How To Stop Thinking Obsessive Thoughts

OCD Tips

Studies show that approximately 90% of people have intrusive thoughts which elicit repetitive behaviors in them. People with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder take this behavior to a disruptive and unhealthy level. Their obsessions force them into a series compulsive behaviors as a kind of defensive mechanism against these obsessions.

OCD is a pattern of ritualized behavior used to cope with distressing situations. In the first place, a particular ritual may present relief to the obsessive individual. Eventually, the pattern becomes distressing to the sufferer of OCD, because it disrupts their everyday interactions in life.

If you find yourself thinking obsessive thoughts, there are solutions. The Linden Method is one such solution developed by Charles Linden, who, after 25 years of suffering, cured himself quickly and permanently.

How OCD Begins

Broadly defined, obsessions come to us as repeated images, impulses or thoughts. These make the obsessive person feel negative emotions, the most common being anxiety, stress, revulsion or apprehension.

An inability to “stop” these impulses and thoughts makes the OCD person feel out of control. Though the person realizes on some level their obsession with these thoughts is irrational, they feel the need to develop mechanisms to cope with their negative emotions. These mechanisms tend to become compulsive behavior, which is a kind of ritual which offers short term relief to the sufferer.

Types of Obsessions

Obsessions fall into several broad categories. The most common of these are sexual revulsion, aggressive impulses, feelings of contamination, accidental harm or contamination of others, doubting one’s actions and the need for exactness.

In the case of the sexual revulsion, one may replay upsetting acts from one’s personal sexual history or focus on a disgusting sexual image.

Contamination impulses come from a fear of disease or poisoning, or from the fear of unintentionally contaminating a loved one. A similar obsession involves thoughts of losing control and harming a loved one, such as pushing them into oncoming traffic or crossing the lanes of traffic while driving.

Type of Compulsions

How To Stop Thinking Obsessive ThoughtsIn the case of doubt obsession, one might obsess about leaving the oven on while driving away from the house. This might require the person to return to the house to check on one’s appliances, with an ever-increasing list of perceived dangers.

With the exactness obsession, someone might need to have every item on one’s desk lay along parallel lines. Such people might feel the need to rearrange the shoes in one’s closet, or otherwise demand perfect symmetry of various aspects of their life.

A person may feel the need for constant reassurance, or confess one’s shortcomings to a friend or family member.

Counting numbers or having a preference for certain numbers is another common compulsion. Reading or writing one particular passage is not unusual.

In the case of sexual or religious obsessions, the ritual of repeating prayers or safe words is standard. These safe words might be a mild oath or a sharp curse.

Perhaps the most common compulsion is the need to wash one’s hands or clean one’s home repeatedly. Hoarding a common item is also seen quite often.

All of these compulsions have one purpose in mind: to restore one’s sense of control.

Stopping One’s Obsessive Thoughts

Psychiatrists and psychologists have struggled for decades to figure out the best way to stop obsessive thinking. In the end, one must recognize that irrational thoughts are a part of the human brain. Learning to focus on rational thoughts and disregard the irrational ones is the key to stopping one’s obsessive thoughts.

This is easier said than done, of course. But there are a few methods which seem to work.

1. Confront your obsessions.

Doctors have found that confronting your obsession and desensitizing yourself to it is a good way to end your compulsive behavior. This is treating the cause and not the symptom.

People with OCD understand that their thoughts and actions are irrational. This is one of the distinctions between OCD and a number of other psychological maladies. But the immediate impulse of the person with OCD is to push aside irrational thoughts with equally irrational behavior. This allows them to refocus their mind away from one’s obsession.

But if one instead faces one’s obsession, that person is able to think through the irrational thoughts and impulses. Once a person forcing himself or herself to confront these obsessions, a person tends to become desensitized to them.

In effect, if we can think rationally, an obsession loses its irrational power over us.

Note that it is best to target one’s obsession. But some people are unable to do this entirely. So it becomes a second best option to regulate one’s reaction to obsession.

If you can resist the need to behave compulsively, a person can begin to limit the effects of OCD. This is a half-measure, though.

2. Confront the anxiety over your obsession.

A person may come to believe they are not quite right. It is common for a sufferer of OCD to believe their obsession is degenerative, that it is leading to a dangerous behavior. Someone might have thoughts of doing violence to a loved one, and develop compulsive defense mechanisms in the hopes of avoiding these thoughts.

Anxiety might grow that the person will “give in to” these irrational impulses. This person must be reassured that these thoughts have never led to irrational behavior before. In this way, one can begin to realize that such anxiety is unwarranted.

3. Confront the cognitive process itself.

The human brain is complex. It produces plenty of rational thoughts which allow us to make decisions in life. But the brain also produces irrational thoughts.

It is natural to believe that all thoughts have meaning. This just isn’t the case. For a person with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, it is common to give meaning to the our most irrational thoughts. The fact that a person finds obsessive thoughts distressing is actually a good sign, though they tend to think something dark and perhaps unforgivable is at work simply for having the thoughts in the first place.

