How To Attract Bats

A Guide To Attracting Bats

You might wonder why someone would care about attracting bats, but bats feed on certain insects you might not want around your house. So learning how to attract bats to your property becomes a natural form of pest control. The bats are going to be eating insects somewhere in the world, so you should attract bats to eat those insects that are infesting your house. Here’s how to attract bats to your property.

Add Water To Your Yard

Insects gather near water sources, including ponds, streams and bird baths. So when you add a pond or a bird bath to your property, the insects which bats enjoy eating show up. Soon enough, bats begin to appear at nightfall, patrolling for the insects that are gathering near your water sources. The water not only draws insects away from your house, but it draws natural predators to thin your insect population.

Add a Bat House – Attract a Bat

Adding a wooden structure a bat can rest in will also draw a bat to your property. Build a box or other wooden structure high enough and isolated enough that only bats (not your pet cats) can gain access. A local bat might take up shop in your wood structure.

Plant Trees at Your House

Planting trees around your property draws insects to those trees, much the way a water source does. Bats also can find homes in those trees, hiding out to eat the insects that gather around your tree line.

Plant Scented Flowers in Your Garden – Attracting Bats

Scented flowers and other plants also attract insects. The insects are drawn by the interesting smells they notice in your flower garden. When the insects gather at a certain location, bats will begin to hunt prey in that spot.

Add Insect Lights – Bat Attraction Tips

Finally, insect lights attract insects to one spot, where your local bats can have a feast. Notice that all these bat attraction tips involve drawing insects away from the direct vicinity of your house, while also concentrating insects in one place for quick and easy bat meals. You reduce your insect population by creating a kill zone for the bats that are attracted to insect gathering spots.

How To Attract Bats With Insects

Bats are pretty utilitarian creatures. Bats are going to be attracted to their food sources. So increase the bat food source in locations around your property and you’ll end up attracting bats.

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