How to Meet Women

How to Meet Women

For guys, it can be the ultimate question. How is a guy supposed to meet women?

These days it seems harder than ever to impress a woman. The economy’s tanking, nobody’s got any money, and people are just not hitting the bars and clubs the way they used to.

Here’s a brief guide to meeting (and making connections with) women. Follow these steps and you’ll have lots of long happy nights.

1. Take Care of your Physical Appearance

Let’s face it — no one is going to want to be near you if you smell funny, look weird, or just look out of place. Confidence is sexy and confidence starts with the way you look and the way you carry yourself. This doesn’t mean you have to wear a suit everywhere you go or take on a “fashionable” look, just that you should be clean, neat, and confident.

2. Observe Successful Guys

You can identify a “successful” guy, can’t you? They’re the ones having an easy time talking to women and seem to have one or two people around them at all times. The popular guy. Watch what he does and try to figure out why it works. Learn by example. Imitate success.

3. Relax

No one wants to talk to or much less “connect with” someone who looks tense. Being relaxed makes you look like you belong, and confidence can help you pull off any tough approach as well as make even your dumb ass moves look cool. Before you talk to a woman, take deep breaths, drink a beer, smoke a cigarette — whatever it takes to relax you.

4. Prepare for Rejection

If you approach ten women, you’ll probably face some serious rejection five times, polite rejection four times, and one solid connection. If you don’t prepare yourself for the inevitable rejection that comes from approaching girls, you should just stay home on a Friday night.

5. Smile All the Time

Smiles are contagious. Smiling makes you look happy, funny, and (here’s that word again) confident. If you don’t smile, you’ll look too serious, and many people will be turned off by you before you even get a chance to talk to them.

6. Make Connections

This is the “hardest part” of meeting women . . . actually making a connection. If there were a magic bullet or phrase I could give you to make this part easier, I would. You simply have to walk up to a woman and start a conversation. Ask her name, ask what she’s drinking, ask if you can buy her a drink, do ANYTHING at all to get your face in her memory.

7. Do it All Over Again

Meeting women means throwing your hat into the ring 100 times for one good response. Be prepared to pick yourself up off the floor the next night and do it all over again.

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