Allowing our irrational thoughts and impulses to become an obsession is to over analyze oneself. It is quite similar to interpreting one’s dreams as having deep and dark meanings, as opposed to realizing it is the brain jumbling disparate and irrational thoughts with one another.

Our brain is not always trying to tell us something. Once we realize this, stopping one’s obsessive thoughts becomes possible.

If you find yourself still struggling with obsessive thoughts, there is help available. The Linden Method has helped over 136,000 sufferers recover. >> Check it out today.


  1. hi my name is Victoria, and i have this obsession or anxiety of losing my boyfriend i love so much. I have repetitive thoughts of if he would cheat on me or if he would go back to one of his ex girlfriends and leave me..or even meet someone new..its my worst fear to lose him. I makes me exhausted with these worries and circle of thoughts one after another. I have talked with him so many times about it and he reassures me that hes not going to leave me and he would never hurt me. Yet i still worry and have these horrible thoughts that depress me..and even have bad dreams about it.
    I read things online and try to help helps for a bit and then the worrying starts back up again for some reason..its awful cause i love my boyfriend and shouldn’t feel insecure like this. What should i do?

  2. charlotte says:

    Victoria, you are invoking these thoughts yourself, because they make you feel better for at least a short time. When you imagine how you overcome a problem, it makes you feel better and produce flow of the “feel-good” chemicals (like dopamine and serotonin) in your brain. This is similar to drug addict injecting drugs to get high for a moment. All drugs and alcohol are making us feel good by increasing dopamine flow in the brain circuits. Also rewarding experience like sex, good food, pleasant feelings – are releasing the dopamine. Neuroscience had proved that even thinking about the rewarding experience can increase the dopamine flow and make a person feel better. So your thinking about victory over his ex-girlfriend gets you a relief of your worries and pleasant feeling, that why you repeating this rewarding thinking. However, do not abuse your reward system, because this is similar to drug addiction – makes you feel good for a moment, but it is easy to lose control, get too addicted, and forget your real life. Modern antipsychotics are designed to block the dopamine, and can help you take your repetitive thoughts under the control. But this medication can only be proscribed by a doctor and can lead to depressions as side-effect. It would be much better if you take your thoughts under the control yourself, and get your pleasant share of dopamine from natural sources like love, joy and hobbies.

  3. OCD Has no power over me! says:

    Hey .. I am just going through the Lindem Method and wowee there is some powerful information in there. I think the first thing you should realize is the thought pattern is irrational.. reassure yourself , there is nothing WRONG with you – your brain has just become used to this repetitive thought pattern because of previous emotional /physical / psychological pain/stress. Try the lindem method .. you will be fine :) :) All the best!

  4. I m so tired from my OCD. It is bothering me in my daily life. Whatever OCD says me in mind to do it I have to do it otherwise I feel like it my mind is froze and I cannot do anything else proper way. But I have a hope in my heart that one day I will be ok from this OCD. Sometime my co- worker be calling me but I don’t reply him bcos I be thinking some thoughts in my mind and that time I feel like that no body may bother me at all otherwise If I didn’t cleared that thinking from my mind I will be real angry.

  5. My name is johnny and for years , from as far as a can remember back I have had constant over thinking
    Situations, brain constantly on the go, over imagining situations, I never noticed It was a problem until i was about 18-19 and start having relationships. I wold get very close to the person always want to be around them, things would be great enough, until something I’n the relationship triggers a negative thought and I start to question her again and again asking questions that I have already asked, that I over react with and over think and start think worse, I would get very detailed with what I was asking and eventually just drive myself and partner mad, everyday I would have thought of something I’n my head that was negative, I would think she was lying to me or more happened that what she would originally say, or she cheated on me etc, I’n the end I find out that she did, but I really had no reason to be thinking this anyways, i tried to go on with the relationship but found it to hard, now i am I’n my new relationship I seem to be clinging to the same thoughts of being lied to etc etc,
    A few years back I start going to a girl I knew who did a course with me on irrential thoughts etc and making them positive,it worked for a while but could never keep up with it an practice it day today like I should, as I know myself that I should be able to.

    If there is any way u could help me it would b gratefully appreciated as at times it drives me up the Walls, is there even any sort of medication I can take to slow my mind down.

    Kind regards johnny

  6. hi my name is ciara and im 16 years old … i constantly feel like i live in fear .. my thoughts are confusing me they make me feel like im going crazy ,there intrusive thoughts i think ? i dont know what to do about them and i am so amshamed to talk about them

  7. Most of my problems have to do with my own thoughts or beliefs. Whenever something I don’t believe pops into my head, I have to rationalize WHY that would pop into my head (even though I think it’s OCD), and explain why it isn’t true. Then, I have to go through a (sometimes very long) list in my head, ex: “I would never insult God” and stuff like that. And, also, is most of the time, excluding times where I’m very distracted, every time I laugh I have to go through a list of things I would NEVER laugh at in my head, usually” ____ person’s death”, which is most of the time a family member or a celebrity whose death affected me. When I go through these lists it is very hard for me to focus on anything, and sometimes I don’t let myself move while I do. Then, usually at the end I have tap my head a few times to stop. I also have “challenges” for myself that are usually having to do something in a certain amount of time or a have to do it again, this can go on quite some time. I also have other problems that are associated with OCD from what I read, but to a lesser extent.

