How to Keep Roaches Out of your Apartment

Cockroach Control Tips

People living in apartments are constantly on the lookout for roaches. Even if you get rid of an existing roach problem, there must be roaches living in nearby apartments. Like the War on Drugs, the battle is never really won.

That being said, you can go a long way to keeping your house or apartment roach free. Make life for a roach in your house as difficult as possible, and the remaining ones will eventually find somewhere better and safer to live.

Below are ten simple actions you can take to help assure that roaches won’t be coming back to your place. For tips on the best sprays and gels to kill your roaches, you will need to figure out whether you have American cockroaches, German cockroaches or some other pest. If you live in an apartment complex, talk to your apartment’s pest management team. They should be willing and able to give you some free advice on the right pesticides.

As a general rule, be fastidious. Take every preventive measure you can. Keep spraying even after the roaches are gone. Be relentless, because the cockroaches certainly are going to be.

10 Ways to Keep Roaches Out of Your Apartment

1. Take garbage out regularly.

You might think you’re being clean by putting leftovers in the garbage, but this is simply collecting it in one place for roaches to pilfer. Make sure you take the trash out every night. That’s when the roach is likeliest to go looking for a meal.

2. Sweep up and vacuum anywhere food particles can be found.

If you eat at a dinner table, sweep up regularly. If you eat in the living room, vacuum under where you eat. Cockroaches can survive on relatively tiny amounts of food. So any food particles lingering in your house are an enticement.

Make sure to sweep and vacuum under your furniture, too. These are the perfect dark spots for the roach to find a meal.

3. Wipe down your cabinets.

Make sure your cabinet tops are free of crumbs and sweet, sticky puddles. Roaches will eat just about anything, so even the smallest splotch will become their next meal.

Clean under appliances like toasters and ovens. Food particles are prone to fall under these, making a perfect snack for roaches.

4. Wash dishes after eating. Don’t leave them sitting out on the cabinet or soaking in the sink overnight.

5. Seal up leftovers and unused cooking supplies in plastic bags and containers.

The last thing you want is for roaches to raid your food supply. Make sure the food in your cabinet is secure, because cockroaches will get after this as quickly as food spills. Any leftovers should be put in sealed plastic containers.

6. Do not let water stand in your apartment.

This one is especially important. A steady source of water is more precious to a roach than food. So standing water is one of the first things a roach looks for. Fix leaky faucets and stopped up sinks immediately.

7. Close up cracks around your house.

Do not give them easy access to your home. Find all the little nooks and crannies around your cabinets and caulk them up. Do the same with any utility pipes or outside wires you have running into your house. Make it as hard as possible for roaches to get into your house in the first place.

8. Bring out the traps.

Use sticky traps to kill roaches. Place them anywhere you have seen a roach. If you think you have a major problem in your apartment complex, a trap allows you to get evidence for the local exterminator. This way, they will know exactly what the problem is and how to go about solving it.

9. Hit them with the spray.

Spray periodically in the back corners of your closets and cabinets. Hit the dark places where roaches live. Remember to be relentless about this, because the roaches will be relentless about returning to your home.

If you haven’t seen a roach in a while, that doesn’t mean you should stop. If you live in an apartment complex, one of your immediate neighbors is likely to have the beasts. That means any laxness in your spraying habits is an invitation to these unwanted guests.

10. Bomb the place.

If you are leaving for a day or weekend, set off a bug bomb just before you leave. This will fumigate the entire apartment, killing or driving away every bug in the place.

When you return, make sure to clean out every dead bug you find. You don’t want new roaches finding old roach feces, because some believe they are attracted to it. Besides, you don’t want old insect carcasses laying around your home.

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