How to Stay Motivated Through P90X

P90X is an intensive and revolutionary workout system built around the concept of muscle confusion. This home workout system has transformed the bodies and lives of many people who have completed it.

P90x is broken down and divided into three phases. The first two phases are 28 days and the last phase is 35 days. Therefore, the actual program takes a total of 91 days to complete. This program is extreme and forces you to work mentally as well as physically. Staying motivated for 91 days is a challenging task for many people. The following are a few ideas to help you stay motivated through your journey with P90X.

  • Find Your Purpose: This is success and motivation 101, but it helps to remember why you are doing this program in the first place. Everyone has their own reasons for doing this so find a reason and make it compelling. Make sure that your reason excites you and creates a strong desire. Are you trying to just lose weight? Look better? Have more energy? Fit into your old clothes? On those days when you are dreading the next workout, it helps to remember your “reason” for doing this. Focusing on the end result helps.
  • Do It with Friends: Starting any kind of project or goal is always easier when you have other people to support you and hold you accountable. Even though P90X is broken up into phases, and each workout is very unique it can become somewhat monotonous. Having other people in the room with you sweating profusely and working hard can give you that additional mental push. Having a workout partner to help motivate and push you on those days when you just do not want to work out is very helpful. On the flip-side, when you are the one providing motivation, this can boost your ability to push harder mentally and physically.
  • Watch P90X Success Testimonials: Seeing other people change their lives by transforming their bodies with P90X can help to motivate you. The P90X infomercials themselves are a great source of inspiration. Unfortunately, they don’t play 24 hours a day so try looking up P90X success stories or videos on Google or Youtube. There are plenty of P90X transformation videos that document individual journeys of success. It helps to see regular everyday people achieve extraordinary P90X results. Also, there are a number of P90X bloggers that tell of their experiences and give their own of tips for success and motivation.
  • Track Your Own Results: There is nothing more motivating than seeing actual changes as a result of your own hard work and sacrifice. Take all of the required before measurements and track your progress throughout your P90X journey. Also, take a lot of pictures! Measurements are great but pictures speak a thousand words. If this program is followed closely (including the diet and use of the proper P90X equipment), you are almost guaranteed results. If you are tracking your progress with measurements and pictures, towards the end of the program you will begin to notice that you are becoming your own success story! You can now be a source of inspiration for yourself and others.

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