  8. OCD is the worst debilitating disease ever!
    For me this started only a few month’s ago.
    It.’s spiritual in my case. Everytime I want to pray
    And worship bad disgusting thoughts come to my
    Mind. I love Jesus and the Holy family so this lousy
    OCD takes over. I want to scream. How can this happen
    So fast? I’m starting to develop turrets. I pray and pray
    To make it go away. Is this my cross to bear? I have other symptoms
    Too! Hair pulling,not stepping on sidewalk cracks,and feelingguilty of my sins.
    I know I’m not alone. I’ve read similar stories.

  9. johny15 says:

    my ocd has to do with intrusive thoughts about my sexuality. the idea that im gay but im not pops all the time in my head and other disgusting thoughts about it

  10. My name is sarah and I have lost something very important to me, it was the 3D ultrasound of my now 8 month old daughter. I know its gone for good and I cannot get it back, but it is all I think about. It is running my mind.. I keep tryiung to play over and over when the last time was I saw it, or where I put it.. and I cant, so I keep going bak to square one and being sad that i lost it. This is driving me crazy!

  11. Hi All,
    I have OCD and its been there since I can remember. I would have horrible thoughts of hurting someone close to me, bad sexual thoughts regarding God, my family, children, and terrible things that would bother me. I would confess all my bad thoughts, even if I thought a cuss word, to my mom. I am married now, and it seems to have transpired to my husband. What is he doing? Is he a murderer, rapist, child molestor? Horrible things. I confess them to my husband, which is my compulsion, and it has ruined my marriage. My husband is a wonderful person, and will be a wonderful father. He loves me very much, but cannot take me thinking these things and telling him I am worried about him hurting me or chicldren. I hate it! We are working on building our relationship back, and I am taking medicine and am in therapy. I encourage you all to remember….no matter what you are obsessing about….there is nothing “wrong” with you. You do not want these thoughts, and they do not make up who you are. They also do not reflect the truth about you or your situations. It is your OCD. Get help for it, pray for help from God. You can overcome it, but it will not be easy. Whatever you do, stop getting reassurance from people around you. This feeds your bad thoughts, and it is a little unfair and selfish toward those around you, especially if your thinking bad of them. Journal, talk to a counselor, talk about medication. Challenge the thought….what proof do you have that it is true? You will find that you have no solid proof, and it is simply a worry and fear you have. Give it to God, write in your journal, get some help for yourself. You are not alone in this….but you will have to fight this yourself!

  12. hi i have a eating disoder and also ocd and i have this terrible thoughts of doing things mre then once ans its taking my life over plz can smoeone help me and and try to help me avoid thesed thought and give m e ways of copiung

  13. well im on the other end of it..i need some help from other people who do have ocd, ive been in a relationship with my boyfriend for almost a year, off and on our relationship for a while wasnt healthy, for some reason we stuck together, both knowing it was going to end sooner or later…i think the thing that kept us going for a while was the sexual attraction and not wanting to see one another with anyone else..anyways, we’ve both come to realize and grow deep feelings for eachother and we love one another alot and want to try and spend the rest of our lives together..
    but recently he’s been starting to obsess and feel guilty about having thoughts of other girls in sexual ways..for example putting themselves in situations with him in his head that we’ve been in and done..he’s started admitting EVERYTHING to me, every little thought he has of any other girl and its killing me. i always tell him, yeah i walk by other guys and say wow theyre cute or whatever but then it leaves my head..he’s even convinced and confused himself he has feelings for one girl that he was attracted to and thought of going to if we ever broke up! this is so hard and he’s finally been diagnosed with ocd, but just i dont know if i can get over the lingering thought in my head about him constantly thinking of other girls in a sexual way…
    please if you have any advice help me, i love him and would love to spend the rest of my life with him, it is just so hard to get over and forget..

  14. I am 48 years of age, was married for 9 years, and have since had a 10 year ( v rocky ) relationship and am now losing a, what was, very loving relationship.
    My obsession is sexual, and of course I find it extremely embarasing.
    Here goes…….. I obsess almost constantly with women in stockings and tights, there, I said it !!
    Every relationship I enter into starts `normally`, honest and with only the best feelings and intentions.
    I learned, more recently, to be more forthcoming about my `interest` and is always met with keen fun activities (?!) But, its never long long before my obsession kicks in and I simply cant perform at all without the `props`. All my partners obviously eventually find this demeaning and I become defensive and then the arguing starts and then inevitably its all over.
    It doesnt help that I“m usually attracted to women that dont share my initial `passion`, I have learned that many women actually do, but I just dont seem to be around them..
    I hate myself for the hurt that I cause and I recognise that I need some help.
    I have told my present, probably soon to be my latest ex, that I am trying to address this problem, but I find myself becoming more and more withdrawn, she has pointed this out and has said that I am most likely depressed. I agree with this prognosis. :(

  15. Hi my name is Al. I have had this OCD for a couple of years. I think that my own computer is somehow conspiring against me. That if I don’t click or install software in a specific way it will get a life of its own and do everything to ruin me and my projects.
    This is clearly a problem since I work with computers.

