How to Set Up Wireless Internet

Wireless Internet Tips

Modern technology in your home is always expanding. There use to be a time when everyone was on dial-up Internet. You had that extra phone line connected to your computer and every single piece of hardware, like printers and scanners, were all crammed together on the desk. The though of disconnecting and working from anywhere in the house was just a dream.

Then along came wireless Internet and everything changed. You could work from your laptop while on the couch. You could surf the Internet while sitting on the porch drinking coffee. Wireless Internet suddenly made things much more convenient.

Even if you have high speed Internet, a wireless network is useful because you can work from anywhere in your home or office. With today’s hardware, the connection speeds are just as fast as with a direct hardline. If you want to set up a wireless internet in your home or office, you need to follow the following steps.

Make a List and Check it Twice

To set up your home or office for wireless internet, you are going to need some equipment. The first thing is a computer with wireless capabilities. Just about every new computer and laptop comes with a wireless card. If you’ve already got one, then no problem.

If you have an older model that doesn’t have a wireless card, it is easy to get one installed. You can go to any computer dealer and get one. Be sure that is has long range capability so you have a range of mobility.

Another option to getting a wireless card is a wireless adapter. These plug in to any USB plug on your computer and receive a signal from the wireless router. You will need one for each computer in the house.

The next thing you will need is a wireless router. Your Internet cable will plug into the router instead of your computer. The wireless router converts the signals coming through your internet and sends out a wireless signal to your computer or laptop. Wireless routers usually run between $50 to $60 and can be purchased at any computer dealership. There are several wireless technologies to choose from but the most recommended is the 802.11g because it has the best performance.

Are You Connected?

In order for wireless internet to work, you need high-speed cable or DSL internet. The reason is because you have to connect to the Internet to complete the wireless set-up. If you are still operating on dial-up, the download times and set-up can take forever.

If you are still on dial-up, you need to get high-speed Internet. Living in an urban area it is fairly easy and generally inexpensive. However, if you are one of the unlucky ones living far out in the rural areas, your only real option is to get satellite Internet. Satellite Internet may not be quite as fast as DSL but is around a hundred times faster than dial-up.

Connect the Router

Next step is connecting the wireless router. You will need to disconnect from the Internet and unplug the cable from the modem. Take the cable and plug it into the back of the router. After that, plug the power cord for the router into a wall socket. When the router comes on, it will immediately begin sending out a signal. As long as your computer has wireless capabilities, it will begin to receive a signal.

When hooking up the router, you need to check to see how the modem is connected to your computer. If you have your computer hooked up directly to your modem, you will need to unplug the cable from the computer and plug it into the appropriate port on the router. If your computer is not currently connected to the Internet, you will to plug on end of the cable to the modem and the other end to the router. If your computer is currently connected to an older router, unplug all the cables from your old router and plug the cables into the same appropriate ports on your new wireless router. Your wireless router will replace the old router.

Two of the most common brands of wireless adapters are Linksys and Belkin. Each one of these routers comes with an instructions book and a CD that will walk you through the set up. Set up is an easy step-by-step process.

To Secure or Not to Secure

Once you have the wireless router set up and installed, you have the option of setting up a secure connection to make sure no one else uses your wireless system. You can do this by setting up a password for a Wireless Encryption (WEP).

Check Everything Out

After everything is set up and the cable is in the correct ports, you should make sure that everything works like it is suppose to. Since every brand of router is slightly different, check the cable to make sure the connection is solid and in the right ports. If you have any difficulties or it isn’t working properly, double check to make sure you set the router up correctly. If everything is plugged up in the right place and the connection is working, then try to connect to the internet. Make sure there are no lag times or error messages that pop up. On the taskbar at the bottom of your computer screen you should see an icon for the wireless connection. You can always click on that top check out your connection speed and make sure that everything is working properly.

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