How to Seal a Garage Floor

Sealing a garage floor is a great way to protect the floor from stains, and a more consistent surface makes for easier cleaning and sweeping in the future. In addition to sealing the floor you may consider adding a layer of epoxy with textured composite flakes to add an attractive look and additional traction.   No matter if you use your garage for storing a classic car or if you are ready for your garage to be a cleaner more usable part of your home, sealing the floor can be a great way to start.


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*Add an epoxy sealer kit, etching chemicals, pigment solids (flakes) and cleats to the list if you choose to move forward with the textured seal option

Clear the Garage Floor

There is no reason to get started sweeping or mopping if you are going to find more debris and grime under tool boxes, shelving and other garage furniture.  Move every thing out of the project area before doing anything else.

Deep Clean the Garage Floor

In order for your sealant to seal properly and look the way it ought to, the floor will need to be clean.  Start with a heavy push broom, or a blower if available.  Sweep around all the edges and remove as much particulate as possible.  Pay attention to clean the 10 or 12 inches of the wall up from the floor.  Remove any spider webs and clean any other debris that could be knocked into the floor while applying sealer to your project area.  Once all of the dust and dirt is cleared from the project area, look for any oil or chemical stains that could cause the sealer to dry unevenly or prevent it from effectively sealing.   Use an effective degreaser and scrub these stains until they are as clean as possible.  Hose the garage out or pressure wash the floor to remove any remaining chemicals or debris and allow the floor to dry.  If the garage is finished or dry walled, tape off any areas that you do not want stained with the sealer.

How to Apply Sealant to a Garage Floor

After ensuring the floor is clean and dry it is time to apply your sealant.  Pour sealant into your paint tray.  After applying sealer to your paint roller, begin evenly applying sealer to the outside edges of the garage.  Make sure you do not paint your self into a corner so leave the door-side of the garage until the end.  Make sure  that the coating is even and that there are no bare spots or puddles.  Once the entire floor is coated remove and clean all project related tools and clean off excess sealer.  Allow the sealer to dry per manufacture recommendations before walking on, or replacing the items from the garage.

How to Apply a Textured Sealant

This can be as simple as spraying down an aerosol that contains epoxy and silicates to make the newly sealed floor “gritty” and therefore more slip resistant or it can be as complicated as a three to five stage process that will leave you with a professional, attractive looking garage floor.

In order for the epoxy to reach maximum adhesion the floor will also need to be etched with an etching chemical that is included with most complete kits. Of course, the floor must be cleared, cleaned and dried prior to application.  Epoxy will dry smooth and can be slippery without steps being taken to add desired traction.  You may need to walk the partially cured floor throughout different stages of the process.  Golf spikes will allow you to do so without ruining your every day shoes or leaving unsightly footprints on a sticky floor. Use texture chips or optional chemical additives to allow the epoxy to make for safer foot-traffic areas.  Make sure to follow curing directions exactly.  Different brands have different recommended drying times and layering recommendations.  Speak with members of local car enthusiast groups, automotive specialty shops or anyone else that may have used these types of products, for suggestions and feedback.

Your garage is likely part of your home.  A sealed garage will make for easier clean up and a more attractive work environment.  Many studies also show that having a garage makes a home more valuable and attractive to future buyers.  It stands to reason, that if this is true, that it is also true that a clean, well-finished garage (including a sealed floor) could make it even more valuable.  As always, be sure to work in well-ventilated area and follow all safety, and application instructions and enjoy your newly improved garage floor.

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