    I have been fighting this OCD harder as of late. I have done progress. But I still have a way to go.

  16. i have religious obsession. from last 11 i am so much fed up with this problem. whenever i see any religious photo or picture or passes by any temple, gurudwara or any other religious place, i would start whispering in my mouth about , if god give me son i will do this or that and then i would deny it and say ki meri koi manat na chare. i m fed up of all these things, all day long these type of printed images come in my mind. please help


  18. i have ocd and it is mostly number thing like if i dont do something certain number i think i will get embaressed in public or i will get accused of something i didnt do it stopped me from going to collage because i am really shy and having ocd doesn’t help sometimes i tell myself if i do something over and over again than something bad is going to happen to me or my family so if you have problem with checking the door always tell yourself i already check it and if i check it again something bad going to happen to me or you guy with computer problem tell yourself if i install software i dont need something bad going to happen to me everyone can use it i read about it in a contravesial article because some doctors say it only deflects the problem but it helps me but not all the time and i am wondering if there is connection between being shy and having ocd thanks

  19. One thing to note is that your are not weak for having these thoughts, OCD is a serious mental disorder

    All the issues above are ‘classic’ OCD . The first part is the Obsessive part ie, my loved one will die, my child will be born disabled , i will be injured etc (could be any number, the brain is pretty good at making these up). The second part is the compulsion to “do something” that pushes these intrusive thoughts away, so it may go like this:

    1) Obsessive thought eg “My boyfriend will leave me”
    2) You feel anxiety, the brain creates a way to stop the anxiety leading to …
    3) Compulsion : To stop these thoughts your brain gets you to perform some meaningless task such as praying, touching an object, repeating tasks etc (could be anything as long as it stops you thinking about the initial obsessive thought)
    4) The anxiety is temporally reduced so you believe that your meaningless task has cured or stopped the initial thought

    Unfortunately you are not addressing the problem , which is the initial thought. You are giving too much importance to the initial thought. Before performing the compulsion ask yourself why is the thought so important, thoughts come and go all day.

    Try and sit through the anxiety, it is unpleasant at first, try deep breathes. The more you practice this without preforming the ritual the less anxiety you feel.

    If you are still finding it difficult it may be time to seek medical advice, don’t be embarrassed to seek help as OCD is a serious mental and anxiety disorder affecting 1 in 50 people in the USA.

    The first step is to face the problem not let it control you

  20. I suffer with OCD everyday. My thoughts of immoral things and people take over. I try to make it stop or ditract myself but dosen’t. Praying and asking the Lord for help everyday is necessary but
    only lasts while saying it. Please pray for me as I pray for you. God bless!

  21. I feel like I am losing my mind on a daily basis. I can barely make it through the day without thinking at least 100+ times that my son is going to die. I envision car accidents, cancer, kidnapping,…you name it. I cry uncontrollably and can’t let him out of my sight. I have to stay on the phone with my husband when he has him in the car, and i won’t even let him run. No one close to me has ever died and I keep thinking that it will be my turn soon. I see the funeral and me trying to kill myself and then what my husband will have to deal with.
    I am pregnant with my second child and am so nervous that I am taking on another set of these worries and horrendous fears. I am a wreck and can barely function. I cannot control my mind no matter how many exercises I do, and unfortunately cannot take medication right now. It is strangely comforting to read all of these entries and know that I am not alone. Peace to all of you. I hope you find the calmness that you deserve.

  22. So I had ocd for about a year, and I don’t want to take medication that will just cover it up, but I have unwanted terrible thoughts about my family, and I worrying that they will be gone tomorrow, and that it will be my fault that they are gone, and if I have bad thoughts when I do something I have to go back , and repeat myself until I think everything is all ok.

