How to Attract Women

How to Attract Women

There is a very simple formula for attracting women — be yourself and do the right thing. Sounds simplistic, right? The fact is that there are only two options when it comes to a woman’s level of attraction. She’s either into you or she’s not. That might sound like a dark way of thinking about it, but it’s true.

That doesn’t mean that you can’t take steps to help a woman make up her mind. There are six things you can do right now to help women realize just how into you they are.

1. Practice the Law Of Attraction

If only there were a book called “The Laws of Attraction”. Unfortunately, we have to go with our gut on this one. The most basic rule of attraction may sound like new age philosophy, but this really works. Whatever you really desire, deep down in your heart, can become yours. If you focus your attention on that one thing, the universe has a funny way of delivering it to you. This is called “the power of positive thought”. Imagine yourself (in your head) walking right up to that hot woman at the bar, asking her out, and hearing her say “Yes”. Attraction between men and women is natural, as is the strong desire that most men have to be attractive. Constantly tell yourself that you CAN get this woman to be attracted to you. You’ll soon have the confidence to speak to her, and that is how you get your foot in the door. Build confidence by following this basic Law of Attraction — be confident in order to be attractive.

2. Learn How to Give Women Gifts

I know I’m gonna hear from a lot of angry women on this point, but the fact is that women love to be showered with gifts. You don’t have to buy your crush a Cartier watch — a hand made gift, a note, or even a good deed done without promise of repayment are all great gifts for women. Face it, men — you love to get gifts too. But in order to get the one gift you really want this year (the affection of that beautiful girl), you’ll need to learn how to give the gift properly. A gift of flowers, for instance, could be a disaster. What if you buy your crush a yellow rose without realizing that yellow roses are a sign of platonic friendship? You need to know the exact meaning of any gift you give in order for it to be effective. I’m not saying that all women are materialistic, just that it is a good idea to learn how to show your affection to a woman with gifts as well as your words. A properly given gift can turn the tables of attraction in no time.

3. Look and Smell Your Best

How to Attract WomenHygiene is important for so many reasons — your health being the most important. You aren’t going to be able to attract women if you don’t practice goof hygiene. The sense of smell is one of the strongest builders of attraction, and smell memory is stronger than any other sense. A “clean” smell will stick with a woman as much as a dirty one will — and trust me, you want to be remembered by your clean smell. Taking care of your hygiene means washing properly, shaving, brushing your teeth, and keeping your clothes and hair clean as well. I’m not advocating that you become a metrosexual, just that you make sure your hair looks nice, your hands are clean, and your breath smells good. If you do go for something like cologne or aftershave, be sure not to use too much. As with most things, a little dab will do you.

4. Stop Acting Desperate

There is nothing less attractive than an attitude of desperation. Believe it or not, women are often turned on by the idea of a man waiting for “the right girl”, instead of throwing himself at any female he says and hoping she sticks. Even if you do feel desperate inside, keep it to yourself. Confidence is the opposite of desperation, and we’ve already established how important confidence is in attracting women.

5. Don’t Be Such a Nice Guy

Cliches exist for a reason, and the old saying “Nice guys finish last” is all too true. A nice guy is a great friend, a good study partner, an ideal boss or tutor, but not an ideal boyfriend. I’m not asking you to drive a motorcycle, show up late for dates, and say cruel things to your woman, but there has to be a good balance between your sweet side and your wild streak. Manliness is sexy, even in small doses, and “men” are a little bit rough. Your body language, the way you talk to a woman, and your overall attitude contribute to your status as a “nice guy” or a “bad boy”, and most women will go for the bad boy every time.

6. Play Your Emotional Cards Right

Revealing too much about yourself or your true feelings is a no-no at the beginning of a relationship. Being honest is a good quality in a partner, but giving away too much of your emotional state makes you seem weak, and lets the woman get her talons in you before even the first date. Before you show your true feelings, make sure this woman is trustworthy, honest, and “right” for you.

Attraction between a man and a woman is basically a balancing act. You don’t want to be too nice, but you don’t want to be too much of a bad boy either. You don’t want to be squeaky clean, but you should have good hygiene and smell nice. You don’t want to spend your whole paycheck on the woman, but you will have to make some kind of tribute in order to endear yourself to her.. Still, attracting a woman is not an exact science. If there were a secret tactic for turning women onto you, building attraction wouldn’t be the difficult job it is. However, if you can follow the six basic instructions above, you’ll find it much easier to turn your hot friend into a lover in no time.

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