How to Serve Breakfast in Bed

Guide to How to Serve Breakfast in Bed

Surprising your sweetly sleeping significant other with a tray of hearty, home made breakfast, complete with a little flower in a vase is perhaps the ultimate tableau of domestic romance. We’ve all seen characters who know how to serve breakfast in bed in movies or on television a thousand times. “Oh, you made me breakfast in bed! How wonderful!”

If you want to give someone you love an extra-nice start to their birthday, anniversary, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or any other day, there’s nothing better than breakfast in bed. Having someone serve you breakfast in bed is the kind of gesture that’s cliché in the movies but that we all secretly wish for in real life.

However, what they don’t tell you about in the movies are the real life risks of spilled juice, crumbs in the sheets, and morning breath mixed with food. If you really want your breakfast-in-bed surprise to end satisfyingly and not with, “Aw, honey, it’s the thought that counts,” then you need to plan ahead.

Here’s what you need to know how to serve breakfast in bed, disaster-free.

  • Keep it a Surprise
  • Suppress the Mess
  • Be Sensitive to Morning Needs
  • Make it Special

How to Serve Breakfast in BedFollow these pointers and your significant other will be sweetly surprised with a nice romantic treat.

Keep it a Surprise

The first thing to keep in mind about how to serve breakfast in bed is that you want to keep it a surprise. If you’re halfway through cooking eggs and bacon and your significant other wakes up and comes into the kitchen to see what you’re up to, then you’ve just made breakfast, not breakfast in bed. Still nice, but not quite the same special gesture.

Therefore, you’ll want to take precautions to make sure your significant other stays well asleep until the big reveal. Set an alarm for yourself to wake up before they do. Or, if your better half is a light sleeper, drink a lot of water the night before and you’ll wake yourself up early to go to the bathroom. As you make your way down to the kitchen, make sure to close the bedroom door behind you.

Once you start cooking, try not to clank around too much. Laying out pots and pans the night before might be a good idea. Also, nothing wakes up some people faster than a house filled with the delicious smells of cooking bacon or brewing coffee, so turn on a fan in the kitchen to minimize these tantalizing aromas.

Suppress the Mess

When planning how to serve breakfast in bed, remember that nothing is less romantic than doing dishes or wiping up spills. So, while you’re preparing your meal, make sure to clean up as you go. Wipe up the countertops, wash the pans you use, and put all ingredients you use back where they belong before you head back into the bedroom to serve breakfast in bed.

Also, keep in mind the potential for mess when planning your menu. The person you’re serving breakfast in bed to will be eating in a place not really designed for it. So, don’t serve syrupy pancakes with the potential for sticky spills or toast that might get crumbs everywhere. Instead, stick to cleaner fare like bagels, or fruit that doesn’t require peeling like grapes or strawberries.

If you’re serving something greasy like bacon or sausage, make sure to include napkins so your loved one doesn’t have to wipe their fingers on the sheets. Better yet, think about a self-contained meal like a breakfast burrito. Combine cheese, hash browns, scrambled eggs, and sausage (and add some salsa if they like spicy food) and wrap it up in a warp tortilla for a mess-free meal.

Be Sensitive to Morning Needs

Few people are at their best first thing in the morning. Therefore, another thing you want to consider when thinking about how to serve breakfast in bed is what your loved one is like in the morning.

If they want a minute to go to the bathroom and smooth out their bed-head, let them. They won’t be able to enjoy the nice meal you’ve made if they’re feeling self-conscious or need to relieve themselves. The food will be fine sitting there for a minute.

You may also want to consider giving them something acidic to drink to get rid of night time “dragon breath.” A small glass of orange or pineapple juice is not only delicious, but helps to cleanse the palate so that the rest of their meal tastes better.

If your loved one tends toward grogginess in the morning, don’t forget to give them a shot of caffeine so they can be fully awake to enjoy their breakfast. A cup of coffee or non-herbal tea prepared just how they like it will do the trick.

Make it Special

Serving breakfast in bed to your souse or significant other it supposed to be a romantic gesture. So, make it special. Don’t just bring them an Egg McMuffin and a glass of milk, but put some thought into it. If you don’t know their favorite foods before deciding to serve them breakfast in bed, try to find out. Ask some subtly probing questions the day before. You could also ask their parents what their childhood favorites were.

If you want to know how to serve breakfast in bed in an extra-special fashion, upgrade some usual fare. Don’t just make coffee, make cappuccino. Don’t just use the OJ from concentrate, but squeeze your own. Forget about frozen waffles, and break out the waffle iron. Use the fancy plates and the cloth napkins. Get a small, tasteful fresh flower and put it in a little vase.

And whatever you’re serving, make sure you do it using some sort of bed tray. These types of food tray are relatively inexpensive to buy, but if you need to improvise use a large platter (such as what you serve the Thanksgiving turkey on) or even a large coffee table book covered with a nice cloth.

This is all you need to know how to serve breakfast in bed. Now you can serve your sweetie breakfast in bed without causing them any headaches. Keep these tips in mind and you’ll soon put a great spin on someone’s day. And who knows, maybe you will so charm your spouse or significant other with your thoughtfulness in preparing them this meal, they’ll soon return the favor.

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