How to Use an iPhone

How to Use an iPhone

The iPhone’s popularity can’t be overstated. It is rare that I take a stroll down my busy little street and don’t see someone tapping away on an iPhone. Unfortunately, many people are given these phones as gifts and don’t know how to use them — or maybe you bought it for yourself as a gift and can’t figure out what to do with it.

Here’s an easy guide to the basics of using an iPhone.

How to Use an iPhone

How to use iPhone Wi-Fi

Apple’s iPhone is meant to be the ultimate multimedia tool. The iPhone depends on a Wi-Fi connection to connect to the web. If you want to use email, Internet applications, and dowmload media, you’ll need to figure out how to use iPhone’s Wi-Fi services.

First, you need to select a network by “tapping” it. If this is the first time you’ve used your iPhone’s Wi-Fi, or if you’re in a new Wi-Fi spot, the iPhone will automatically show you a list of Wi-Fi networks that are available. Just tap the network that you want to connect to. Sometimes there will be a required password, if so, a “lock” icon appears and you have the option of entering the password.

Pay attention to your Wi-Fi signal. While you use your iPhone’s Wi-Fi features, and especially if you’re moving around a lot, you should pay attention to the “strength signal” of your Wi-Fi connection. Your connection strength is rated with a little broadcasting icon with rounded bars stacked one on top of the other. The more bars there are on the icon, the better your Wi-Fi signal. A weak signal could limit your Internet usage, so be sure you are in a strong Wi-Fi signal area.

You can select certain settings for your iPhone’s Wi-Fi connections. The most useful option is making the Wi-Fi connection automatic or manual. Your iPhone is built so that it automatically searches for available networks and connects you to one if it is available. If, on the other hand, you don’t want the iPhone to automatically search for networks, just select the “Wi-Fi” option on the phone’s menu and click the option labelled “Ask to Join Networks” on or off. Switching the “Ask to Join Networks” option off means you’ll pick your own Wi-Fi connections manually.

If you’re finished using a particular network, your iPhone generally keeps a memory of the network and asks if you want to connect to it later. If you want your iPhone to “forget” a network, so you don’t automatically connect through that network, go to the “Wi-Fi” option on your iPhone’s menu. Just tap the right arrow button next to the network in question, click “forget this network” and your phone’s memory of that network will be erased.

How to clean your iPhone

Yes, your iPhone will get dirty. Very dirty. Human skin is oily, and the iPhone is in near constant contact with that oily skin.

Here’s a quick clean you can do on your iPhone once a week to keep the device clean and working properly.

First, unplug any USB cable or peripherals from your iPhone. To safely clean it, your iPhone can’t be connected to any other devices.

Put your iPhone to sleep by pressing and holding the “sleep/wake” button on the iPhone’s case. Then use your finger to drag the red slider across the screen. This slider pops up after holding the button for a few seconds. Your iPhone is now turned off and free of any extra cords or connections.

With a soft damp cloth (or the iPhone cleaning cloth), wipe the iPhone’s screen gently, making sure not to get any water in the ports or jacks.

Let the iPhone dry completely before you turn it on. The iPhone should be clean and dry within a minute or two.

Turn your iPhone back on by pressing the “sleep/wake” button on the back. The iPhone is turned back on when the Apple logo pops up on the screen.

How to use the iPhone camera

The iPhone has a built-in camera. Your built-in camera lets you take pictures in either a portrait or a landscape setup. After you take pictures, you can store them for later, email them to someone on your contact list, use them as a wallpaper on your iPhone, or send them to your desktop or laptop computer.

To use the phone, just tap the “Camera” option on your iPhone’s menu. This button has an icon of a lens, making it easy to recognize.

Figure out what you want to take a photo of. Aim your iPhone in the direction of the subject of the photo, then tap the camera icon on the back of the phone after you press the main “Camera” button to set up the photo. Your photo will automatically be saved in the “Photos” menu on your phone. To change the setup of the picture, change the way you hold the iPhone. Hold the iPhone sideways for a landscape picture, or hold the phone upright for a more traditional portrait-style photograph.

It is easy to look back over the pictures you’ve taken, simply select the “Photos” icon on the menu, then tape “Camera Roll” to see how your pictures look. Moving your finger to the left and right will show you other photos. You can also tap the “Camera Roll” screen again to display left and right arrow controls, rather than using your finger to flip through.

Deleting a picture from your iPhone is as easy as tapping an icon. In the “Camera Roll” menu, you can tap on any photo you want to remove, then tap the trash can to erase it.

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