How To Be Sexy

Tips For the Sexy Woman (and Sexy Man)

Learning how to be sexy starting with looking sexy, so our guide to being sexy is going to focus heavily on that aspect of your sexiness. Keeping reading if you want to learn the secrets of how to be sexy beyond mere physical appearance.

Guys can read our “how to be sexy” tips, too. Most of them apply, except the suggestions about make-up, nail polish and eyebrow plucking (at least for most of you guys). With men and women, though, enhancing your sexiness is about enhancing and showing off your gender traits. That’s no entirely physical, or at least entirely about physical appearance. Sexuality has a lot to do with enhancing your masculine or feminine traits, so we’ll touch on that a bit, too.

1. Be Conscientious and Clean Up

Take a bath at least once every day. This should be a no-brainer and I think young guys have this problem more than most women, but this is where we start. If you look clean and feel clean, people will notice. If you don’t take regular baths, people will notice. Always wear deodorant.

2. Keep Your Teeth Clean

Practice good dental hygiene. Brush after every meal. Floss at least once a day. Use mouth wash once or twice a day. Consider getting a waterpick. Get regular dental checkups.

When you keep your teeth clean, you’re breath will be fresher and you’ll look better. Bad breath is right there with b.o. in the turnoff department. There’s just nothing sexy about a stinky mouth.

3. Groom Yourself

Once again, we’re starting out basic, but if you don’t get the basics right, nothing else matters. That lived-in look isn’t going to work.

Get a haircut regularly and keep your hair tidy. Nail polish covers up any discolorations to your nail. Avoid over-plucking your eyebrows. In fact, consider going to a professional to pluck your eyebrows and nails every few weeks. You’ll enjoy being pampered and you’ll look better for it.

4. Less Is More With Makeup

When applying makeup, don’t go overboard. If you cake on makeup, you’re not going to get the look you’re hoping for. Mix things up and highlight one feature or another from one day to the next. Play around and figure out what looks best or, better yet, talk to a beauty consultant and come up with a plan.

But most importantly, don’t overdo it. Make-up is for highlighting and accenting your natural beautiful features: it’s not about putting a mask on your face.

5. Take Care Of Your Skin

Your skin and complexion are important and a soft-looking, feminine skin is an important factor in your femininity. Give yourself a steam facial once a week. Steam your face for 10 minutes, which will open your pores. Wash with an appropriate cleanser afterwards, since this will clean out your pores while they’re open. Immediately after, rinse with cool water or even a melted ice cube. This closes your pores again, sealing out the kind of dirt and grime that was in your pores before.

This kind of treatment helps prevent blackheads and other blemishes. Don’t overdo the steam treatment, because you’ll distress your skin.

There are other ways to take care of your skin, too. One, don’t smoke and avoid as much smoke as you can. I know it’s hard if you’re already addicted, but smoke in your face cures your skin over time. Two, avoid getting too much sun. Sunbathing and a nice suntan will make you sexy in the short term, but over the years, suntanning too much will cause your skin to turn leathery – a different type of skin curing. Look at women of a certain age who have stayed out of too much sun and haven’t smoked their whole lives and their skin is clearer, softer and younger looking.

6. Work Out

You probably don’t want to hear it, but getting in a little bit better shape is something most of us could use. Getting toned and a little firmer here or there is usually a good thing. Most of the time, working out will make your clothes fit better and look nicer. Do some crunches and lunges. Go running or jogging a few times a week.

Don’t stress out about this. If you get into a steady workout regimen, it will relieve stress and release endorphins that will make you feel better. And we’re not talking about becoming a skinny supermodel. Guys like women of all body types. But working out will make you feel better about yourself, release negative energy, tone your body up and make you a more confident woman.

7. Find a Style

Add your own brand of individual expression to your look. You don’t have to beat people over the head with this. Subtlety is a good, good thing when you’re going for sexy. Wear clothes and accessories that you can get excited about. If these excite you, it gives you more energy and confidence. Confidence is sexy. Frankly, energy and liveliness are sexy, too.

8. Show Off Your Sexuality

As I mentioned at the beginning of this page, sexuality is about showing off your gender traits. If you’re a woman, you want to show off your feminine traits. If you’re a man, you want to show off your masculine traits. Showing off your sexuality is different for both genders.

Masculinity – How To Be Sexy

Guys want to have good posture, to walk confidently, with smoothness and fluidity and not too fast. When standing around, guys want to take up space, draping their arms on a counter or their legs on the stool next to them. Showing off your masculinity is showing off your confidence.

Femininity – How To Be Sexy

Women also want good posture and confidence, but they also need grace in their body language and their speech. Be creative and gently kind. Notice a man’s masculinity and play off of it. A little bit flirtatious, but don’t overdo the flirtiness. Also, if a guy goes to far or makes you uncomfortable, kindly and gracefully let him know he’s done just that.

Confidence is always attractive in both sexes, so relax and enjoy being yourself. A good sense of humor is also attractive. In the end, being sexy and attractive is just that: a means of attracting the attention and affection of the opposite sex (or someone, at least).

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