How to Get on Twitter

Want to Know How to Get on Twitter?

Joining Twitter

Twitter is successful because it’s easy to use. Even technological dunces can make new accounts, log on, and connect to new people all over the world at Twitter. Services like Twitter help integrate text messaging, broadband phones, and network to make the world even smaller. Even celebrities like Demi Moore are connecting with their fans on Twitter.

How to Get Started with Twitter

Twitter is possibly the best place to get started in the world of online social networking. Even if you don’t like Facebook or Myspace, give Twitter a try. It’s more fun than the other services, and it’s easier to use, too.

Start by visiting You’ll notice that Twitter is an unassuming site with a simple layout. You can’t really do anything at Twitter until you create an account. To create your account, click on “Sign Up Now.” You’ll be taken to a page where you will input your name, date of birth, your screen name, and your avatar. You can use anything for your screen name, and almost anything for your avatar image.

After filling out the signup for, confirm the signup by clicking on the link in the email that Twitter sends you. Once you’ve done that, you’re ready to start using Twitter. (Using Twitter, by the way, is often called “Tweeting.”)

How to Tweet

Twitter is a microblogging service, which means that most people use it to announce what they’re up to at any given time. People are also able to see what their friends are up to. Any message you input to Twitter has a 160 character limit. When people “follow” you on Twitter, then they’re able to see your status updates in their feed. At the same time, when you follow people, their updates will show up on your feed too.

Updating your status is as simple as typing your update into the box and hitting “Post”.

Your followers can reply to your posts or forward them to their followers. Since it’s so fast and easy to communicate this way, Twitter has become a medium for rapid news circulation.

How to Follow People on Twitter, and How to Get Followers on Twitter

When you join Twitter, you should search for specific people you’re interested in following by searching for them by their screen name or their real name. The search box for this is found in the top right hand corner of Twitter’s site.

How to Use Twitter with Mobile Devices

Twitter was designed with mobile usage in mind. (That’s one of the reasons for the 160 character limit on posts.) It’s common for people to keep up with Twitter using their iPhone or Blackberry. Many people post about waiting in line or about what’s going on at public events from these devices.

Why Use Twitter?

Even if the whole concept seems a bit silly to you at first, it’s worth looking into just to be able to say you’ve seen what all the fuss is about. We’re quickly transforming from a wired community to a freer, unwired one, and sites like Twitter are serving as the vehicle. You owe it to yourself to be able to keep up with what the rest of the world is saying.

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