How to Home School Your Children Effectively

Home schooling, you might see mothers doing it and wonder how they teach five different grades to their children and not lose their minds. Homeschooling is not easy, but it should not be. You have your child’s education in your hands. Here are some basic ways for your homeschooling to be effective.

You Know Your Children Best

Use what you know about your children to determine the best way to home school them. You know their strengths and their weaknesses. You know if they are having trouble reading or learning to add and subtract. You also know if they learn best by doing it themselves or watching someone else do it. The key to home schooling effectively is to know your children’s learning style. They may be visual, auditory, kinesthetic learners or a mixture of all three. Visual learners learn through seeing the material. Auditory learners learn through hearing the material being taught. Kinesthetic learners learn by moving.

Choose the Right Curriculum

You may be tempted just to pick up a couple of books to get started, but they may be the wrong material for your children. You need to consider how your children are doing in their major subjects – English, Science, Math, and History. You not only have suppliers that can give you curriculum, but you can get lessons online, go to the library, articles, and support groups. There are many places to get your curriculum. Figure out what you should be teaching your third grader and then pick the curriculum best for them. Do not be afraid to mix and match if you find multiple programs that work well together. Be sure to read our article on how to choose a home school curriculum.

Create a “School” in Your Home

You should have a room or space designated for teaching your children. It should be a place that you return to every day. The best place would be in a spare room in your house or in the basement. It should have everything you need for teaching your children. It should be without distractions such as from the television.

Set a Schedule, and Stick to it!

Decide on a schedule for home schooling your children and stick to it. A schedule will help your children know that every day we are going to wake up at this time and eat breakfast, get ready for the day, and be at our desks to start school. This will be a comfort to your children and they will come to depend on this schedule. If you make any changes to the schedule, make sure you tell them several days in advance so that they can prepare. You can create a daily, weekly, and monthly schedule. You can include things like when courses are covered, when you take fieldtrips, and when breaks occur.

Teach them All at the Same Time

It may seem like it is not possible to do, but you have the ability to teach all of your children at the same time about one subject. You decide how detailed you are when you address them all, but you can give each child assignments that are true to their grade levels and ability. Do not be afraid to let your older children help your younger ones. This will get everyone involved in helping each other out. You should not however just sit back and do nothing. Instead, get everyone involved in the same subject. Here are some examples of subjects you can teach as a group; they are handwriting, Bible stories, history, science, and art. This will help minimize the amount of work you need to do to prepare.

Foster Independence in Your Children

Teach them to read so that they can start reading the assignment directions on their own. Give them the ability to check out books at your local library and let them pick the book they take home. Designate times for reading to your child and let them read to you. Also, show them how to use reference materials to find answers to their schoolwork. Introduce them to a dictionary, thesauruses, handbooks, encyclopedias, and more. The children’s department in most public libraries has all of these resources and more.

Keep Careful Records

Keep careful records of your children’s grades and make sure you fulfill your state’s requirements for home schooling your children. Different states require your children to know certain amount of stuff by certain years. The Home School Legal Defense Association is a great resource to use to figure out what your state requires. You can find out the law and requirements by simply searching online. These are just seven steps to get you started home schooling your children effectively to see the improvements you desire.

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