How to Get Invited to Movie Screenings

Finding Ways to Get Invited to Movie Screenings

Have you ever wanted to get invited to a private movie screening? Have you ever wanted to rub shoulders with movie stars, directors, and producers? Getting invited to a movie screening can be a really cool affair. It is a fantasy of many to walk the red carpet or to get tickets to exclusive premieres. Movie screenings are basically used as a marketing tool. Studios regularly offer tickets to free screenings in order to gauge audience reaction to a certain movie before it is widely released. Audiences who get invited to movie screenings are some of the first to see a movie and can even supply feedback.

Getting invited to a movie screening is not as difficult as it use to be but can still require some perseverance on your part. There are several ways you can acquire an invitation or free tickets. Below are some of the more common methods to getting the VIP treatment.

Know Someone in the Business

The best way to get an invitation to a movie screening is to know someone in the movie business. Having connections has always been a benefit in any area and this case is certainly no exception. Maybe you have a friend or family member who works in the film industry. They might be a crew member or actor or even work for the production studio. That is certainly a sure fire way to get in to see a bunch of free movies.

Another way to get in to screenings is to know a film critic. Established film critics get invites all the time to see a wide range of movies. Watching movies is what their job is all about and they may see anywhere from four or more movie screenings a week and that is without even going to a film festival. So if you want to get invited to some free screenings, you need to know a film critic. If not, make friends with one.

Belong to a Local Film Group

If you don’t want to suck up to any critics, you can always join a local film group. Film groups are local communities who are fans of films and spend a great deal of their time watching movies and discussing them afterwards. It’s similar to a book club but you get to watch instead of read. Because movie studios are after feedback, film groups are a great means of acquiring that. Studios want to invite people who are going to analyze the movie and give useful feedback. If there are screenings in the area, the film group usually tries to score tickets to it.

I should mention that not every area is going to have a film group and not every film group will be able to get an invitation to movie screenings. You are more likely to find film groups in large urban areas. Since studio premieres are usually held in the larger cities, try to find a film group there to join.

Check out the Newspaper

Screenings are often advertised in the entertainment section of the newspaper. Newspaper ads will feature the movie to be screened along with contact information such as an email or phone number. You will need to RSVP in order to get your name on the invitation list or else they won’t let you through the door. Tickets from such ads usually sell out quickly so you need to check the newspaper regularly in order to score some tickets.

Become a Member of an Online Film Site

There are more and more websites being launched that cover information in the film and entertainment industry. These sites offer their members information as well as tickets to upcoming movie screenings. All you have to do is sign up to be a member. Membership is usually free and most of the time you can either sign in to check the site for new information or you can receive email updates. Here are two of the more popular movie sites on the web.

  • Movie Advisory Board – The MAB is a partnership between, Nielsen Entertainment, and a select group of movie consumers. Members of MAB have the ability to participate in forum discussions and are able to receive exclusive tickets to free screenings. Since MAB uses these screenings for marketing purposes, you can participate in feedback and give opinions on the latest movies.
  • The Screening Exchange – This website is a great source for upcoming movie screenings. By signing up and becoming a member, you can receive updates on free screenings before they come to your area. When there is a screening, The Screening Exchange will contact you to invite you to go as one of their guests. Membership is free and the site is updated on a regular basis.

Check Out These Websites

There are also other websites that do not require you to be a member nor do they send you invitations to screenings in your area. These sites are general information sites that offer lists of all upcoming screenings.

  • The Hollywood Reporter – The Hollywood Reporter is a website dedicated to providing information on all the entertainment news coming out of Hollywood. They offer film and television reviews, news on actors and people working in film, and things going on in the business side of the industry.
  • Film Metro – This site offers listings for movie screenings all across the United States. Each movie listing has information with dates and locations. If you are looking for a particular movie or for upcoming screenings for a particular state, you can look it up on their search engine.

How to Keep Getting Invited

One of the best ways to keep getting invited to movie screenings is to get involved. Start writing some of your own reviews. You can create your own blog and then branch out from there. Ask around at other websites or publications, show them your resume, and see if they need any reviews written. As your resume expands, keep trying to get in to larger sites, magazines, or newspapers. Try contacting the publicity departments of studios and send them a resume of where your reviews have been published. You might also ask to be added to their contact list for screenings. As you gain more experience, you will find that it is easier to get invites to free movie screenings.

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