  23. hi name victoria i know i have ocd it started with my ex i was scared that she would cheat on scared someone else would get her or tex someone else i was madly in love i was then it just whent from one obssession to the next try not to messt up now i was down to being affriad of think bad about her then i cheat on her with out think it was emotionnally not phiscal didnt me to if i can go back i would of done it differently but i dont let go of thing essy i did it then i obssesed over why it was all over thinking now first it was ossesion over image of her then do i have feelings the fear of thinking bout her during other then it was fear of thinking bout her you know what way then after that it all gone every day i go threw at least 7 different feeling a day i want to leave i hate myself i went threw reliogus obssion to still going threw it now im going threw did i do all this on purpose do iwant to will i cheat agin am i just evil then i say mean things in my head then cry about cuz wish i didnt say it i want my old life back and want to be faithful to god and everyone else i also thought what if im useing ocd or other mental illnuss as an excusses i asume thing my ex dose i m just one big mess my bad

  24. Hey guys,
    First off I want to thank the people responsible for putting up this information, it’s useful and it’s all true
    I’m not going to go into details because I’d have to writte a book about it lol but I’ve had OCD since the age of 11 and I’m now 19, soon to be 20. I’ve had every possible symptom you can imagine. It all started when I was 11, it started off as being panic attacks every single night, and I’d get up about 20 times a night running to my parents thinking I was always sick. Eventually near the age of 12, I developped OCD (I still remember the first time, I had to lift every single object I was looking at in my room and inhale while doing it, if I didn’t do this before bed time I’d hyper ventilate or it would be bother me A LOT until I do it, to the point that if I don’t do it, I wouldn’t be able to sleep). For some reason things seem to be going well (better) at the age of 14 and 15 but as I got older I developped severe social anxiety and my OCD got severely worse, example I’d have to touch, reapeat actions and say certain things from 2 to 50 times, I also fell in a huge depression from the age of 16 to 18, and the depression’s been on and off from then, but that’s only because I’m tired of dealing with OCD. I felt alone. Anyways, this has been going and I’ve always had worsening OCD symptoms, that do not stop from the moment I get up to when I got to bed. It’s to the point now that not only do I have the annoying OCD symptoms but I started avoiding certain situations and people for many irrational reasons, which all have to do with OCD. Finally by the age of 19, I decided I want my life back, that there’s no way that I’ll be able to continue my life this way and that I need help so I saw a psychiatrist, but had to stop because I don’t have the money for it, so my doctor prescribed me some medication, which took me a long time to even think about taking it because I was terrified of taking it.

    For those of you who read this, I’d like to thank you because sharring things like this helps me feel a lot better and remember, no one has to be alone in this and you have the power to get over it. I haven’t yet, but it’s a thousand times better then it used to be, I’ve got some many friends again and I’m currently in college and working part time, I got over the depression months ago and I’ve been feeling good since then and I believe that I’ll get over OCD in the future.

  25. hi, i really need some help. i have intrusive thoughts popping into my head & they disgust me, make me feel like i’m a bad person & make me feel down & depressed. At first i thought it was just me being mental. i know now that others suffer too but it doesn’t make it any easier to cope. i find i’m ok for periods of time then suddenly it’ll just happen again. i feel really low & fed up.

  26. Hi my name is laura . I first struggled with OCD at a very young age of five , which carried on through till i was eight. I would think of sexual intrusive thoughts about my family and would have to tell my parents to find my short term relief which would last five minutes until i tried so hard to not think of anything that it would just come into my head automatically and would be one never ending cycle. It tormented me and i feel that I lost a lot of my childhood as I was so consumed by my OCD. I grew out of it when i started high school. and it never came back until now. I’m 18 and have had a relationship with my gorgeous boyfriend for a year now. I find myself anxious every single minute of the day circling through my head if i’v done something or thought something that would upset him. Its never ending. If i see someone that i think is good looking or if i socially speak to someone at a party i spend weeks going through the same conversation trying to find anything that would upset him. I have to tell him everything and it is getting on his nerves and also on mine. I think if thoughts can come into my head it must be really what i think/feel but i have to keep reassuring myself its just my OCD . This is meant to be the happiest time of my life and im waisting it . Does anyone have an good advice before this just keeps getting worse?

  27. Hello my name is peter smith,
    Ive dealt with axnsiety and panic attacks threw most of my high school years. senior year panic attacks stoped when i meet my girlfriend and i started living life alot better. I thought thats was the worst thing that could happen to me in my lifetime mentally. I ended up looseing my girlfriend of 2 years, during my second year of college. This threw me in to a deep depression that i fought off so i thought. I was on my second internship of culinary and things were not going great. After i left the first day i got home, i decided to take a bath to relax because my anxiety was up. all of a sudden i had a thought of drowning my neice *this is killing me to write* and it scared me so bad i jumped. Things took off from here and 4 months of pain followed. I felt like a ticking time bomb, at any moment im gunna loose my mind and hurt my loved ones. I rememeber nights shacking un controllably and just woundering why this was happening to me the loving non violent type. After 4 months i decided i need to look up whats happening to me and the first thing that poped up was intrusive thoughts OCD. I must have read every website to understand whats happening to me. Long story short thing are getting slightly better. I have my days of doubt that im new gunna get better. But there are days im strong and i push threw it. Ive tryed the linden method and it has helped, but im not cured yet. just remember who you are and dont forget. Fear is a goodthing it shows that you care and should help u to realize thats why u wont ever do it. im still not confident in myself with this but ik as time goes on i will get stronger and let go. We are the silent cancer of the mind people dont realize but we need to help each other.

