How to Play the Power Ball Lottery?

How to Play the Powerball Lottery?

Learning how to play the Power Ball Lottery gives you a chance to win the lotto game with the U.S. record largest jackpot ever. Of course, the odds of winning the Powerball jackpot prize is just under 1-in-200,000,000, but we can all dream.

If you have $1 and the ability to get to a lottery ticket vendor, you can play the Power Ball lottery. You don’t even have to worry about picking numbers anymore, if you don’t want, because you can take the Quick Pick option and have the lottery machine choose numbers for you.

Know the Deadline for Buying Powerball Lottery Tickets

First, know when the deadline to enter the Power Ball lottery is, so you have your tickets purchased before the drawing. The deadline is 9:59 pm Eastern Standard Time on Wednesdays for the Wednesday 10:59 pm drawing and 9:59 pm Eastern Standard Time on Sundays for the Sunday 10:59 pm drawing. Get to the store early, because there’s likely to be a line, especially when the lottery jackpot has rolled over a few times.

Fill Out a Lottery Ticket Slip

Once you get to the Powerball lottery vendor’s store (often a convenience store), find the retailer’s selection slip. This slip lets you color in numbers to select which numbers you want, must like the SAT or ACT tests you took coming out of high school. You need to correctly fill out these forms to qualify for the lottery.

  • 5 White Numbers – You’ll see fifty-five white numbers, numbered between 1 and 55. Choose five white numbers by filling in the numbers you want to select.
  • 1 Red Number – You’ll see forty-two red numbers, numbered between 1 and 42. Choose one and only one white number by filling in the one number you want to select.

Double-check your selections before turning your lottery ticket into the cashier and paying for it. Use vendors which have a machine read your ticket, instead of having the numbers entered manually by the sales clerk. Unlike lottery games in most states, the laws governing the Powerball lottery do not allow a clerk to cancel out a ticket, so there’s no recourse, if you notice the ticket isn’t what you picked later.

How Do You Win at Power Ball?

Once you have a ticket with six numbers chosen, you win by matching your numbers to the numbers drawn in the twice-weekly Power Ball drawing. If you buy a ticket on Monday or Tuesday, that ticket only works for the next (Wednesday) drawing. If you buy a ticket on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday, that Powerball lottery ticket only works for the upcoming Sunday drawing. Once these drawings are held, you’ll need to go the retailer, fill out another lottery ticket, and pay your $1 to get in on the action.

The more numbers you have matching, the more money you win. The Power Ball jackpot pays out only if someone matches all 6 numbers they chose with the numbers selected. If this happens, you qualify for $20 million or more. How much depends on how many times the lottery has “rolled over” – that is, lottery numbers have been drawn without a winner. Since the odds of winning the lottery are something like 1-in-196,000,000, and the number of lottery tickets chosen is (usually) significantly lower than that, the Power Ball lottery is likely to be held numerous times without a jackpot prize being award.

Power Ball Jackpot Rollover

That’s a good thing, though. The longer a lottery game does without being beaten, the bigger the jackpot grows. Eventually, the Powerball prize money gets up into astronomical proportions – as if twenty-million isn’t astronomical enough. The record jackpot amount for the Powerball is just over $300,000,000.

Power Ball Jackpot Payouts

Remember to mark whether you want to take your Powerball jackpot prize in a “lump sum” amount, or if you prefer it be paid out in a yearly payment for 30 years. If you take the annuity, you get the full amount of the jackpot. If you take the lump sum payout, you take a significant decrease in the final jackpot – close to 55% in many cases – but you don’t have to wait on the money every year. In the case of the 300 million dollar jackpot, the people chose the lump sum option for somewhere just over $170,000,000.

If you’re a good investor or you don’t blow it all, your lump sum payout might make up in interest the different you lose in the lump sum. If you have no business sense, though, it might be a better idea to take the payments over 30 years, assuming you’ll get wiser with your money as time goes by.

It goes without saying that most people choose the lump sum payment, making sure they get what’s theirs all at one time. Keep in mind that the lump sum amount presumably goes into your bank account, and it can be willed to your spouse and children. On the other hand, if you should die before the 30 years are finished, that money is owed to you – not your children and not your estate.

Finding the Power Ball Lottery Number

Once the Power Ball lottery has taken place, you’re going to want to find the Powerball numbers to verify whether you won or lost. You can go to the official Power Ball winning lottery numbers ( page, which lists the winners starting at the most recent and eventually listing them all (or at least the winning powerball numbers – not the person).

You can also find the Powerball numbers on state Powerball lottery websites, in the USA Today and on USA Today online, and in your local newspaper. Heck, you can even watch the broadcast of the Power Ball lottery drawing, which comes live from Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida.

How to Win the Power Ball Lottery?

No, I’m not giving the sectets to winning the Powerball lottery; I’m giving you advice, in case you do win the lottery. Choose the confidential option, instead of publicizing that you won the lottery. While it may stroke your ego to get your name and picture in the local paper, you don’t want everyone you know immediately knowing you won the lottery.

You might think it won’t happen, but when your friends and family know that you have tens of millions of dollars in the bank, every time they have a financial problem, it’s going to be tempting to mention it to you. Even if they innocently mention a financial difficulty, you’ll wonder all along whether they have ulterior motives.

This fails to mention the people you don’t know or barely know who’ll come out of the woodwork, if you publicize your lottery win. People with all kinds of projects, “investment ideas”, and items to sell you are going to want your money, and they’ll give you the hard sell to do it. My advice is to keep your job (at least for a while), stay in your house, tell no one, and get acclimated to the idea of being rich. You’ll want to splurge, so make one big purchase, then start worrying about making a real future with your Powerball lottery jackpot winnings.

But that’s getting ahead of ourselves a little bit. For now, learn how to play the Power Ball Lottery and start playing. Even $1 is enough to give you a shot at changing your life. Having a 1-in-200,000,000 chance is a heckuva lot better odds than have a zero percent chance of winning.

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