How to Frame a Poster

Poster Framing Tips

Knowing how to frame a poster might sound easy, but a lot of people never take the time to learn how to frame posters. Even those who love learning to mount posters on the wall have a first time for picture mounting. With that in mind, here is a quick how-to guide for people who want to learn how to frame a poster to their walls.

I include 9 steps to framing a poster, including advice on how to choose a frame and all the myriad other minor decisions that go into frame mounting. None of the poster framing tips are hard to master, though a person might forget one of the how-to steps for poster mounting when they are doing it themselves. For that reason, print off these tips and keep them nearby when you frame your poster, so you won’t forget any aspect of how to frame a poster.

1. Measure Your Poster – Measure the poster that you intend to frame. Consider how tight of a fit you want for your poster. Most people leave an inch or two between the poster and the frame surface, though some people prefer a snug fit against the glass.

2. Select the Right Size Frame – Buy a picture frame that is the correct size for your poster. To give yourself a little room to work with, you’ll need a frame that is an inch or so wider and taller than your poster. You don’t want the frame too large, or else the poster and frame won’t look right together and the poster might slip. At the same time, if you buy a frame that’s the same size as the poster, you’ll have a negative experience trying to fit the poster into your frame.

3. Compare Poster Boarding – Choose other traits you want in your poster frame. For instance, do you want a frame with a poster board already in it, which might make the process easier? You might want to buy your own poster board for the frame, which might be cheaper or allow for more freedom in materials or designs, but at the same time might not fit perfectly (and might require trimming). Ask the saleperson at the frame store for recommendations based on what you want in a picture frame.

4. Consider An Acid-Free Poster Board – Make certain your poster backing is made out of an acid-free material. If your poster is touching a backboard with acid in it, then the acid will damage your poster over a relatively short period of time. Ask your sales person about acid-free posterboards and whether their frames coming with acid-free poster backing.

5. Place the Poster in the Frame – Unfasten the hinges on your frame. This will open the picture frame and allow you to place your poster into the frame. If the poster frame has posterboard on it, secure your poster to the board and adjust it. Once the poster is adjusted to your satisfaction, close the frame. If you have a separate board for you poster frame, place your poster on the frame and go through the same adjustment process.

6. Make Necessary Adjustments – Make adjustments to the glass front of your poster frame, if for some reason your poster doesn’t fit right or isn’t perfectly aligned. Take the extra time to make certain your poster is lined up perfectly in your frame, or else your poster might not sit right on the wall.

7. Use Adhesive If You Must – If the poster will not stay secure by itself, then use some form of adhesive tape to keep it secure in the frame. Each poster and picture frame will be slightly different, so there will be some examples where you need adhesive and some you don’t.

8. Clear the Glass Before You Close the Frame – Make certain to clean the inside of the glass frame before closing the poster inside the frame. This way, there won’t be spots or blemishes on the view of the poster which cannot be easily cleaned or dusted. Make certain your window glass is dry before closing the frame.

9. Hang the Framed Poster Properly – Take the time to study your framed poster as it hangs on the wall. Stand back and make certain the frame is parallel with the crease between the wall and ceiling, while the picture inside the frame is also properly in line with the other lines on that particular wall. If you are hanging the poster over a coach or chair, you might also align the poster frame with your furniture. Ask another person in the house if you do not trust yourself with spatial relations.

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