How to Spice Up Your Relationship

How to Spice Up Your Relationship

Every relationship, no matter how committed, needs a little spicing up from time to time. Men and women who spend a lot of time with each other will naturally grow a little numb, a little complacent. The best way to avoid these problems is to nip them in the bud before they sprout.

That’s right — you need to do things now to keep your relationship healthy and to avoid complacency in the future. Even if you’re still in the excited “honeymoon” phase of your relationship, adding a little heat to the mix can only end positively.

Five Ways to Spice Things Up

These four methods are just the tip of the iceberg. These ideas are good, and they will work, but you’ll need to start coming up with your own tactics in short order. After all, five spicy ideas will only last you so long.

1. Play games with your partner. The beautiful thing about this first spicy tactic is that your partner won’t know that you’re being “spicy” right off the bat. Start out by playing regular games that the two of you enjoy or by learning a game together. It can be a card game, a board game, or even something more involved like a role-playing game. Games add a competitive element to a romance that instantly kicks up the eroticism by a few notches. You will be surprised how much simply adding a game night to your repertoire will spice things up for you. Besides competition, playing games together gives couples some down time to relax and talk about their day. Don’t be surprised if at the end of a round of Monopoly your lover pulls you up and drags you to the bedroom.

2. Leave spicy phone messages. It may sound cheesy and it may feel a bit like high school at first, but leaving sexy voicemails, text messages, and even emails reconnects you with your partner, shows off the fact that you’re still sexually excited by your partner, and really heightens the mood. Your message can be rather calm, like telling your partner what you are planning for your date later that night, or sexier, describing how you feel about their body, etc. Leaving these messages increases anticipation and turns every phone call into an opportunity for romance.

3. Plan an elaborate theme date. Wait for your partner to get in from work and spring a surprise on them. Maybe you’ve turned the living room into a scene from Casablanca, complete with piano music, old school cocktails, and costumes. The idea behind this surprise is to turn an everyday event like getting home from work into a sexy session for just the two of you. If you tailor the specifics of the theme to something that the two of you both love you will appear sensitive as well as sexy. It may seem over the top, but transforming an everyday space into an out of this world date will turn the heat up on your relationship in no time.

4. Cook a meal together. That’s right — the run of the mill act of preparing food and eating it can become a spicy and enjoyable moment for just the two of you. Cooking and experimenting with food is exciting and the difference between everyday excitement and outright eroticism can be something as simple as the presence of your lover. Not only are you showing off your sensitive side by agreeing to cook with your partner, but you’re opening up opportunities for everyday eroticism. Everybody’s gotta eat . . . who says it has to be the same old same old every night?

Other ideas for spicing up your relationship include recreating your first date, planning a surprise vacation to an exotic destination, showing up at your lover’s work with a picnic lunch, or going together to a cultural event that the two of you have never been to before. Once you recognize the pattern of things that spice up your relationship, you can start coming up with your own methods.

The key to adding spice to your relationship is to make every day seem like a special day. Once you’ve learned how to do that, your relationship will never get boring.

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