How to Get on Myspace

Want to Know How to Get on Myspace?

Joining MySpace

MySpace is a free social networking site similar to Facebook and Friendster. When it was launched in August 2003, Friendster dominated the social networking scene but had a policy to delete people setting up profiles which did not reveal their actual names.

MySpace founders Chris DeWolfe and Tom Anderson had noticed bulletin boards messages that indicated a demand for a social networking site geared to more privacy and the ability to be anonymous. They used many of the features of the Friendster site such as friends, profiles, commenting on profiles etc. The change they added was to allow anyone to register and even use a phony name like a fake celebrity profile or a real entity like their own band or business.

For a time MySpace overtook Friendster and became the most popular social networking site, but it has since fallen behind Facebook. Myspace remains one of the most visited sites on the Internet. MySpace offers more privacy and profile customization and areas geared to bands, comedians and blogging.

How to Get on MySpace

With the huge popularity of MySpace, hackers have created phishing sites made up to resemble the MySpace url. So the best security practice is to type in the url initially and bookmark it as a favorite to return to the site in the future. (The URL is “”.)

On the far right side of the MySpace home page pulldown menu is the “Sign Up” selection. Another way to access this is the “Sign Up!” tab located above the email field in the Log In area.

An email address is required.

An account verification email will be sent to your email address and must be responded to before you gain full access to MySpace. You can also select notification settings so that an email is sent to inform you that someone has sent you a message within MySpace, made a comment on your profile or blog and so forth.

Beyond requiring a response based on the verification email, MySpace does not do any further email checking and you can use your regular email address or set up a free email account at someplace like Yahoo! Mail if you are concerned with privacy.

Myspace Profile Types

You can sign up for the standard MySpace profile or choose to create a Musician, Comedian or Filmmaker profile. Some of the privacy settings available on profiles will block messages from the specialized categories but if you are promoting your work, the special profiles will allow users browsing those categories to find your profile.

The vast majority of profiles are for individuals and that is the default new profile entry format. To select the specialized categories, look to the right side under “Profile Types” and select your choice.

What name do you want to use?

Many people do enter their actual name and date of birth. You can change all the information later, but entering your identity will make it easier for other MySpace users that know you and are searching for you to find you.

A lot of users choose to enter anonymous information and MySpace allows you to do that as well.

The Myspace Verification Process

After entering the email address that you are using for your MySpace profile and the date of birth, full name and password information. You will need to enter a Captcha code. This is to limit automated programs from setting up spam accounts.

Once you pass the Captcha code section, you will be prompted to check your email for a verification message. The message will have a “Confirm your MySpace” link that will confirm your account once your click it.

How to Make Friends on Myspace

Clicking on the verification link opens a new browser page for MySpace with a selection of popular bands, apps and video channels that are recommended by MySpace. You can click individually to add them or even select all of them.

This step can also be skipped if you don’t care to add these profiles or apps. One thing you should be aware of with adding apps, by doing so you allow the app access to your profile information and photos.

How to Uploading a Profile Picture to Myspace

This is another step that can be skipped initially. If you choose to add a profile picture now it must be uploaded from your computer directly. Simply browse to input the name and location of the file you wish to upload.

MySpace will delete a profile that has a picture which violates copyright laws or contains nudity or objectionable content. The content is a subjective area, but they do remove profiles and other users can register complaints.

How to Add a School to Your Myspace Profile

This step is to allow others to find you by your school information. Many people do want to reconnect with past classmates and this information is very helpful in that regard.

The school information can also be added later if you wish to skip this step for now.

How to Enter Your Location to Your Myspace Profile

This is another way for past acquaintances to search for you. And by entering your city and zip code information other MySpace users who are browsing for new contacts in your geographical area will see your profile on searches.

The location information can be added in later and skipping this section is also possible.

You are now past the initial set up process.

If you selected some of the recommended bands, you will already have some friends. And probably some friend requests from other bands. There will also be a welcome message from Tom Anderson who is one of the MySpace founders in your message in box.

How to Find Your Friends on Myspace

Under the “Friends” pulldown menu is a selection for “Invite Friends” which can log in to many popular email programs and automate sending invitations to your address book. You can also select the “Find Friends” selection under the “Friends” menu and search for your contacts with either their email address or name.

If you would like to meet new friends, the “Browse People” choice under the “Friends” pulldown menu bring you to a page where you can set criteria to bring up a sort for potential new friends based on age, gender and geographical area.

An advanced sort option is available as well with fields that sort by marital status, ethnicity, education and other criteria to narrow down the profile choices to people who are more likely to share your interests. If you see an online now light flashing, it means the person is online and may be available to chat.

Hints, Tips, and Tricks for Making Contacts on Myspace

Under the “More” pulldown menu there is a selection for “Groups”. You can browse for groups and join those that interest you. By participating in the forums you can often meet and make friends with others who share your interests.

The blogging feature of MySpace is one that lets you get acquainted with new people by reading and commenting on their blogs. You can also post blogs of your own to introduce yourself or create poetry and fiction. The blog control center which can be accessed from your profile by selecting the link “Manage Blog” under the profile picture or selecting “Top Blogs” from the “More” pulldown menu selections.

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