How to Obtain My SAT Scores

Tips for Obtaining Your SAT Scores

The SAT is one of the most important tests a high school student can take. It can get you into the right universities and qualify you for various grants and scholarships. SAT no longer stands for Scholastic Aptitude Test which was the original name of the test when it was first introduced. The acronym is still the same, though.  The College Board, the nonprofit educational association that sponsors the SAT, decided to leave it as is to avaoid any confusion.

The SAT  evaluates your verbal and math skills that you’ve developed throughout the school years. The multiple-choice test is designed to let students demonstrate their verbal and math abilities without regard to the kind of schooling they’ve had. According to the College Board, the SAT looks for a student’s ability to understand and analyze written material, to understand different shades of meaning, and solve math problems. These are all important skills the student will need in college.

After you do all the studying and you finally take the SAT, you have to wait to find out your scores. You will want to score high enough to get into college. Different colleges have different requirements. If you don’t score high enough the first time, you can always take the test again. But how do you get your scores? You have a few options.

The College Board Website

To take the SAT, you will have had to register and sign up at the College Board website. You will create an account that you can access and it is there that your tests results will first be posted. A couple of weeks after you take the test, the results will be released on’s website. This will only be the overall test score and not the individual breakdown. That part will still take a few more weeks. Once all the tests scores are broken down, you can access them on your account at

Sometimes Collegeboard is late in posting tests results. There will be a date posted for the release of the tests results. Sometimes there are a small percentage of students who don’t get their results on that day. Don’t panic. There will usually be a message on your account telling you to check back later. The reason for this varies. Sometimes it may be some missing information or something inconsistent with your score results that delays the posting.

Sometimes Collegboard is late in posting the test results. There will be a dat for the release of the tests scores. If you go to your account and don’t see your score, do not panic. Collegeboard releases most scores on the first  release day but sometimes there is a small percentage of students who cannot see their scores online. In case of this scenario, you will usually see a message asking you to check back at a later date. Collegeboard suggests that you check back about a week later for your SAT scores and also your full score report.

The reason for this delay of tests scores varies. There could be missing information on your answer sheets or maybe some information on your sheet that is inconsistent with your registration information. Whatever the reason, it usually triggers a red flag and your test will be given additional attention. to verify all the details and available information.
By registering for the SAT, your scores will also be sent out to your high school and to any colleges that you selected during registration. You can also have a report sent to any scholarship programs.

By Mail

Your final SAT scores will be posted to your Collegeboard account several weeks after you take the test. You will also get a document in the mail with the results and the test breakdown for each section. It takes about five weeks after the test date before you get your results in the mail.

If you have not received your SAT scores after eight weeks, send the Collegeboard an email along with your name, date of birth, mailing address, test date, and your registration number that you received when you registered for the test.

What if I took the SAT years ago?

Sometimes we need to find out our SAT scores years after we took them. An example would be someone who has been out of high school for several years and decides to go back to college. Even though you have been out of school for some time you will still need your SAT scores to get accepted into college. It would be either the best planning or pure luck that you would still have a copy of your SAT scores. So how do you go about getting them after all this time?

If you ever registered on College Board’s website to take the SAT, you can try to see if your account is still active. It will depend entirely on how long ago you took the test. Try to access your account or if you don’t remember your log in information, email College Board with your personal information and see if they can help.

If it has been many years since you took the SAT and you never used the College Board website, contact your old high school and see if they still have the records. They might not have them actively on file but there might be some old records stored somewhere. It might take some time to track them down so be patient. If you ever attended college, you can also contact the college’s registrar’s department and see if they have the records on file anywhere.

For those unlucky souls who need their SAT scores from years back and who can’t find a record of them anywhere, you will have to re-take the test. Just like you did in high school, you will have to sign up for a test date and pay the fees. Fortunately, there are more resources now online for taking the SAT so you can still study, take practice tests and possibly beat the national average SAT scores. If it comes to that, then good luck.


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