  28. Sarah Howard says:

    Hey Guys, I was diagnosed with OCD when I was only 4 years old…I’m 14 years old now. My life has been a struggle, but I am taking medicine which REALLY helps(Zoloft). My faith has become stronger with God. I am Catholic. God is the only reason I am as capable as I am with overcoming this. I’d like to share with you one of my methods to turn down the volume in your brain… SRB (stop, refocus, breathe) so STOP yourself from thinking about that thought, REFOCUS on something else, and take a deep breath. This always helps me! I look at my OCD, and say, God gave this to me for a reason. God works in mysterious ways. Maybe he gave this to us to make us more compassionate to other struggling with something similar. You have to learn how to manage your ocd. you cant fight it. Accept it. So, what my OCD is tricking me about is like it keeps saying “your homosexual” even though i know i am not, lol. I have a bf. But anyways, a thought is just a thought, not real. Your brain is a LIAR! A normal brain would just think of a thought, and put it in the back of their head and forget about it. Well, OCD mistakes unimportant thoughts for important thoughts, and bullies you about it. So please, see a conselor if your not taking medication, meds help, but most of all, praying helps. Thanks, hope this helps:) -Sarah

  29. To everyone, but especially to Guy and Paul,
    I read through ALL of the posts, and I found it very comforting to know that you both are suffering in the same exact way that I do. My unwanted thoughts consist of cursing against God inside my head. I LOVE God, so it especially disgusts me to think these thoughts, but I’m powerless to stop them from popping in.

    In reading some of the other ‘helpful’ posts, it seems that a number of people recommend that we just “accept” these irrational thoughts that the brain produces and not give in to them, meaning obsessing about them and allowing ourselves to feel negatively about them…..

    Has anyone succeeded in doing this ‘ignore it and it will go away’ approach?

  30. I just woke up from a bad dream about I guess being possessed and pulled around on the floor.I’m even scared writing aboutt this.I’ve been afraid of practically everything I’ve read about since I was 10 or so and I’m 20 now.I always hoped it would go awayand I was just being crazy.I finally talked yo my best friend about it BC I live in so much fear I’m going to hurt someone it makes me hate afraid and leery of alot of men bc i dont want to be abused or cheated on.I want to get help I just can’t afford started out with being afraid of being homosexual then I was so orderly everything has to face forwards. I was afraid I’d hurt my children if I ever had any. Then scary movies made me scared and think “OMG what if I did that or thar happened to me?its so terrible.”I’d never hurt anyone and i have faith in God so i wont be possessed either,I know that and I feel crazy.I hate anxiety :/ I just feel like such an awkward person now

  31. Hello All,
    I have had ocd for over 40 yrs…… The early years were a big struggle for me and hid them very well from family and friends. The only way I found to over come ocd is to face it full on. It’s very hard to do , but possible. I’m still aware of the thoughts and rituals but don’t let them in….. Even at My lowest. I handle it very well and so could all of you. Don’t give yourself a hard time , enjoy life and dismiss what makes you unhappy . Don’t give into it

  32. Hey people,

    I do have obsessive thoughts of things that happened to me in the past that I wished that hadn’t now some of the things could be say embarrassing yourself that many people would laugh off, I know that doesn’t make much sense because things do happen and what happened can’t be changed but how do I stop myself from forgetting what happened in the past?


  33. Hello Francis, It may be a better idea to remember the embarassing moments and make lite of them, turn it into a passing thought , dont linger on it, dont give it any meaning …….. Or instead replace the thought with a good one , You must have plenty of none embarassing things in Your past that would make you feel better and are worth remebering ….This has worked for Me….

  34. Hello all lol my names jethro,im on the way to find out what happend to me,i cant stop thinking,everyday,everytime,my brain keep talking in my head and won’t shut up,i dont know is this called ocd or what? Please Tell me :D,the most i hate when i try to sleep at night and cant cuz my brain thinking to much and i cant do anything to help my self.

  35. my names ashley, i really dont know if i have ocd but i think i do sometimes when i dont touch something fully i have the need to touch it again, example: when a friend pokes me i have to rubb off the part of my body she poked and get the feeling off my shoulder or if i push a botton and dont press it hard enough i have to keep presssing it till my sences dont need to touch it anymore or sometimes when lets say the remote on the table isnt perfectly striaght i have to keep adjusting it till it is it really bothers me and i really want to know if i have it cuz i know its not normal to feel the way i do about certain things this website kinda helped me out to know other symptoms but ill have to keep looking to see if i can find help for whatever it is i have..

  36. Hey guys I just wanted to provide some information I’m learning about this disorder. I’ve had OCD for years and I’m learning coping mechanisms. In simple terms, the easiest solution is desensitization and acceptance. This has worked for me, the replacing thoughts with good ones or pushing away bad thoughts has never worked for me. Let me explain…

    1. Everyone has OCD at some time or another, however, each of us has variable degrees, meaning it will affect more of us than others.

