dog, then you are only reinforcing its whining reflex.

This is difficult, because a whining puppy is a lot like a crying baby. The big difference is that a month old puppy is much more self-sufficient than a baby. So don’t respond when your dog whines.

2. Pay attention when he is quiet.

This is the other side of the coin. You don’t need to neglect your dog. So make sure to pay attention to your dog when it is behaving. This reinforces good behavior and let’s your dog know there’s no reason for its separation anxiety.

I would suggest having some “Fido time” everyday. Set aside a few minutes to play with your dog or give it some exercise. If nothing else, give it some affection. Often, a few minutes of undivided attention is enough to tide a dog over for a day, so it doesn’t feel the need to whine.

3. Reassure Your Dog About Separation

A dog doesn’t like to be separated from its pack. So if you put it in another room or outside, it gets upset that it may never rejoin its pack. So train your dog that temporary separation is simply that.

If you put your dog in another room, make certain to visit it several times when you first start this new behavior. This lets it know that its confinement is only short term and that the dog hasn’t displeased the pack in some way.

Make certain not to return to a whining dog, though. This will trigger its whine mechanism. So when your dog is in its room for several minutes without a whine, give it gentle praise and perhaps even a snack.

Make certain to confine the dog with toys and other things to make its room “fun”. You should probably spend a few minutes in the room before you leave it, playing with it and letting it know that the room is also a social, fun place.

When to Pay Attention to a Whining Dog

My advice to ignore a whining dog has exceptions. There are times your dog might really be in distress. A good rule of thumb is to pay attention when your dog whines at times and in places it doesn’t normally whine.

If your dog whines when it’s eating, that’s a sign it is having digestion pains. If your dog whines when it is relieving itself, this is a possible sign of internal troubles. When this happens, you should try to determine what it is that’s distressing your dog and take it to the vet if you cannot.

And, of course, if your dog is sitting at the door whining, then it probably needs to go outside to relieve itself. This is a good thing, so you should let your dog outside immediately and praise it for its fastidiousness.

Fine Whine

In the end, whining is a form of communication. It means your dog is uncomfortable. But if you respond slavishly to these whines, whining will become little more than a bad habit. Tend to your dog’s needs, but otherwise don’t encourage your dog in forming this bad habit.

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  1. Charlie Dodd says:

    Hello – Every time we go for a drive my dog starts whining in the back seat. This is an excited whine, wagging tail, walking back and forth in the seat, panting excitedly. She can’t wait to get wherever we are going. When we get to any destination she waits till I tell her it’s okay to get out of the car. I have scolded her many time and she will be quit for a few minutes but then start shining again. Other than the whining she is very sweet and obedient girl but this whining is driving us crazy. What can we do?

  2. Hi my dog has been whining in the morning like clock work for the last month. We just moved a month ago and this has been a problem in the morning (6am-8am) he is at my bed side whining. He has food, water, and his doggy door is open. When I get up to see what he is whining about, his tail is wagging and hes just staring at me. Nothings wrong. I am up all night doing work and Im a night person, hes up with me or laying by me after I finish playing with him. Then to be woke up this early in the morning is DRIVING ME CRAZY… what can I do to stop it.

  3. For the past week, my 10 month old female boxer wont settle, she keeps whinning, she hasnt eaten for the past 36 hours and jumping on me and wont give us any peace she very clingy more then usual. she hasnt drink much water either but she has been to the toilet this morning, she just wont leave us alone, I tried egnoring her this morning but she kept jumping on me for me to play with her , what can it be.

  4. Hello my dog lives outside in the garden i go to play with him in the afternunes and evanings .

    but for the last month he has ben whinning at the dor when i go aut with him to se if he has got water or food he stopes . but when i come in he starts again . the whinning neverstops so i just sit aut tere i donĀ“t give him attention and he is verry good i wait till he goes to sleep and i go in , as son as he knows ive gon he starts again . What shold i do ?

  5. My staffy is driving me absolutly crazy!!! His whining is relentless! All day, all night and i know it’s cos he wants to be inside but i live in a rented property which doesn’t allow pets inside. I can’t have him inside anyway because he’s epileptic and makes an awful mess with his body fluids when he has a fit. I tried ignoring him and rewarding good behavior, tried a water spray bottle, he has everything he needs… Am at my wits end with him.

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