How to Eliminate Cigarette Smoke from Your Apartment

Dealing With Cigarette Smoke Smells

Most smokers are unable to smell the lingering odors of cigarette smoke. Smoking dulls the sense of smell.

So if you are interested in eliminating cigarette smoke odors from your apartment, you probably are a non-smoker. At the very least, you’re a smoker with a non-smoking spouse or significant other who wants you to take action. So my advice is meant for people who are looking for compromise positions, people want to eliminate odors without stepping outside to smoke.

When you want to eliminate odors, you will need three kinds of cleaning: hard surface, soft surface and air. Each of these presents its own challenge. But if you neglect any of the three, you’ll end up with an apartment which isn’t entirely clean of the grime and smog which smoking leaves.

1. Clean, clean and clean some more.

If you smoke in an apartment, you need to wipe down your apartment more often. This means wiping clean every hard surface in your place.

Do it once or twice and you’ll be amazed at how much gunk you’ll be cleaning off your kitchen cabinets and entertainment center. When you smoke, that smoke settles down onto surfaces in an invisible residue. Cleaning this residue of nicotine and tar is the essential first step to eliminating cigarette odors.

2. Once you’ve wiped down the hard surfaces in an apartment, it’s time to move on to the soft surfaces.

What I said about the residue in Step One applies to Step Two. In fact, it’s doubly so.

A whole lot of the lingering cigarette smell in your home comes from the smoke residue which permeates your carpet and furniture. This stuff gets down in the fabric and never gets out. You furniture is full of old gunk.

If you don’t deep clean your soft surfaces periodically, you’re simply living in a dirty and grimy environment. Use deep carpet cleaners as often as you can to remove the smoky residue.

3. The smoking room.

I know a lot of smokers chafe at the idea of no-smoking zone in public places, but if you are interested in getting rid of smoke smells in your apartment, a smoking section is the way to go.

There is only one way to
end the smoke smell
forever in an apartment. That’s to stop smoking indoors. Prevention is the best cure.

I’m assuming people reading this article probably are looking for something less drastic. If indoor smoking is a must, then I would suggest limiting it to one room. It would be best if this room had an exhaust vent of some sort.

4. Air purification systems.

If a vent isn’t feasible, purchase the electrical ionic air purification machine. I’m not trying to shill for any ionic air system, but it’s just a good idea if you are going to be smoking.

Buying an air purification unit is probably a must. These machines not only replaced ionized air, but it also rids the area of ozone. I know we all want an ozone layer at the polar ice caps, but you don’t want it in your apartment. It’s not the kind of air you want to breathe.

Air purification systems can cost a couple of hundred dollars, but this is a small cost in exchange for purified air. This is especially important if you have children around, because they are particularly susceptible to developing allergies and asthma from prolonged exposure to cigarette smoke.

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