How to Join the Mystery Guild Book Club

How to Join the Mystery Guild Book Club

Fans of mystery books rejoice — the Mystery Guild Book Club exists to put the mystery titles you love into your hands for less cash.Your first order at the Mystery Guild Book Club costs just $0.99 and includes six mystery titles from a library of thousands of books.

What Is the Mystery Guild Book Club?

The Mystery Guild Book Club offers mystery books at up to 60% off the cover price. Because the “mystery” genre is so varied, you can find everything from true crime novels to police procedurals and legal mysteries. The big draw to the Mystery Guild Book Club is the initial order special — pick your first five books for $0.99 and earn a sixth book free. According to the Mystery Guild Book Club, your first order is worth about $100 in savings from the publisher’s price of your books.

The rest of your Mystery Guild Book Club books will cost more than the $0.99 per six deal you get at the outset, but their mystery titles are much cheaper than you can find in any bookstore. When you join the Mystery Guild Book Club (and accept your gift of six essentially free mystery titles), you are agreeing to purchase at least 3 books at their discounted price over the next two years. Not too much of a commitment for most mystery fans. The Mystery Guild Book Club is easy to join.

How to Join the Mystery Guild Book Club

Joining the Mystery Guild Book Club

1. Start by visiting the Mystery Guild Book Club website. Look around, make sure their titles are consistent with the books you like to read.

2. If you’ve decided you want to join, click the button that says “Find Out More”. It should be in the upper left part of your screen. This section will help you decide if the Mystery Guild Book Club is for you.

3. If you’re ready to make your super cheap first order, just shop as though you were shopping at any website. When you see a title you want to make part of your first order, click the ‘add to cat’ button underneath the book’s icon. You can browse the website in many different ways, such as looking through the Mystery Guild’s “top sellers” that are featured on the front page, or you can browse by one of eighteen different subgenres listed on the left hand side of the screen. The sub-genres at the Mystery Guild Book Club are:

  • American Detective
  • Anthology
  • Audio Books
  • Award Winners and Nominees
  • Best Sellers
  • Beyond Mystery
  • British Mystery
  • Classic Mystery
  • Cozy
  • Exclusive Editions
  • Historical
  • Holidays
  • Horror
  • In the Movies
  • Non-Fiction
  • Police Procedurals
  • Spy/Intrigue
  • Thriller/Suspense

4. If you have a specific title in mind for your first order, you can search for that book using the search bar at the top of the page. Search by keyword, title, or author.

5. When you’ve selected six books for your first order, you’ll be automatically taken to the next section of the site. Here, you can look over your first order and make any changes in case of buyer’s remorse. It’s easy to change the books you’ve picked, just click the “remove” link next to the title, then click “continue shopping” to make a replacement selection.

6. Once you like the six books you’ve chosen, click the link that says “Finish Enrollment.” After filling your personal information, you’ll be asked if you want to get catalogs by email or the postal service. Make your selection (the catalogs are nice, as they highlight new titles and can help you make future book picks) it is time to enter your payment information. You can pay using your credit card right away or you can have the bill sent to you in the mail.

7. You’re almost done — just click the “Submit Enrollment” link to complete your enrollment in the Mystery Guild Book Club. Wait for your six nearly-free books to arrive and enjoy your mystery titles.

Mystery Guild Book Club Tips

  • If six books isn’t enough for you, you can add one additional book for just $4.99. This book also counts against your contract, reducing the number of member price books you have to buy to just two. Your first seven books from the Mystery Guild Book Club costs less than $6.
  • Though the Mystery Guild Book Club doesn’t advertise this fact much, you can return your order within twenty days to end your contract. Mystery Guild Book Club will pay for the shipping for your return, cancel your membership, and you’ll be off the hook for your contract. But you have to cancel within twenty calendar days of your order, or you’re out of luck.
  • The Mystery Guild Book Club goes out of their way to advertise the $0.99 for six books feature, but including shipping and taxes, your initial order will be around $15, assuming you didn’t order the additional seventh book for $4.99.

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