How To Address an Envelope

Addressing An Envelope Properly

Knowing how to address an envelope is a bit of a dying skill. With email and online resume posting, sending a business letter of any sort to a company is a bit outdated. Occasionally, though, you’ll still need to send a formal letter to a person, company or organization, so learning how to address an envelope properly is something everyone should know.

Not only will improperly addressed envelopes get lost in the mail, but even if a badly-addressed letter gets to where it needs to go, it’s not going to make much of an impression if the envelope you addressed is messed up looking.

Addressing an envelope is simple and easy, though, so here are five steps on how to address an envelope.

1. Print the Return Address

The return address is printed in the upper left-hand corner of the envelope. This is the address you want the letter to be returned to, if for some reason the letter cannot be delivered. If this is a personal letter from you, the return address should be your home address or p.o. box. If this is a company letter, neatly write your company’s address.

The first line of a proper address is the sender’s name or the company’s name. The second line of the address is the actual street address of the company or person sending the letter. The third line is the city, state and zip code information where the person or company is found.

So in review, to send a proper return address, fill out all three lines with the sender’s name (1st line), the street address (2nd line) and the city/state/zip code information (3rd line).

2. Print the Mailing Address

In the center of the envelope, down and to the right of the return address, write the address of where you want this letter sent. This should be square in the middle of the envelope face, since this is the information which will be read by the postal worker when delivering the mail.

Once again, the mailing address should follow the same format as the return address. On the first line, write the name of the person or business to whom you are sending the letter. On the second line, print the street address or p.o. box of the person or company you are sending the letter to. On the third line, write the city name, state name and zip code of the place you are sending the envelope.

Remember to write the mail-stop number if you know that information for the company. For instance, if there’s a specific department in a company and you want the envelope delivered to this department, list the mail-stop information you have for this department. The more specific the address, the better chance it is delivered successfully and quickly.

3. Remember To Attach a Stamp

Don’t forget to put a stamp on your envelope or that return address will be used the first time out. Most standard letters in the continental United States only require the $0.37 stamp, though postage can fluctuate. Make sure you have the right postage for the type of letter you are sending.

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