How to Remove a Sty from Your Eyelid

Treating, Preventing and Curing A Sty

A sty is small pimple which arises on the eyelid. It is caused by the infection of the sebaceous glands on the lids of the eyes. These infections generally are caused by the presence of a staphylococcus bacteria.

When a sty begins to form, you will experience irritation in the infected eye. People tend to believe that a particle has “gotten in the eye”. Over the course of several hours and probably after trying to wash your eye out a couple of times, you will begin to realize that there is something else at work with your eye.

Do not worry; sties usually last a week or less. If you wash your eye regularly with a damp, warm washcloth, the sty will go away of its own course. If a sty persists beyond a week and shows no sign of going away, then you should consult your family doctor or a dermatologist.

Of course, there are ways to get rid of the sty quicker than your body will on its own. Here are a few free tips to treating a sty on your eye. Others swear by treatments found here: Stye No More

What Not to Do

1. Do not squeeze the puss out of the sty.

This will only make things worse, and could lead to the spread of the infection.

2. Do no poke your sty with a needle.

Even if you use a clean needle treated with alcohol, when the pus runs, it will cause the staphylococcus bacteria to spread. Using a needle or squeezing the pimple may well lead to new sties.

The pus is a collection of your body’s living and dead white blood cells, which are what fight off infections like staph bacteria. If you release this pus before your white blood cells kill all of the bacteria, the infection might spread.

3. Rubbing your eyes will not help.

Rinse or wash your eyes if it is irritating you. Also, women should discontinue wearing eye makeup if they have a sty. Keeping gunk on your eye lid will only help maintain the infection.

4. Do not put ointments like polysporin on the sty.

Though I have mistakenly done this in the past and did not have any side effects, these ointments explicitly state not to put them in your eye. Placing them on the eyelid is likely to result in ointment getting in your eye.

What to Do

1. Soak a tea bag in warm water (not hot water) and hold it on the sty.

Continue to do this for ten minutes, though discontinue if major discomfort occurs. Do not press the tea bag against your eye.

This should help bring the puss to a head sooner, causing the puss to drain sooner. The tea bag method may halve the time you have a sty.

Tannic acid inside of tea kills the bacteria inside the sty. This is why the tea bag method works so well.

2. Wash your infected eye with a (warm) wet washcloth several times a day.

If you notice that the puss is gone from your sty, wash your eye immediately. This will help get rid of the puss that is carrying the bacteria.

This will cause the puss to come to a head sooner, therefore draining sooner. Instead of having a sty for a week or more, you will have it for half the time. The worst days will only be one or two.

Tips for Preventing Sties

Wash Your Eyes

If you want to prevent sties, you should wash your eyes twice daily. Also, take vitamins which boost your immune system.

This will help your body fight off minor staph infections before they take hold in your body. Finally, some studies suggest that taking flaxseed oil may help prevent a reoccurring sty.


  1. hi, i just wanted to state, that regular polysporin is definately not meant for your eye. However polysporin offers a specific ‘sty’ eye cream for your eye. I highly recommend it, i get them at least once a year so i know how painful and irritating they can be, but the sty’ cream works great!

  2. vania rocio says:

    I have a sty now and I am making use of a kind of old remedy that I discovered years ago… Is to dip a cotton swab in alcohol, no so much , not too less .. and put over the upper lid (or wherever it is) .. I did this for a couple of times 2 days and the sty after was gone.. at least this is what I believe.. but I can’t find anything about this.. Of course that this is just useful when you realize that one of your eyes is different in the shape of the other one … or when you see that the eye lid is darker than the other … those are signs that the sty is beginning ….. and of course that you have to be very careful to no let in alcohol in your eye otherwise you’ll have a painful red eye and you could make your situation even worse… And of course that you don’t have to use makeup those days, and ditch your eye cosmetics, and you have to avoid to bother it.
    If this served you…. send me good karma .. .. I need good news..

  3. when i have a sty i use baby shampoo and rub it over the sty. this will clean the sore and not irritate the eye. i then wash the shampoo out of the eye. usually i do this once or twice a day for a day or two. i notice a change in a few hours.

