How to Choose Technology for your Company

Even for businesses outside of the technology niche, many daily operations require advanced electronic tools. Even simple processes, such as handling orders, keeping financial documents, and maintaining client contact, require current technology to stay abreast of the competition. However, these useful tools can cost a lot.

When creating a technology plan, think about the future expansion of your business. Look at how your business operates. Where and how is technology required? Select technology that is scalable to allow for easy future growth. Purchasing the right blend of technologies will enable your company to work smarter, more rapidly, and more efficiently. This will help you achieve an advantage over the competition. In general, it is best to choose technology that is simple and easy to operate. Another factor to consider is that in the world of technology, the old adage “different strokes for different folks” is appropriate.

There is certain equipment that is critical to help you keep astride of the needs of your company. You will need servers and either workstations or clients. You can find good, entry-level Dell Workstations that are effective and user-friendly. They feature good security for your information, as well as great back up functions. You can purchase a Vostros Desktop for less than $400.00.

Phone Technology

Without a phone it is almost impossible to communicate. This makes having a phone one of the most important pieces of technology your company can have. A phone makes you look like you have been around for a while. A phone provides credibility. Even if you have a purely online business you should have a phone number of some sort so that your customers, especially the old fashioned ones, have a way to verbally get in touch with you. It is true that when someone tries to call you, if they can’t get a hold of you or can not leave a short message, they probably won’t try to call again. That is lost business.

Computer Technology

Computers are important to a company because they serve many purposes. Computers serve as a general workstations, a place to type up letters and emails, and a way to communicate with other businesses across the world. Computers are a company’s link to the Internet and important services such as email, faxing, scanning and storing important company information.

Dell began its business in 1984. At that point Michael Dell began the company PCs Limited, which would later turn into Dell. These computers were made just from stock parts of other computers. They were made out of Michael’s dorm room. These computers were IBM/PC compatible and were sold directly to customers. This was an attempt to get rid of the middle man in the business and sell directly to the consumers, hopefully saving them much needed money. In the end Dell dropped out of school in order to run his business. In 1988, Dell became the youngest CEO of a fortune five hundred company in history. When you purchase a Dell computer workstation, you basically build your computer when you buy it. It usually comes with a base price and allows you to customize and tweak the computer to your needs. This might be the most cost saving benefit for you and your company.

If your company does not have the money to buy a ton of new computers, consider leasing your computers directly from Dell. You may not be able to write this entire expense off if you lease instead of buy, but you will save money off the bat that you may need for other things.

Website Technology

A website is another important piece of technology that your business is going to need. You can end up spending a lot of money on a website if you are not careful, and this is not really necessary. There are plenty of tutorials that easily help you build your own website, and plenty of website companies that offer websites you can set up with a couple of clicks of your mouse. When it comes to a website, you need to focus on giving your customer the content they need, and a quick and easy way to contact you if they want your business. Of course your sight needs to be visually appealing, but that does not mean the site has to be complicated. Make sure you use a nice, neutral color for your site, and make sure the site is easy to read.

Software Technology

Your company is going to need software in order to properly run all of the programs your Dell workstation will need. For a business, a few starters are Microsoft Office, Quick Books, and Peachtree. If you do not want to use Microsoft Office, you can use Lotus. However, Microsoft Office will work seamlessly with your Dell server and clients. Make good use of free software and programs that are Internet based instead of software based.

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