    2. In most cases OCD is a reaction to stress.

    3. OCD IS RELATED TO NEGATIVE THOUGHT CYCLES! Our brain enters into negative thought cycles to imitate its’ fight or flight response. It is a sort of twisted practice for our brain. Negative thought cycles cause shortness of breath and hightened alertness. This causes a shortness of breath. A shortness of breath will keep our fight or flight going, therefore the negative thoughts will keep going. It is a self-full filling cycle.

    4. Most of us suffer from a repetitive thought pattern at one point or a another. We develop a cycle of thoughts that we cannot erase. The harder we try to get rid, the stronger they become. That is the solution and the problem in itself. The problem makes itself bigger the more we become enveloped by it. Acceptance is the key. Distressing thought patterns are just thoughts. You are not your mind. You cannot predict what your mind will think in 5 minutes. Allowing these thoughts to come and go as they please without much attention, and they will eventually disapear. YOU NEED TO DESENSITIZE TO YOUR THOUGHTS. THE LESS ATTENTION YOU PAY THEM, THE LESS YOU WILL FIND YOURSELF in an OCD thought cycle. Easier said than done of course, but believe me if you accept them for what they are, and refuse to become wrapped up in them, the easier it will be to deal with.

    REGARDING RELATIONSHIPS: At one point or another we will find ourselves in toxic relationships. Sometimes one after another. This gives us a jaded perception. We develop a negative thought pattern where we think we will never find someone to treat us right or be in a successful relationship. WRONG. I learned from first hand experience. Everyone is different, and everyone needs a chance. Try to work on taking the least amount of baggage from one relationship to another. BE BRAVE. If you feel someone is being unfaithful, confront them, and if you have no real reason and if they havent done so before…then chances are they aren’t cheating.

    this has worked for me

  37. My most frequent obsessive thought is when I’m driving my car and I get the overwhelming notion that I’m going to turn into oncoming traffic. My hands clutch the steering wheel, I go stiff as a board and break out in a cold sweat and can’t breathe. I slowed down to 30 on the motorway yesterday, holding up the traffic because I was so scared of doing this awful act! I can’t take it anymore, I feel like a crazy person.

  38. I struggle with extreme anxiety about being sick. I don’t know what I think is going to happen but I feel scared when I hear someone talk about a tummy bug. I instantly think that I will get it. More than being sick, I am scared of the anxiety that comes with it. I can’t focus on others, even my own kids and that makes me so mad at myself. I don’t worry about any other illnesses, just tummy bugs. I am not afraid to throw up. I threw up the whole time I was pregnant with both my kids. I think I am afraid of how I won’t have control when it happens and that I will just feel out of my schedule and routine. It will change everything about my day. Please help.

  39. i am tired of thinkin negativelyand feeel i just hav to work hard to stop it because am a talented person as far as basketball is councern but negative thoughts have been the other of the day.but however i hope to get over soon as soon as am through with this

  40. Hi my name is Elizna! I have been struggling with ocd for most of my life, I am 24years old and engaged. When me and my partner first started dating the ocd got really bad, sexual thoughts especially, with everyone and everything. I couldn’t take it anymore. I told him everything, every thought and it really hurt him. But- he stood by me and then I told him about the ocd. I’ve been coping a bit better but always repeat our conversations and need reassurance, not once but a million times!! I hate it. I just want to feel that I can trust him and myself. The last 2months started to get pretty hard again. I feel guilty for just thinking someone else is goodlooking and if I talk to someone it feels like I’m cheating. How can I get rid of these feelings of guilt and anxiety. I’ve also had all the other symptoms but these are the worst! Please help

  41. Hi everyone my name is Brian.

    Have been suffering from OCD nearly all my life am 23 now. Initially started with checking everything 20 times or I had to have the radio at a certain volume but has gotten a lot worse over the years with terrible taught. In around 5th year of school I had terrible suicide taughts not that I would do anything like that but it kept going through my head drove me insane. And in the last few years it turned to sexual taughts! I have been talking medication for the past few years and it helped massively but stopped talking the tablets about a year ago as I didn’t think I needed them anymore and it was fine for a year but is back worse than ever. I find talking about it helps a lot.

    Would just like to say to Victoria Bond things sound very tough at the mum but it will improve I promise! If you need to speak about it don’t hesitate to email me, and that goes for anyone here!

    Admire everyone for coming on here not an easy thing to do.



  42. My 86 year old grandmother is having some obsessive thoughts because of the recent nuclear disaster in Japan. She is worried about people getting cancer because of this (which is a real fear) but being an environmentalist, she is very emotional and sensitive about it. She is religious too, so she uses Bible words and phrases as a coping mechanism. Also we have lost 5 close family members in the last year, so there is also extreme stress and loneliness. I think she also has some issues with aging and hearing so many commercials about changing your appearance. I try to calm her down by talking to her, and playing relaxing music seems to help. She does not have Alzheimer’s or Dementia, so I’m hoping she will return to normal after a while. Is there anything else I should try? Thanks

  43. Hey guys,

    I’d really appreciate if someone could respond to my post as I am DESPERATE for help. I’m 23 (female) and have struggled with OCD since I was about 5 years old. I’ve seen a therapist about it but stopped because I could no longer afford the visits. I also have anxiety/depression which I am not on medication for either (besides xanax for the anxiety). I feel like these 3 issues are all inter-related but my OCD is the worst. I have to make sure EVERYTHING is clean .. I scrub my bathroom all the time, my clothes have to be lined up properly, I’m constantly going back and checking/touching things, I have violent/negative re-occuring thoughts ALL THE TIME .. traditional case of OCD.

