How To Stop Your Husband From Snoring

How Can I Stop My Husband’s Snoring?

Solving your husband’s snoring problem can be difficult. That’s because there are many different conditions which cause people to snore. Figuring out the cause helps you apply the right solution. So you might need to become a junior detective to solve the snore.

Here are several common reasons people snore. I try to put the most common conditions towards the top of the list. I’ll try to set out the best way to treat each condition, too.

1. Overweight

When we gain a little weight, that weight is evenly distributed throughout our body. This means that the fatty layers in the throat might be blocking his breathing at night. If this is the case, then your husband needs to take a few pounds off. Moderate exercise is enough with most men to help them stop snoring.

2. Nasal Congestion

If your husband is prone to allergies, then these might be causing him to snore. Dust and mold are two common allergies which cause nasal congestion. When your husband can’t breathe through his nose, he’ll open his mouth and breathe through it at night. When this happens and he’s on his back asleep, you’ll get all kinds of snores.

Congestion might be cause by diet, too. Dairy products like milk and cheese often produce temporary nasal congestion. So if your husband eats a late cheese snack or drinks a cup of warm milk before he goes to be, try cutting out the dairy products in the evening and see if that ends the snoring.

There several ways to deal with nasal congestion. Nasal strips, sometimes called “breathe right” strips, sometimes help. Flushing out the nasal passages with a saline spray has been known to help. If your congestion is due to a sinus infection, a doctor can prescribe various medicines to help.

3. Alcohol or Medicine

How To Stop Your Husband From SnoringAlcohol causes the muscles in ones neck to relax. If you drink alcohol and fall asleep, the muscles are relaxed and it causes a man to snore. Certain tranquilizers, sleep aids and other medicines produce the same effect. Try to avoid alcohol before going to be and see if this helps your snoring.

4. Deviated Septum

Around one in seven people have a deviated septum. This means the bones of the nose are slightly out of whack, which means one nasal passage is wider than the other. Since the narrow passage is hard to breathe through, we are likely to open our mouths to snore at night.

Some people are born with a deviated septum, while an injury like a broken nose also might cause such a condition. In this case, surgeries are common to rearrange the bones in the nose. Don’t worry; this surgery won’t change the shape of your husband’s nose.

5. Sleep Apnea

Persistent snoring might require a trip to the doctor. Sleep apnea is a common condition which causes snoring. The condition causes someone to wake up dozens if not hundreds of times a night, wreaking havoc on the natural sleep process.

Let me point out that sleep apnea can be deadly. So if your husband has this condition, you need to get it diagnosed and treated. Treatment often requires your husband to use a breathing machine at night. You might have to get used to the sounds of the machine, but at least it’s a nice, steady hum instead of jolting snores.

6. Recessed Lower Jaw

If your husband’s lower jaw is recessed, this causes a misalignment of the mouth when he sleeps at night. The tongue will be in the way of the breathing passage, causing him to snore. If this conditions occurs, then your orthodontist can supply you with a mandibular advancement splint. This realigns the jaw and usually ends the snoring problem.

A Final Note

People often have to change their sleep patterns for a snorer. A wife shouldn’t have to sleep in another room from her spouse. A wife shouldn’t have to go to bed earlier. One, a big snorer can wake a wife from her sleep. Two, if you wake up in the middle of the night, you’re stuck dealing with the snoring anyway. There is always a reason a man snores. So if you can figure out what the problem is, you can solve that problem.

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