How to Pick Up Girls at the Movie Theater

How to Pick Up Girls at the Movie Theater

Let’s face it, movie theaters are unconventional places to pick up girls. Unlike bars and clubs, they aren’t exactly set up for pick up. You buy your ticket, make a quick stop for popcorn and licorice, then you’re off to zone out for a couple of hours. How can us guys leverage the movie theater atmosphere to pick up girls?

Three-part Structure

Easy. Going to the movies has a three-part structure that is actually conducive for picking up girls. The first part, when everyone’s dilly-dallying in the lobby, is an ideal time to build attraction and give a girl a lasting impression. The second part—watching the movie—is her time to build you up in her mind. And the third part, when everyone’s shuffling out to the parking lot, is a great time to say, “I have to go, but give me your information so we can hang out.”

Choosing the Right Movie

Of course, it’s first important to choose the right movie. Epic, highly advertised movies will attract virtually everyone, and can provide an abundance of opportunities for pick up. Romantic comedies, on the other hand, will probably draw couples and aren’t ideal for picking up single girls. Once you’ve chosen the movie, show up early—this will give you ample time to make connections. Make no mistake: fun is what girls are looking for. As says, “A good sense of humor is amazingly attractive to most girls. They want a man who is fun to be with.” Here are a few ideas:

  • Chat with her about the movie you’re going to see and make sure the conversation creates an excuse to meet-up afterward. For instance, you can make a bet with her about how the movie will end. Set up a reward for whoever is right.
  • Hang out at the video arcade. Challenge her to a racing or fighting game. This will create a fun challenge between the two of you, and make for a memorable experience. Tell her you want to have a re-match when the movie’s over.
  • Stroll with her down the hallway and discuss the posters of upcoming movies. Most girls love role-play, so choose one of the movie posters and pretend to be different characters with her. Stay in character even when you meet-up with her after the movie’s over.

When the movie starts, create distance. Sit somewhere else. If you’ve created a strong impression, she’ll be thinking about you during the movie. And if you’ve done really well, she might ignore the movie altogether.

Once the movie’s done, find her, and open with a comment that recalls some element of the moment you shared with her before the movie. This will bring her back, emotionally, to that moment. Tell her you have to meet up with your friends and get her contact information before you go.

Part of the advantage of picking up girls at movie theaters is that most girls are looking to meet guys in ordinary places, in extraordinary ways. Instead of telling their girlfriends they met a dude at a bar, they get to say, “I met him at the movie theater. It was kind of romantic. We played video games and made fun of movie posters.”

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