How to Replace Board Game Instructions

Where To Get Game Rules

You have a group of friends over to the house and it’s time to play your favorite board game. You open the box and the instructions are gone.

Now we all know this is the fault of your wife or kids, so there’s no reason even discussing this. The question is, how do you replace your lost instruction booklet?

If you are one of those types that must have a copy of the rules nearby, then the entire night’s success hang in the balance. Some games have complicated or hard to remember rules, or your gaming group is so intense that instructions are a necessity to deal with rule lawyers. I mean, we all know that games like Cranium are too cutthroat to play without a full set of the rules.

When a game is incomplete without the instructions, here are a few tips to replacing them.

1. Look at the game box.

Figure out which company is the manufacturer. Ask the manufacturer for a copy of the rules. Many sites have an order form for this type of contingency. It’s fairly common for people to lose the rule book.

2. Search Popular Brands

If for some reason you are unsure which company puts out the game, try to look it up on Hasbro owns most of the table game companies these days, including Milton Bradley, Parker Brothers and Avalon Hill. This would include big name board games like Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit and Risk.

3.Search The Internet

Do a google search if it is a really obscure game. Simply write the name of the game and perhaps “board game” in the search engine on

4. Contact The Company

If you hate using the internet, write or call the company about the instructions. The address is usually on the game box, while the phone number is in directory assistance. Be prepared to hold for assistance if you call.

5. Fees For Replacement

Do not get upset if the company asks for a small fee to replace the rules. Instruction booklets are a small cost, but a cost nonetheless. The fee will be small and it’s unreasonable to think a profit making business will give them away for free.

6. If you need the instructions right away, there are few good options.

But there might be a way to replace the rule book that evening.

Remember if you have ever played the game at the house of a friend, neighbor or family member. If that person lives nearby, you can call them and either photocopy their instructions or borrow their copy for the night.

This carries some risk. You might offend the person for not having invited them in the first place, or be obliged to invite them at the last minute.

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