How to Watch Videos with Dial Up Internet

Need to Know How to Watch Videos with Dial Up Internet?

Consumers with high speed Internet enjoy streaming videos online. Consuming media is one of the main features of Internet service. However, this can be challenging for individuals with dial up internet service. Since dial up service can not deliver high speeds, streaming video files are difficult to watch with an older modem.

The average dial up modem can only deliver around 50 kbit/s transfer rates. These data transfer rates seem insufficient for video play when compared to high speed internet service. Most broadband services deliver data at rates over five times faster. However, some people simply can not upgrade to a faster internet connection. For this reason, it is important to consider ways in which videos can be watched over a dial up internet connection.

Easy Steps for Watching Streaming Videos with Dial Up Internet:

  • First, select the video that you want to watch. When you load the page, you will notice an applet that plays your video. Most players will include a mechanism for controlling playback. This may come in the form of simulated controls that imitate those found on a conventional media player. Many streaming players will begin to play as soon as the page loads. However, if you are on a dial up connection, you will not be able to view this stream in an uninterrupted fashion. Since the video will load too slowly for continuous play, you should allow the video to buffer completely before viewing. If a pause button is available, use it to stop playback. Do not use the stop button. The stop command may inform the player to stop loading the video entirely. Pausing the video allows you to prevent playback while continuing to download the file.
  • Once you have stopped the video with the pause button, take a break from the page entirely. It might take a long time for the video to load. This is unavoidable. However, if you intend to watch several videos, you can load them at the same time. While they may not load quickly, you can return to your computer later to watch the videos upon completion of the downloads. You can monitor the rate of download by watching the color of the progress bar on the applet. Most video players include a bar that allows you to determine the pace of video playback. However, an additional color often indicates the loading speed of the file. Wait for this progress bar to completely fill before playing the video file.
  • After the videos have loaded, return to your computer. Use the play button on the applet to start your first video. You should be able to watch the entire file without interruption.

Regarding Video Downloads

How to Watch Videos on Dial Up InternetVideo downloads often take much longer to receive than streaming feeds. Most content providers use very small files for streaming players. However, video files are often stored in high-quality formats. These file formats can be very large in size. This might mean that it will take a very long time for you to download a video file. If you are trying to download a large file, give plenty of time for the file to transfer. It could take hours or even days.

Tips for Choosing Video Files to Play on Dial Up Connections

Huge files are not convenient for play over a dial up connection. For this reason, you should avoid websites that stream high quality video. There are several services that provide low quality streaming video. You can download a low quality video at a much faster pace. If you intend to watch something quickly, you should choose a site that allows you to stream smaller files. There are sites that cater specifically to consumers with slow connections. Some services prefer providing content that can reach every possible household. This motivates programmers to provide options for individuals with older hardware. Avoid sites that only play high definition video files. These videos will not load quickly over a dial up connection.

In Conclusion

It is possible to watch videos on a dial up connection. For streaming play, patience is key. If you wait for the video to completely download before viewing, you will have a more enjoyable experience. This is best done by habitually loading videos a few hours before viewing.

If you don’t choose to let your videos completely download before viewing, you will experience long pauses in playback. This will be very frustrating. You might have to wait several minutes to continue viewing a video after a few seconds of playback.

When downloading a video file to store on the hard drive, you will be able to watch the video in full quality after the transfer completes. However, this will take a very long time. Since these video files can be large, it is wise to begin these downloads far in advance.

It is possible to watch videos over a dial up internet connection. However, you will have a more enjoyable experience if you exercise patience.

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