How to Attract the Man of Your Dreams

How to Attract the Man of Your Dreams

There are plenty of websites and sources for men to read about how to attract women. What’s a girl to do when she wants to attract the man of her dreams?

You’re in luck. I’ve developed a fool proof process to attract any man in the world. Stick to the advice given below and you can have any man you want panting like a dog.

Before I give you the three easy steps to attract the man of your dreams, there are a few things that have to be said.

You are Hot

So many girls walk around thinking they’re plain looking or even ugly. This is because Hollywood and the cosmetics industry wants you to think. Face it — big corporations make a ton of money by convincing girls that they need a diet pill, a weight loss program, two gym memberships, and enough makeup to float a battleship. The fact is — you are gorgeous, you are super-hot. In the eyes of a male, all a girl needs to come across as “smokin hot” is a pair of breasts, a functional mouth, and a good smelling perfume. If you can bury this fact in your head — “I am hot” — you’ll have that one thing that will draw guys to you like a magnet . . . confidence.

Confidence is Currency

In terms of attraction, confidence is the key to unlocking your natural super skills of attraction. You know how you can spy a confident guy from across the room? And usually that confidence makes you want to get to know him? Girl — we invented the confidence game. If you walk into a room with a lot of swagger and a little bit of attitude, you’ll have every guy in the room looking at you. And by the way — that confident guy across the room? Turns out, he’s faking it.

His Confidence is a Lie

That’s right. Guys learned the confidence game years before we started practicing it. Every guy in every night club or at any party is playing a game, he’s acting tough puffing his chest out and showing off, but the fact is that on the inside he’s a scared little boy. You can play on that internal fear and spin it into an advantage for you.

Now that we’ve got those facts out of the way, here are the three steps to landing any guy you want.

1.Make Contact

There could be a thousand women in a room, some way hotter than you are, but if none of them are making contact with a guy, he won’t notice them. That’s why our first step is to make some kind of contact with every passable male in the room. Any kind of contact works — flip your hair and look him in the eyes, touch his chest and ask him if he knows where the restroom is, or tell him a joke and laugh — but let him see the flash of your eyes. Making contact with a guy will turn him into a swooning idiot, and he’ll go home that night thinking of you.

2. Get Over Your Fear

The number one reason women don’t make the first move on a guy is that they’re scared — fear of rejection is the biggest block between you and the man of your dreams. Its also the number one reason guys don’t make a move on you. By making the first move (“making contact”) you’ve probably already gone so far past your fears that you feel there’s no way back. Use that lack of fear to continue making yourself known to the guy you crave. Press him further, make more physical contact, and make sure he knows your name (and that you think he’s hot).

3. Leave Him Wondering

The first time you meet the man of your dreams you should leave him wanting more and wondering what could have happened. This mysterious feeling turns guys on and keeps them turned on. Your best bet on the first night is to tease him into a fury then up and leave, making sure your phone number is in his hands. It works every time.

With just a little bit of training, you could meet not just the man of your dreams but fifty other men, just to make sure you’re not missing out on anything.

Remember — act with confidence, get your foot in the door, and leave him wanting more.

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