How to Attract Older Women

How to Attract Older Women

When I say “older women” you know what I’m talking about — cougars. Hot ladies above 40 years old that are looking to go out and have fun. Usually these are women whose lives got a little boring and they decided to take up their old “bar hopping” days again. Here’s another hint — they’re usually going after much younger guys.

Attracting older women or “cougars” is a three-step process. Follow the following three rules and your cougar hunting days will be filled with success.

Step 1 — Find the Cougar

Dating attractive older women means finding them where they live. I’m telling you, dating older women is so easy that once you find the right cougar den you’ll have no trouble sealing the deal.

Cougars are usually out looking for a good time, that’s true. But that doesn’t always mean sitting in a bar. Today’s hot older broads are more sophisticated than the college girls you’ve been dating. Look for cougars at wine stores, art openings or galleys, museums, live theater events, or any place that has a bit of culture to offer.

Once you find yourself in the lair of the cougar you’ll have to quickly engage step two.

Step 2 — Make Yourself Known

The cougar isn’t going to strike just any guy that crosses her path. You’ll need to display something about yourself that will attract the cougar’s attention. If you’re a younger guy, you are already at an advantage. Cougars are almost always looking for some young idiot to spend time with. If you have a really attractive body or you are a smooth talker, use those aspects of yourself to your advantage. Know a cool bar trick? Do it. Whatever you do, make sure you stand out of the crowd.

Nothings gets the cougar’s juices flowing more than a young guy making an ass of himself for her benefit. His playful spirit and youthful energy lets her know he has what she’s looking for.

If a cougar has taken notice of you and is moving in for the kill, step 3 is a must.

Step 3 — Shut the Hell Up

At this point in the night, you are one of the lucky few. A guy in the cross hairs of a cougar. A true cougar is going after the youngest guy in the room displaying the qualities she wants in a man . . . namely looks, sense of humor, and an ability to shut the hell up.

That’s right — shut up. Young guys don’t have anything smart to say anyway. The only thing you’ll accomplish by running your mouth at this point in the night is to put your foot in it and lose a perfectly good cougar.

That’s it. Those are the three steps to follow that will get you into the arms of a hot older women before you can say “age difference”. Go to the places where cougars gather, make yourself seen and make sure you look good, and shut up before you say something dumb and ruin your night.

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