How to Get on American Idol

Ways To Get An American Idol Audition

If you want to know how to get on American Idol, you have one of two options: either be really good or really bad. The contestants smack dab in the middle aren’t going to get on television. In other words, you have to stand out.

If you’re only so-so, then you’re going to end up falling between two chairs. So here are some tips for getting on an American Idol broadcast. The most important part is to know your talents and make them work for you.

Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul, Randy Jackson and Ryan Seacrest are looking for the next American Idol. In lieu of that, they are looking for easy targets. It’s all part of the show. If you want to be in show business, even for one glorious moment, you need to fill one of these needs.

1. Get Feedback

You’ll need to sing in front of people. Sing at parties or karaoke (see How to Sing Karaoke) and look for the reaction. Notice peoples’ reactions. If they give you unsolicited positive feedback, you might be a good singer.

When you have to ask for feedback, you probably aren’t tearing it up.

2. Solicit Opinions

If you want to be certain, ask friends and family for their opinion. Remember that people tend to be kind in these situations, so grade yourself a little bit lower than what your friends are telling you.

Seek out the most straightforward people you know. Qualify your questions by asking for their “real” opinion. This should give you some feedback on your singing talent.

3. Take Voice Lessons

At this point, you have decided you have the talent to make a splash. Buys a few singing lessons with a trained teacher. Learn what you can. When you are finished and the teacher is already paid, ask the teacher for an honest opinion. This should be a much better gauge of your talents.

4. Go for the Positive Reaction

If you are confident in your singing talents, then do what it takes to present yourself in a positive light. Work out and get your body toned. Dress in a flattering way. Be engaging and charming and hope for the best.

The judges are looking for auditions that stand out, but in this early phase, simply singing well is the most important thing. Having a pleasant voice and staying in tune will get you noticed.

5. Choose the Right Song

Song choice is perhaps the most important part of American Idol. Simon, Paula and Randy focus on song selection more than any other part of a contestant’s presentation.

If you are a good singer, then join the crowd. To stand out from the crowd, you have to make your talents shine. Choosing the wrong song ruins your one chance to make an impression.

Look for something that is challenging, but not too challenging. This song should require some range, but stay within your range. Since it is a capella, it should be able to show your melodic skills, but not strain them. If the song shows off your personality, all the better.

Do not sing songs by Stevie Wonder, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston or Celine Dion. The judges will tell you that you can’t pull it off, and that singing a song invites a natural comparison to those singers.

6. Go for the Negative Reaction

In the case that one of the above steps is not to your liking, you should probably go for the opposite response. You aren’t going to get on the show due to singing talent, so try another tactic. If your desire is simply to be on America’s top television show, there is this one other way.

William Hung got a record deal from his failed American Idol audition. Since that time, an increasingly bizarre parade of Hung wannabes have auditioned for American Idol. The secret to the show’s production is that Randy, Paula and Simon only listen to the best and worst performers. There are over 100,000 singers who audition every year. They don’t have the time for them all.

The producers listen to everyone, then screens them for the judges. If you really, really stand out, you get to see the Big Three.

If this is your tactic, then forget everything in points 1 through 5. You are about to enter a Bizarro World, where all logic is inverted. Therefore, forget the negative feedback and voice coaching. Don’t choose the right song for you, but one which is entirely inappropriate.

Most importantly, dress to fail. The more bizarre and outrageous your costume is, the better off you will be. Unlikely hair, offensive color selection and crazy shoe selection is what you are looking for. Acting crazy helps, too. Basically, go for the rebellious teen approach, doing anything to get a negative reaction from authority figures.

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