How to Get a GED Certificate

How and Where to Get a GED

Asking how to get a GED certificate in your local school system starts you on the path to getting your General Education Development certificate, generally known as a G.E.D. certificate. The GED Program helps adults and teens get the equivalent of a high school diploma after having dropped out of school in the past. The GED tests are taken in lieu of standard high school exams, and these tests allow you to prove you have the equivalent of a high school education. Having a GED certificate will help you in the job market, because many companies and employers wants their employees to possess a high school diploma or ged.

Getting a GED certificate is a matter of attending GED classes, studying for the exams and passing the GED tests. In many ways, the GED program is like high school in format, though it’s designed for people who are already working. Most GED preparation courses are taught by teacher or ex-teachers, so you’re getting the same professional instruction that someone in the public school system receives. Here are the steps you should learn when figuring out how to get your GED certificate.

  1. Find Your Nearest GED Class – Many school districts offer GED courses. Go into one of your local schools and ask if that school district offers a GED course. If they do, ask for the information about when they classes are and how you can sign up. If the school district does not offer classes, ask where you can find the nearest school system that does.
  2. Take the GED Pre-Test – You’ll need to take a general education development pre-test, which determines where your GED studies should begin. Pre-graduates have different levels of education, so the pretest gives the GED teachers knowledge of where you stand and where you need to be placed. You can find these pre-tests administered at the local adult literacy volunteer organization or the local education offices. Bigger cities will have numerous places to take your GED pre-test, while smaller towns may have only one such place.
  3. Sign Up for GED Studies – People can sign up for the GED test study course. While the GED study class is not mandatory, it helps you prepare for a successful GED certification test. If you prefer, you can simply study for the GED on your own. I would suggest you take the GED studies class and get instruction from a real teacher with a working knowledge of the GED test procedures. In the end, it probably saves you time.
  4. Study the Practice GED Tests – You can find all kinds of free sample GED tests online and in your community. Study over these to get an idea what you’ll be facing in the GED certification test. Don’t go into the GED examination without any knowledge of what to expect, because it costs time and money to take the test. If you end up retaking the test several times, you end up wasting your hard-earned money.
  5. Test at the GED Testing Center – There are thousands of GED Testing Centers nationwide where you can take your GED exam. Once you believe you are prepared to pass the test, go to one of these testing centers and take your GED exam. The GED Test Centers not only administer the tests, but are prepared to certify and validate your GED results.
  6. Score 410 / 450 on the GED – You have to score a minimum of 410 points on each part of the GED Test. You’ll also need an overall score of 450 to complete the GED and receive your GED certificate. As a minimum standard, GED “students” must score higher than 40% of all high school students. Once you have passed the GED benchmarks, you are qualified to receive your GED certificate of completion.

How To Get a GED Online

These days, people can study for their GED online. This gives you greater flexibility and convenience, if you are working a job and seeking your General Education Development Certificate at the same time. Keep in mind that the GED tests cannot be taken online, but everything up to the point of test-taking can be performed online.

To learn more about the internet GED services, visit The American Council on Education (ACE) at$F6$2E$A. This particular page tells how a person can study and master the GED curriculum.

  1. Visit the ACE Site – Visit the American Council on Education site to learn where to take the GED test nearest you. You can learn a lot of information about the GED process at this site.
  2. Obtain GED Practice Tests – Like in the above process, get your hands on GED practice tests and study them. You might even take a couple of these tests, to practice and figure out how close you are to passing. Practice tests can be obtained in English, French and Spanish.
  3. Find a GED Education Center – If you feel like you need personal instruction on the GED test, find your local GED education center. This information can usually be found online. If you can’t find the info online, go to your local school district and find out where the nearest education center is. Note that these classes are usually held in high schools and community colleges near you.
  4. Get Additional GED Material – Students who want additional GED material to help them study can find online literacy programs and information at places like the PBS special literacy program, or GED instructional materials at the Princeton Review, McGraw-Hill, Kaplan or Barron.
  5. Use an Accredited Online GED Study Course – You can find real GED study courses online if you want the greater convenience, but make sure these are accredited. Look for online courses associated with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and the American Council on Education (ACE). Avoid those online GED programs that are not associated with one or the other, or both. If a program promises to give you a GED diploma after an online test, ignore it. These programs are fake and don’t get you any closer to GED certification. You cannot get a GED with an internet examination, because the administrators have no idea who is taking the test. Long story short, you can find solid online GED study aids, but beware the fakes, because they will take your money, but colleges won’t recognize their accreditation.
  6. Take the Test at a Testing Center – Just like getting a GED certificate through live classes, people who use online study aids to prepare for the GED will take their GED exams in a local live G.E.D. testing center.

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