How to Remove Pet Urine Stains and Odors

Whether you are a new pet owner or have many pets, it is inevitable that your pet will have an accident as they are learning to potty train or waiting for you to get to the door in time. Even though it is not pleasant, accidents happen. You do not want the stains or odors to be present longer than they have to be on your carpet or hardwood floor.

In order to remove the pet urine stains and odors, you need first locate them. Many times, you will be able to tell where your pet had an accident, but you will not always know your pet had an accident. This can depend on your work schedule, where they had their accident, and when they had it. If you are working long periods without being able to come home and let your new puppy out, you will most likely find some stains when you do return. Places behind, under furniture, or in rooms you do not go into can have stains in the carpet or on the hardwood floor, you do not even know about.

Obviously, you want to remove pet stains as quickly as possible. The longer they have dried, the tougher they are to remove from your floors. Even though people do not always like to clean up a mess, do it immediately to keep from having to work harder at removing the stain. To locate a stain, you should use a black light to find the dried stains. If the stains have been there for a while, you may not even be able to see them with the naked eye.

It would be good to remove all of the furniture from the room, shut off all lights, and close all windows. Make the room is as dark as possible. Next, turn on the black light and screen the carpet in the room for any accidents. Outline the stain with chalk so that when you turn off the black light and open the windows, you can still find the stain. You will likely be surprised by the amount of stains in the room.

If you find your pet has peed on clothing or furniture coverings, make sure you soak in an enzymatic cleaner before washing. Many enzymatic cleaners can be found at your grocery store or pet store that help remove pet stains. Make sure you read the directions carefully before applying to your carpet.

Wet pet urine stains and dried stains will need to be treated differently. Wet stains are usually easier to remove because they are already wet. Whatever you do, make sure you do not wait to clean up an accident. It makes the process much harder and longer then it has to be.

Removing Wet Pet Urine Stains

For wet stains, you will need paper towels or old towels, newspaper, clean, cool water, pet urine stain remover, and if you can a wet vacuum. When you find the wet urine, take the paper towels or old towels, and press them down over the stain. After you have done that, remove the towels and get fresh ones, put them over the stain and step where the stain is. This helps soak up the stain no matter how deep it is in the carpet. Take the wet urine paper towel to where they should be peeing. This will help your pet understand that they should not be going in the house but in the cat litter or outside. Return to the accident, take the clean, cool water, and soak the area. It does not have to be extremely wet, but enough to remove the rest of the stain. Next, take more paper towels or the wet vacuum. If you are using paper towels, blot the area dry. If you are using the wet vacuum, use it to remove the water. You will than apply the pet urine stain remover to the carpet. This may seem like overkill, but it is not always possible to remove all of the urine with just water and rinsing. Make sure you follow the directions of the stain remover carefully. After using the stain remover, rinse the area again and blot it dry. You have successfully cleaned your carpet.

Removing Dried Pet Urine Stains

For dried stains, you will need the black light, wet vacuum, pet urine stain remover, lukewarm water, and vinegar. With dried urine stains, you need to rewet the stain completely in order to remove the stain. Use the black light to find the stains and outline them in chalk. Take the wet vacuum, filled with lukewarm water and go over the stains. Only use lukewarm water when trying to remove stains. If you use hot water, it will cause both the stain and the odor permanently to set in the carpet. After the stain is wet again, use the pet urine stain remover to eliminate the stain. After the stain appears to be gone, fill the wet vacuum with carpet shampoo made to remove pet stains. You will then want to go over the area again with the wet vacuum. It should be filled with a lukewarm water-vinegar mixture. This mixture will help get all of the shampoo out of the carpet so that it can dry faster.

By now, you should have successfully removed the pet stain. It is very important to find all of the stains and odors and remove them. If not, your pet will urinate there again. When your pet sniffs, the odor tells them it is okay to pee there. This can be prevented by removing the stains and making sure you have potty trained your pet correctly.

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