How to Prepare for a Bikini Wax

Guide to How to Prepare for a Bikini Wax

If you are new to bikini waxes, you need to know how to prepare for a bikini wax treatment. While bikini waxes and Brazilian waxes are a sexy fashion statement these days, waxing a bikini area is a painful procedure that require a high pain tolerance, and usually pain-relieving steps beforehand, to make certain you can take it.

Also, a bikini wax exposes the most intimate portions of your body to strangers, so you need to be prepared mentally to lay still while a stranger pours hot wax on your pubic region. If you shied away from a full bikini wax due to modesty, you wouldn’t be the first person.

How to Prepare for a Bikini Wax – Things to Keep in Mind

Keep in mind that experienced bikini wax experts are used to seeing women’s private parts. While they aren’t medical professionals, a bikini wax expert at a salon is doing a job, and they’re usually pretty good at calming down people with your concerns. They want to complete your bikini wax with the least amount of pain, and to avoid ingrown hairs, so you come back for later wax treatments.

Steps in Waxing a Bikini Area

How to Prepare for a Bikini WaxHelp your bikini wax professionals, by taking steps to make the process go quicker, easier and less painful. Preparing before you get to the hair salon is important. Here are a few things to keep in mind, as you learn how to prepare for a bikini wax.

  • Hair Growth
  • Pain Medication
  • Skin Exfoliation
  • Avoid the Sun & Chlorine
  • Skin Conditions
  • Medical Conditions
  • Female Biological Concerns

Hair Growth and Bikini Waxes

You need to have your pubic hair at the proper length, when preparing for a bikini wax. Most bikini wax professionals suggest that you should have about 3 weeks of hair growth in the pubic region. More than three weeks means they’ll have to trim your pubic region before waxing, while less than three weeks means there might not be enough hair for the wax treatment to work properly.

Pain Meds and Bikini Waxes

Another way to make treatments of bikini wax more positive is to take pain medication an hour before treatment. These don’t have to be powerful pain killers. Take aspirin an hour before your bikini wax commences, or take ibuprofen, if you are feeling particularly antsy about the process.

These painkillers should take some of the sensitivity out of the bikini wax process. Know that wax treatments do require a certain amount of sharp pain. Think about the pain of plucking your eyebrows, then transfer that to plucking many more and much longer hairs in an already sensitive portion of the human body.

Bikini Waxing & Skin Exfoliation

One way to have a positive experience with a bikini wax is to exfoliate your skin in the pubic region, both before and after the bikini wax. Exfoliate your skin in preparation of the wax treatment, a day or two before the treatment is to occur. Once the procedure is over, continue exfoliation periodically.

This reduces the chances of painful ingrown hairs that can get infected. If you do get an in-grown hair, ice that area of your skin, then apply anti-bacterial cream, to avoid infection. Exfoliation is one of the most overlooked steps in how to prepare for a bikini wax.

Avoiding UV Rays & Chlorine Before and After

Other steps to take before and after a bikini wax is to avoid sunning or suntanning for 24 hours before getting a bikini wakes. Also, don’t go swimming for 24 hours in chlorine water before the bikini wax. Once you’re finished, avoid sunlight and swimming in any conditions for 24 hours afterwards.

Not only do these steps help you avoid infections after the bikini wax treatment, sunlight and chlorine can irritate skin in an already sensitive part of the body, making a bikini wax especially painful, if you’re sunburned, or making it painful afterwards, if you get uv radiation or chlorine on especially sensitive skin.

Avoiding a Bikini Wax

Waxing Bikini AreaWhen considering how to prepare for a bikini wax, understand that there are times when it’s just not a good idea to get a bikini wax. There are certain skin conditions and medications that make a wax treatment to the pubic region inadvisable. Below is a list of factors that should dissuade you from getting a bikini wax.

Do Not Get a Bikini Wax If:

  1. You Take Retinol or Accutane
  2. You Suffer from Psoriasis
  3. You Suffer from Other Skin Conditions
  4. You Suffer from Diabetes
  5. You Are Pregnant or Menstruating

Sensitivity is more acute in the pubic area when you are going through menstruation or pregnancy, which is why you shouldn’t get a bikini wax at this time. The other aforementioned conditions are a matter of safety, not pain, so this site suggests that you never, under any circumstances, get a bikini wax if you have one of those conditions.

