How to Use False Eyelashes

Learn How to Use False Eyelashes

Understanding how to use false eyelashes means first understanding that glamour items like false eyelashes are not usually meant for everyday use. Some people want to use just a few “single” pieces of false eyelashes to make a more subtle change to their eye’s appearance, while certain occasions call for a full set of false eyelashes to add flair and drama to an outfit.

Whatever the reason, you will want to practice with false eyelashes before it is time to stick them on your face and run out the door — if you don’t know how to use false eyelashes, you will find it is one of the most difficult to apply beauty enhancers on the market. But, if applied properly and worn with grace, a set of false eyelashes can make you the belle of the ball.

The History of False Eyelashes

How to Use Fake EyelashesPeople have known how to use false eyelashes since the early days of film. If you believe the hype, famous director D.W. Griffith designed the first set of false eyelashes to give his film beauties longer lashes that would allow her eyes to stand out on film and create a dramatic “fluttery” effect never seen before on film. Regardless of the truth of this story, we know that false eyelashes appeared sometime in the early 20th century and that motion pictures most certainly had something to do with their invention, lending credence to the D.W. Griffith story.

In fact, when you think of fake eyelash extensions, you probably think of movie stars or pop culture icons — Twiggy, Liza Minelli, Tammy Faye Baker, etc. Have no fear — regular people like you and me can use false eyelashes to give our own faces that movie star look.

Where to Buy False Eyelashes

You will find the largest selection of false eyelashes at costume stores or at speciality shops online, though many types are available at retail pharmacies and drug stores. A quick search online for false eyelashes revealed more opportunities than I could have imagined — there seem to be thousands of online stores ready to sell you false eyelashes in every color of the rainbow — including a store called which carries everything from “long, feathered eyelashes with crystals” to “quail feather eyelashes”. The short answer is — you can buy false eyelashes just about anywhere.

How to Use False Eyelashes

1. The first step in learning how to use false eyelashes is to figure out what “look” you’re after. A full set of false eyelashes is ideal for people who may have lost their lashes due to illness or medical treatment — other people use a full set of false eyelashes to go for that highly dramatic look favored by so many starlets in Hollywood. Another “look” option is to use small groups of single fake lashes on the outside corners of your eyes. This is meant to add a subtle sense of glamour — this is the “look” for the sophisticated woman who wants to have a little fun with false eyelashes.

As far as color is concerned, don’t fret too much. Just choose a color that complements both the occasion and your clothing. If you are going to an evening event, stick to black false eyelashes (or dark brown if you have naturally pale eyelashes) that will save you the hassle of adding mascara later. For a daytime event, dark brown or even light brown false eyelashes will give you a beauty boost without looking unnatural.

2. Before you buy your chosen set of false eyelashes, check the length. Proper false lashes should mimic the line of your own lashes, unless you’re going for an over the top look. Should you discover too late that you bought false eyelashes that are too big, you can just trim them (use the sharpest scissors you own) to fit your look.

3. As always with applying any beauty product, start out with clean eyes that have no debris, makeup, dirt, or anything else on them. This includes contacts if you’re uncomfortable with them in.

4. Pick up your false eyelashes and hold them in one hand while adding a super thin line of adhesive along the base of the lashes. Allow this glue to sit for a minute or two. Use a soft touch, using less glue at first and adding more later only if you need it. Less is always more.

5. Looking into a mirror, apply the false lashes above your own eyelashes, as close to your lash line as possible. Be sure to follow the natural curve of your lash line if you want a natural look.

6. Using your fingertips, adjust the lashes as needed. If you don’t trust your own fingers, it is safe to use a pair of tweezers or even a toothpick.

7. If you’re using false eyelash clumps instead of an entire set, place the clumps on the outer corners of your upper lashes. One or two clumps of false eyelashes should suffice depending on the “look” you’re after.

8. You’re almost done — just apply your regular eye makeup as you normally would, except for mascara. That comes later. For now, concentrate on making your eye makeup match your new false eyelashes.

9. Determine if you need to add mascara to your false eyelashes. You may find your new lashes dramatic enough without mascara, so take a good look in the mirror before you go mascara crazy. Remember that if you buy dark colored false eyelashes you usually won’t need to apply mascara.

10. Always practice a new makeup technique before you hit the town. Go through a couple of “dress rehearsals” with your false eyelashes before you decide to go out and paint the town red.

False eyelashes are not just the stuff of Halloween costumes and amateur theatricals — if used properly, they can add class to an already glamorous outfit or give your eyes the boost they need to really “pop out” from your face. Once you get good at applying false eyelashes, you may find yourself using single strands on a daily basis to give your eyes that beautiful boost that only a little extra eyelash can.

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