    My biggest problem with OCD is with my relationship. If I talk to a guy, just a friendly conversation, I feel guilty .. I feel like everything involving another guy I HAVE TO TELL MY BOYFRIEND or ill live with guilt .. even if i just hug a guy friend or hold a normal conversation with them I will think about it over and over again like I’ve done something wrong when I haven’t. I don’t understand why I do this?!?!?! I’m completely faithful to my boyfriend of 7 years, whats going on and why do I feel SO GUILTY over nothing? PLEASE HELP!


  44. Anonymous says:

    Dear Anonymous,

    I have the exact same problems as you. I try to go out and live a normal life, but when I do something without my boyfriend of five years I just become overwhelemed with guilt. I have been in therapy for about 6 years, and almost every session is about my guilt. I have learned to work with my feelings, you know it is okay to be around others and enjoy their company. I think that alot of it has to do with something deeper. You are obviously a wonderful girlfriend, but there is something in you that thinks you aren’t being faithful. I keep worrying that my boyfriend is going to one day hear something I have done and walk away, mostly because I haven’t had anyone permanent in my life. It really helps to talk to someone about it. They can help you delve into the past and help you understand why you feel the way you do.


    Your thoughts sound so similar to OCD symptoms. You are NOT a bad person. I recommend you talk to a therapist or talk to your doctor. Whenever I talk to my doctor about strange worries like that, I realize that they have all heard it before, and its common to have sexual intruding thoughts. Its the disease. Please think about your beautiful baby and yourself before you do anything. You can overcome it, I promise you.

  45. Kyle says:
    June 24, 2011 at 1:52 am
    Most of my problems have to do with my own thoughts or beliefs. Whenever something I don’t believe pops into my head, I have to rationalize WHY that would pop into my head (even though I think it’s OCD), and explain why it isn’t true. Then, I have to go through a (sometimes very long) list in my head, ex: “I would never insult God” and stuff like that. And, also, is most of the time, excluding times where I’m very distracted, every time I laugh I have to go through a list of things I would NEVER laugh at in my head, usually” ____ person’s death”, which is most of the time a family member or a celebrity whose death affected me. When I go through these lists it is very hard for me to focus on anything, and sometimes I don’t let myself move while I do. Then, usually at the end I have tap my head a few times to stop. I also have “challenges” for myself that are usually having to do something in a certain amount of time or a have to do it again, this can go on quite some time. I also have other problems that are associated with OCD from what I read, but to a lesser extent.

    I’m having these problems too.

  46. Hi my name is stefano I think I have OCD and is taking over my mind I can’t stop thinking of bad thoughts and times I just do the sighn of the cross over the limit of what I’m sure I normally wouldn’t want to do. While I’m in class I do it at anywhere I can’t even do certain things (reading a book!) I’m supposed to be going to a doctor and I don’t want to be doing this anymore .

  47. Hey, I just want to get this out there: If I look at someone I don’t like, I have to breath out and think “hate” but if I look at someone I really like, I have to do the same with the not breathing, but I have to think “love”. If someone says “love” or “yes” and I am looking at some object, I have to breath out and think “hate” or “no” a million times over. I can’t look at anyone and breathe in. I have to look at a wall or rug or table to breathe in. This really interferes with m conversations because I cannot have lasting eye contact and they think I’m rude for not looking at them. I tried explaining that the best I could. I don’t know what to do and I’m not sure if this would be considered OCD.

  48. This Is Juan. I have been dealing with OCD for almost all my life. Im 26 yrs old now and after reading these letters I have realized that I have OCD. Wow I am deffenetly not alone on this one and your not eather. I know your suffering its like torture Its made me wish I wasn’t alive sometimes but I wont give up. I will keep fighting because I will win this battle with OCD and Deppression. In the past few years it got more and more outta control let me tell you why. Drugs and Alcohol! If there’s anyone out there addicted to Marijuana,Cocane,Pills,Alcohol,Methor any type of drug and thinks or knows they have Depression or OCD should stop and seek help. I have done all of those on and off and I know that Is the reasons my OCD and Deppression has just gotten really bad. Trust me It wont make It better!. I am drug free right now and am In the process of seeking help for addictions and OCD. Remember you can do all things through Chist Jesus because he will give you strengh. God did not give us a spirit of Fear but of LOVE & of a sound mind and of clear Judgement. God Bless You!

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