How to Pick Up Girls at Lesbian Bars

How to Pick Up Girls at Lesbian Bars

Most guys don’t know that lesbian bars—and gay bars, too—are great places to meet women. Believe it or not, you can find straight and bisexual girls in these environments. Picking up girls at lesbian bars gives many frustrated guys an alternative to the usual challenges—namely, competition from other men—associated with the typical club scene.

Why Lesbian Bars?

First, it’s important to understand why straight and bisexual girls go to lesbian bars. It’s no exaggeration that most highly-attractive girls get hit on ten times a day, on average. At a typical bar or club, it’s even worse: the pressure associated with fending off creepy guys can be overwhelming. Lesbian and gay bars are great alternatives for straight and bisexual women who are simply looking to have a good time.

But let’s get one thing straight—in most cases, guys have no business being at lesbian bars, and if you’re planning to go to one, you can expect that people will try and figure out your deal. Here are a few assumptions they might make:

  • Your friends dragged you there.
  • You’re intentionally trying to corner the market of lesbian bar girls.
  • You accidentally found yourself there.

It’s best to be the guy that was dragged there, and that’s why it’s important to gather up a group of friends—guys and girls—and head out to the local lesbian bar. You can use your “unfortunate” circumstance to your advantage. Because you’re out of place, girls will likely approach you and ask what you’re doing there. Even if they’re lesbians, they may have a couple of friends who are straight or bisexual. In any case, you’ve got immediate connections and a way of getting comfortable immediately.

Building Rapport

If you do happen to meet an attractive straight or bisexual girl, you can create immediate rapport with her simply on the basis that the two of you are a little out of place—it’s a great way of getting her on your side. Together, you can find ways to have an excellent time, despite the unusual circumstances.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Part of the reason going to lesbian and gay bars is the best-kept secret for picking up girls, is because girls have a different attitude in those environments. A woman will be more excited to talk to you in a lesbian bar than she would in a different situation. This is because they know you’re not necessarily “on the hunt” to pick up women. They can let their guard down and get to know you in a more natural way. But remember to have a good time. The more fun you’re having at a lesbian bar, the more girls will notice. This is because they can assume that you’re a guy who’s able to adapt to different environments, and is comfortable in his own skin.

Lastly, keep in mind that girls who go to lesbian bars will typically go in groups. So, instead of focusing on winning the affections of one girl, be prepared to try and win the trust of the entire group. This will encourage them to take you under their wing, and you can spend the evening exploring your options.

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