How to Play the Lottery

How to Play the Lotto

Learning how to play the lottery is simple. You need to learn whether you can play lottery games in your state, learn where you can buy lottery tickets in your local community, and then learn which game options are available to you in these locations.

Most lottery stores have several different types of lottos or lottery games available. When you want to enter a lottery, you’ll need to buy a ticket. Each lottery game has its own type of ticket. Some of these require you to scratch off some part of the ticket to reveal whether you win or not, while most games only require you watch the television broadcast of the drawing, or look in the paper or on the Internet to see if you have the winning numbers. All legitimate lotteries have their own official website, where you can see online results.

Types of Lotteries

Before you can learn how to play the lottery, you need to know which game options you can play. There are several different lottery game types: Lotto, Multi-State Lotteries or “Big Games”, Little Lottos, Dailies, Scratch-Offs.

Some of the games you can play any day of the week, while some of the games only come once a week. Once you play the lottery for a while, you’ll find a list of favorite lottery games. Perhaps you want to buy the one ticket to the multi-state lotteries, hoping for that one-in-a-million shot at big fortune. Or maybe you prefer to play the scratch-offs every day, tracking to see which games haven’t yielded their biggest prizes yet.

Lotto – How to Play the Lottery

A lotto game has 6 balls and the prizes are in the hundreds of thousands, if not millions. These game tend to be once or twice a week. Each of the big states are going to have their own Lotto game. You’ll find the New York Lottery or New York Lotto, the California Lotto, and the Texas Lotto. These games tend to have jackpots in the low millions or tens of millions, and they can become quite substantial, if the jackpot isn’t hit in a while.

Multi-State Lotteries – How to Play the Lotto

Some smaller states without the population density for a big lottery jackpot pooled their resources and created a multi-state lotto game. This is where Powerball and the Megamillions got their start. These days, the multi-state games have grown in popularity and jackpot size, so that these giant dominate the lottery landscape. These are probably the game you picture in your mind when you hear the word “lottery”.

In multi-state lottery games, the jackpot amount is extremely high, usually in the millions, if not hundreds of millions. In fact, the record-holding prize amounts are up in the hundreds of millions of dollars. In a Lotto game, six balls are drawn, so the chances of winning the Lotto are usually 1-in-15,000,000 or more. Many weeks, no one wins, and the lottery jackpot amount grows.

There are several big name Lotto games played in the United States of America. One is the Megamillions Lottery (formerly known as The Big Game), played in 40 states around the country. Another is the Powerball Lottery, which also has widespread appeal.

Little Lottos

A “little lotto” is a game with a higher win percentage, but lower jackpot amounts. The number of balls drawn are lower, while the amount of numbered balls are lower. Little Lottos are played more often than big jackpot Lotto games.

Scrath-Offs or Instant Games

If you’ve ever been waiting in line to pay for gas and the person in front of you has been selecting lottery tickets from the display counter, then you’ve seen the scratch-offs or instant lottery games. You’ve probably been in line behind someone turning in these scratch-off tickets for money. That’s how this game works.

You get a scratch-off ticket, use a quarter to scratch off to reveal whether your ticket is a winner, then return that same ticket to the store to collect your winnings. Many prizes are a $1 to $10, but there are bigger prizes, up into the thousands of dollars. Many people enjoy the instant lottery games, because of the colorful tickets, the ability to play instantly, there are no decisions (no numbers to pick), and the greater likelihood of winning.

Daily Lotteries – Dailies

Daily Lottery Games are also known as the “Pick 3” and “Pick 4” games. These are daily lottery drawings for less money, with only 3 or 4 lottery balls in the hopper. Once again, many people enjoy playing these games, because they get their daily lottery high, and because the prizes are more attainable than the big lottery games.

Quick Picks – Lottery Games

If you like the idea of not having to pick numbers, but you want to get in on the big jackpot games, you can take the quickpick option. Quick pick tickets are printed out by the machine at the lottery ticket vendor. They randomly choose your lottery numbers for you, so you don’t have to worry about a system or whether to change your numbers weekly. Instead, you get a random list of numbers, then hope that same random list is drawn in the lottery drawing.

Lottery Playing Tips – Have a Bankroll

The most important thing when playing the lottery is having a budget for your lottery expenditures. You don’t want to spend half your weekly paycheck on playing the lottery, because the lottery has among the worst odds of all types of legal gambling. The payback are rates that state and federal authorities wouldn’t let casinos get away with.

Instead, get in on the lottery for small, affordable amounts of money, then stick to that budget. It’s a good play to get one chance to win the huge jackpot amount in a multi-state lottery or state lotto game, but the benefits of getting 100 tickets in the same game are negligable. So when learning how to play the lottery, the first lesson you should learn is how to budget for the lottery.

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