Types of Bikini Waxes

There are several types of bikini waxes. Different women swear by different bikini wax types. Some prefer the conventional method, where targeted areas of the pubic region are waxed. Others prefer the Brazilian waxes, or even more extreme versions of the bikini, which we’ll discuss in a minute. Here are the various bikini wax types.

  • Brazilian Wax
  • French Waxing
  • American Waxing
  • Full Brazilian Wax or FBW
  • Playboy Bikini Wax
  • The Sphinx Wax or Hollywood Wax

For the record, American waxing gets rid of pubic hair exposed by the bikini, and trims the remaining pubic hair down, but leaves a significant amount of pubic hair in a v-shape. The French waxing leaves what men and women have come to call the “landing strip” of pubic hair. The Playboy bikini wax takes just about everything off, though it does leave a thinner strip in the front.

The Brazilian wax has several names, along with a few minor variations. Of these, the “Sphinx” wax treatment is the most famous, as it takes everything off, including in the pelvic region. This is also called the “Hollywood Wax”, because of its popularity with the Hollywood crowd. The wax is termed “the Sphinx”, because of a particular kind of Canadian cat said to be naked, that was first discovered (by Americans) in Toronto and became popular for a time.

The Playboy wax leaves a thin strip in the front, though much thinner than the standard French landing strip. Of course, the Sphinx and Hollywood waxes are considered Brazilian waxes, which deserves a discussion all its own.

What Is a Brazilian Wax?

A “Brazilian wax” is a bikini wax that removes pubic hair from more of the pubic region than a standard bikini wax. Brazilian waxes are not the most extreme hair removal treatment, because while it removes a great deal of hair, it only removes hair that is likely to be exposed when wearing a skimpiest bikini swimsuit.

The hair removal procedures that remove the full range of pubic hairs are called a “Full Brazilian Wax” or FWB. Remember that a Brazilian wax takes longer than a standard bikini wax, and the process is often more painful. The Brazilian wax is so-named, because this wax treatment was first introduced to the world in Brazil, where skimpy bikinis rule the beaches.

The Brazilian wax came to the United States via the J Sisters International Hair Salon in Manhattan. A few rich and famous Hollywood types started getting their bodies waxes at the J. Sisters Salon, and they carried the fashion back with them to Los Angeles. This became an LA fashion statement with women, and now the rich and famous flock to J. Sisters in Manhattan, to get their own Brazilian waxes.

How to Prepare for a Brazilian Wax

When you start a Brazilian wax treatment, baby powder or talcum is placed all over the pubic region where hair is going to be removed, which acts as protection for these sensitive skin areas.

Next, hot wax is poured over your pubic area, then allowed to cool. This hardens the wax and lets is encase pubic hair follicles. One area of the hardened wax is dislodged, so the salon worker can grab that corner and rip the wax quickly off the rest of your waxed area.

To finish the Brazilian bikini wax, tweezers are used to pick away any stray hairs that somehow escaped the rip. This can be painful, given the sensitive nature of your pubic region at this moment. Finally, any pubic hair you want to remain is trimmed to your specifications.

Which Bikini Wax is Best?

Some women and medical experts suggest that extreme bikini wax treatments are unhealthy, because it raises the chance of infection and ingrown hairs. Pubic hair is a natural defense against infections, while ripping away hair follicles increases the likelihood of ingrown hairs, which themselves can get infected.

On the other hand, many women who undergo the Brazilian wax treatment swear by it. These woman say they get more attention on the beach and from guys in general. They don’t risk having a pubic hair peaking out of their bikini on the beach, while their boyfriends and husbands go crazy over the new look pubic area.

Preparing for a Bikini Wax

Now that you know how to prepare for a bikini wax, it’s time to make your fateful decision and surprise the heck out of the guy (or girl) you love. Remember to have the proper hair growth, avoid sunning or swimming a day before the procedure and take a good dose of aspirin or ibuprofen before getting a bikini wax.

A bikini wax is not something to take lightly.

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