How to Pick Up Girls at Dance Clubs

How to Pick Up Girls at Dance Clubs

For most guys, picking up girls at dance clubs can be anything but a piece of cake. That’s because, unlike other social settings, dance clubs force guys to get out of their heads and into their bodies.

It’s a well known fact that dancing, to many women, is essentially the equivalent of foreplay, and the way you move with her—in her eyes—is a good indicator of how you’re going to “move with her” between the sheets. That’s why it’s important to ask yourself these questions before tackling the dance club scene:

  1. How comfortable am I in my body, in general?
  2. How comfortable am I dancing with someone else?
  3. What basic dance moves can I do?

Being able to dance can give you great advantage. Think about it: women are going out to be danced with, and if you’re the one guy who can dance, and is willing to lead her, you’re going to capture the attention of every girl in the room. Here are a couple of ways to learn how to dance:

Do a search for “basic dance moves” at and you’ll find several tutorial videos that teach you the basics. Dance in front of a mirror. Refine your moves.

Call up a female friend and ask her to teach you. Girls are more than happy to teach guys how to dance. Experiment with her.

Before you go out, pay attention to what you wear. Dancing at a club can be like putting your body on display to an entire room. Wear clothing that makes you feel attractive and comfortable. When you’re at the club, wait until the dance floor fills up—for most dance clubs, it takes a couple of hours. Next, find a place on the dance floor that has an abundance of girls. This will give you the power of options, and there’s nothing more aggravating than being surrounded buy a barricade of guys.

How to Connect to a Girl

The best way to connect with a girl on the dance floor is by using eye contact and a smile. If she smiles back, it’s usually an indicator that she wants to dance with you. Unfortunately, some girls don’t make initial eye contact easy, so try using physical touch. Brush your arm against hers, bump into her, or, if you want to be bold, just grab her and start leading her in dance.

Enjoy the dance. It’s crucial to stay present to the experience and simply enjoy the physical connection. As long as you’re moving with her, she’ll have a great time. After you’re done dancing, take her to a quiet spot in the dance club if you want to continue the conversation, and proceed to get her contact information.

Lastly, one of the most important principles of picking up girls at dance clubs is to keep your options open. After dancing with one girl, migrate and dance with another. By switching it up, you build social proof. When other girls see you dancing with other girls, you’ll be approached by more of them than you can handle.

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