  4. Hi I have a stye now and I personally have to say the teabag remedey is fantastic but it’s the same as putting a warm clean rag over the sty

  5. I have a sty (on eye lid) and ummm….the things you said NOT TO DO umm i kinda did all steps….but that was before i saw this websight when i finally saw this the first thing that came to my mind when i saw the WHAT NOT TO DO’S was “I’m scruid” but i guess now I know not to do that any more, but when i poked it with a needle i rinsed it and then it looked like it was going away but then it came back… then I used ointment and it didnt do anything so now im just rinsing it daily and now its just a little bump on my eyelid that still wont go away but maybe after i do some of thease things It will be completly gone
    Wish Me Luck! *Crosses Fingers* :)

  6. well were should i begin. it all started when i noticed my daughter eye was pink and that she had a little pimples under her eye. so i took her to the doctor they told me she had pink eye and gave me some drops.the drops worked for the light pinkish color in her eye but the pimple just got the same time a red rash started to appear around the pimple and the pinkish eye came i took her back to the doctor. the doctor told me she had a skin virus call mallscum contiagoums and that it would go away on its at that point i was very upset and frustrated because we have been dealing with this problem for 9 months. so last week just by chance a woman approched us and said that dip a teabag in warm water and placing it onthe eye for ten mins would work, so we tried it. 95% better. so i suggest that everyone with a sty problem should use a tea bag.

  7. Thanks for all your advice! We are trying the tea-bag method now, hoping it works.

  8. Jasmine willson says:

    this really helped me! Thank you!

  9. melinda lovell says:

    my mother told me to rub my gold wedding band on it and it would be gone in the morning i will let you all know if it helps but it does already feel better and i just did it like ten min ago so i would deff recomend if you have a gold band do it

  10. tamerlane andrade says:

    is rubbing a stye with gold ring work? because when i’ve watch it in youtube they says it work .

  11. Carlene Singleton says:

    I was to have cataract surgery in the eye in which I got my first sty. It is still there and we have to post pone the surgery. Unlike all of you, I went to the eye dr. for obvious reasons, and am out a lot of money. The amoxicillin made me sick as a dog, the tobradex antibiotic with steroid cost me $140, and of course it’s not quite two inches long. Not being a fan of modern pharmacology, I only went the dr. route because of the cataract. So glad to hear all these possibilities. Does anyone know if you can wash your eye lashes with baby shampoo every night to prevent styes? I don’t use lash mascara, but I do use eye liner, but not behind the lashes as I have seen some b rave women do. I think that would hurt me and I would expect to get some terrible infection from sticking something almost into my eye.

  12. Sonica Murray says:

    I have had a stye for about six weeks or more I have used a hot water bottle on it all night and the next morning my entire eye was swollen, used warm towels still there. I think I’m going to try the tea bag and baby shampoo to see if that works. thanks for the information. There is hope.

  13. hi i have a sty but on the bottom of the outter of my eye iam 17 and this is the first time ive had one ive had it for about a wk but the first 2 days was like hell it felt like major brusing and i couldnt blink properly it was so saw its not that saw anymore ive still got it it started of a tinny bit big and it hasnt got any bigger but i rub my eyes alot and were make up around it theirs a trestment my nan told me about called golden oint treatment u can get it from the chemist and its ment to be very good :-)

  14. hi i have a sty right now i had gone to the nurse nd she gave me an ice pack for my eye. its still there but it doesnt really hurt. is it best to do all of the sugjestions? thx

  15. I just got my stye surgically removed, it’s the 5th day today but I still see the small red bump :s …I’m doing the hot compresses and applying the ointment the dr. gave me. how long will it take for the bump to completely go away?? It;s kind of frustrating since I went through pain but I still see the bump :s …please help! :(

  16. Ok, after reading these remedies, here is the ultimate best one that works and my mom has always done to me.i am 39 daughter get stys and we boil hot sea salt water and once it cools we dip a clean wash cloth in it and press it against the lid for 15mins. then do it again after 30mins…the sty decreases immediately..whatever the salt does it worked for us…good luck!

  17. Lauren and molly says:

    This helped me so much Very much appriciated!!!

