How to Clean Ceiling Fans

Tips for Cleaning Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans help cool your house without using as much energy as an air conditioning unit. But did you know that dirty blades can make your ceiling fan wobble and shake? That’s why it’s important to know how to clean ceiling fans.

Fan blades located beneath an air conditioning vent can get particularly dirty, and they can even toss dust and grime onto your ceiling. Even though you can’t see the tops of the ceiling fan blades, they should be cleaned regularly.

In fact, I recommend that you clean your ceiling fan at least every two months. This will keep it running smoothly and make cleaning a snap. The step-by-step guide below will walk you through how to clean your ceiling fan.


In order to properly clean your ceiling fan, you will need the following equipment:

  • Paper towels or fabric
  • Cleaning spray (or microfiber cloth)
  • Small stepladder or sturdy chair

Cleaning The Ceiling Fan Blades

First, make sure the ceiling fan is not in motion. Then place the stepladder or chair underneath the fan and climb up.

Spray the cloth or paper towel with the cleaning spray and begin cleaning the nearest ceiling fan blade. You should start at the end closest to the center of the fan and clean outwards.

If you haven’t cleaned the blades in a while, dirt and dust may fall to the floor. You can either put down a drop cloth in advance, or you can vacuum the floor afterwards. If your fan is located over a bed, it might be a good idea to protect it with a large sheet or towel.

Once the first blade has been cleaned, rotate the blades until you reach the next one. Then begin the process again, cleaning each blade as you go. If you’re high enough, you can also spray cleaner directly onto the top surface of the blade.

The fan’s motor can be cleaned with either a feather duster or vacuum cleaner attachment. Do not touch the inside of the motor, and don’t get any cleaner on the fan’s motor.

Microfiber Cloth

A microfiber cloth allows you to clean the fan blades without using any cleaning spray. The dust and grime will also stick directly to the microfiber cloth instead of falling to the floor. These cloths can be purchased in any retail store at a minor cost., and they can be used over and over.

Cleaning The Light Fixture

If the light fixture needs to be cleaned, you can do so by removing the globe. Place the globe in warm, soapy water and wash it thoroughly (unless the glass of the globe is frosted). After it is dried, place it back on the fan and tighten its screws. Check to make sure that the fan doesn’t wobble when it’s turned back on.


Once you know how to clean ceiling fans, all that will be required is some occasional maintenance. I suggest dusting the blades each week. This will prevent grime from building up again, and cleaning the blades will be much simpler. In fact, this kind of preventative maintenance shouldn’t take more than a minute or two.

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