How to Rent a Private Island

8 Tips for Renting Private Islands

We all enjoy taking a vacation from time to time, but have you ever considered taking one on your own private island? There are literally hundreds available for rent around the globe, and this article will offer a number of tips and suggestions on how to rent a private island.

Some of these islands are also more affordable than you might think. In fact, you no longer have to be wealthy to enjoy the tranquility of a private island.

Know Your Spending Limitations

Before shopping for prices, you’ll need to calculate how much money you can afford to spend. While a vacation on a private island can be a wonderful experience, you don’t want to go broke in the process.

Prices Of Private Islands

Before you decide on your island, you’ll need to shop around for those in your price range. Some islands cost only a few hundred dollars per week, while others may be as expensive as thousands of dollars per day. (And if you have that kind of money to spend, think about buying silver as an investment.) Look around and find the prices of private islands which meet your budget.

Here are just a few examples:

  • Anonyme, Seychelles ($785 per week)
  • Pirates Cove, Florida ($5,000 per week)
  • Kamalame Cay, Bahamas ($9,900 per day for the entire island)
  • Ihuru Island, Maldives ($450 per night)
  • Dream Island, Fiji ($2,500 per week)

Decide On A Location

Do you want an island near the United States, or would you prefer something a bit more exotic? Deciding on a location is key when learning how to rent a private island. Depending on their location, some islands may experience tropical temperatures or occasionally rough weather.

Determine The Number Of Guests

Islands normally come with a house, but these are often designed to hold different numbers of people. Before you rent a private island, make sure you know how many people will be in your party.

Shop For Islands Online

The Internet is the best place to shop for private island rentals. Two sites particularly stand out: and Either one of these sites will provide prices and customer reviews for hundreds of islands around the globe. If you find the perfect one, you’ll also be able to rent it online.

Consider Activities

What is there to do on the island? Can you hike and fish, or is the primary allure just sitting on the beach and watching the sun go down? While the island itself is often the main attraction, it’s a good idea to learn what other activities might be available to you and your guests.

How Much Travel Time?

In most cases, you’ll first need to fly to the mainland. From there, you’ll get on a boat and be transported to your island. This latter journey could range from minutes to hours, so be sure and check ahead of time (especially if you get seasick).

Make A Deposit

When you’ve finally selected your island, you’ll need to put down a deposit. In other cases, you’ll be asked to pay the entire amount up front. In either case, it’s a good idea to book your private island in advance.

If you’re asked to pay the entire amount up front, just be sure you’re booking with a reputable agency. This can be determined by consulting the Internet for information.

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