  18. Judie Kopfman says:

    Santa Claus has brought me an early gift this year – a brand new Sty for my left eye under the lower lid. I just hope it doesn’t start looking like newly formed Deer Antlers for me this holiday. I haven’t had a Sty in years and this was a fright when I looked in the mirror this morning! Trying the Tea Bag routine in a few minutes and the rest of the recommendations to follow. Sure is bad enough to be 72+ years old and start this situation again. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

  19. Try cold whole milk on cotton ball soke for five min, will reduce swelling then teabag and its gone. The milk reduces swelling but it has to be whole milk the fat is really good for this. Because the swelling is gone the teabag can open the pores in you lid and draw out the bacteria

  20. violet raymond says:

    I have always the stiye on my both lids.Iwash it with baby shaampoo,feel a little bit better, but now it went on my other eye and I hardly see and painful. i did wash several time with baby shampoo and using tea bags,but now i have both eyes infected. have you had a better treatment? eye doktor told me it is serius surgery and maybe 50-50 better.but I am 84 I did not want surgery? anithyng I can buy at a pharmacie?

  21. Elissa Washington says:

    I have suffered stys for most of my 43 years! Hot water on a towel works, always has, but now I read comments about the tea bag, and whole milk! Thank you, totally working, LOVE the new old-fasioned remmodies!

  22. I have had. At now for nearly a week and have had to take antibiotics
    The sty is less painfull it came to a head but it never really burst and has now dried up
    When will it go and what should. Do know, have this dry thing on my eye!!!

  23. And old remedy that I always heard was to rub your wedding band (gold) on it :) always worked for my family and friends!

  24. Hi everyone, I’m a 16 year old girl and today is March 6th, 2012. I’ve had a stye on my eye since last year in Novemember 2011. Warm compress, anti-bodicts, and the stye ointment doesn’t work for me…. I’m currently in school, when I get home I’m going to try the Tea-Bag hopefully it’ll work… but if that doesn’t work, what should I do?

  25. Since past few months I get stys on right eye (mostly) , after every 2 weeks. I am fed up. How to deal with it. Does it mean I have take care of my immune system? What are better ways to cure. How long should it take minimum? Is it very risky to get this near inner side of eyes (near tear glands side)?

  26. GreyGoose says:

    I am a 36 year old female & I have had a sty on my right eye for as long as I can remember. It has never really bothered me other than occasional itching. I have tried tea bags, ice, antibacterial soap & hypo allergenic cleansers but nothing’s helped. Now, a new sty developed next to it & I’m concerned it will be permanent as well. Is there ANYTHING else I can try??

  27. Hi I’m 17 years old and I got a stye on my upper eyelid about 3 or 4 weeks ago and it hasn’t gone away, it’s just a bump now but I still notice it. I really need to get rid of it fast because my grad is in two weeks. Is there any fast remedies that I could use to get rid of my stye before my grad? This is bothering me because it is the first time I got a stye in my life. It started off puffing for a couple days then went down to just a bump, that doesn’t seem to want to go away. I need help fast.

  28. hi ive had a sty on my lower eyelid for about 6 days now, and it still hasnt gone away even though alot of websites say three to four days. but i found alot of remedies in an app, and most of them were not online but a few that i tried worked at decreasing the swelling, instead of my whole lid being swollen and puffy, its reduced to a bumb and should be alot easier when it finaly does pop. the tricks i used that were most helpful in order:
    2,brew hot water; like half a cup and put a tea bag in it so its a concetrated mixture and let it sit and cool down, then dip a cotton ball in it and then let the ball sit on your eye for like ten minuits
    3.take a fresh garlic colve, and cut it in half and place it on eye

  29. Hi, 2 weeks isn’t much time. However, let’s start with:

    1) The warm mint tea bag – to open those pores

    2) The milk – to release it

    3) The salt soaked cloth – to burn the bacteria

    4) The alcohol – to sanitize the area

    5) The hydrogen peroxide – whenever you go to war on your face, peroxide treatment must be applied

    Routinely, before bed, and when the sunshine rise in your eyes, get that clean wash cloth and natural shampoo and lightly scrub those eyelashes. Next – the better looking you!

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