How to Attract Your Crush

If you have a crush on someone and you want to know how to attract them — I’ve got good news and bad news.

The good news is — you can make moves starting to day that will get your crush to notice you. The bad news? You can’t force anyone to like you.

If you want to make the odds better that your crush will go out with you, start paying attention to the following five all-important steps to getting that guy or girl of your dreams.

  1. Make Sure Your Crush Knows Who You Are –Too often, we walk around complaining that the person we have a crush on doesn’t even know we exist. That may actually be true, and if your crush hasn’t responded to you simply because you haven’t made your presence known — that’s your fault! Improve your performance, start working out, make friends with some of his or her friends — do whatever it takes to get your name on your crush’s lips.
  2. Find Common Ground — Join a club or sporting team or activity that your crush is a member of. This will help you raise your profile in the mind of your crush and will get you out and involved at the same time. Ideally, joining an after school or work activity that your crush participates in will get you some good face time. Flirt with your crush at the activity. Make sure you always look your absolute best.
  3. Make Friends — You need to increase your friend pool in order to increase your social status in the mind of the object of your desire. If you have more friends you seem more alive and more interesting to your crush, and that person will be a hundred times more likely to ask you out. Making new friends will also expose you to new things (and new crushes) so watch out for some major life changes.
  4. Be Yourself — The worst thing you can do when you have a crush is to pretend to be something that you’re not so that a crush will respond to your attention. If you act like yourself, your crush will know you better, and will be attracted to your quiet and cool confidence. Being yourself at this early stage of your relationship is a must, as you don’t want to have to explain away your odd behaviors later.
  5. Be Clear About How You Feel — Once you have your chance, you need to tell your crush honestly how he or she makes you feel, what your intentions are for your relationship, and that it is okay if he or she doesn’t respond — you just wanted them to know. Leaving the door open for that person to decide how to respond takes away all the emotional turmoil from you and allows them to respond honestly. Plus, this way, you can always keep a friend even if you dont gain a lover.

Learning how to attract a crush is a matter of learning how to improve your social standing as well as a matter of figuring out your place in your social group. Approach your crush honestly and with integrity, and it can’t go wrong.

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