How to Gain Weight

Gaining Weight Tips – How to Gain Weight

Gaining weight is harder than it sounds, especially if you have trouble keeping on your natural weight. Gaining weight isn’t a problem, but gaining “good weight” is the trick. Gaining weight isn’t all about eating as much junk as you can, because this only adds fat, when you want to add a healthy amount of muscle to your frame.

Gaining weight is about maintaining a diet and slowly putting on muscle or fat. The following gaining weight tips should help you out.

How to Gain Weight

Working out a diet to put on weight is the first task for anyone looking to gain weight. A sustainable diet is 5-6 small meals daily, because the human body was built to eat small amounts, and eat them often. This keeps your metabolism working throughout the day, which helps burn calories longer, while also maintaining peak energy levels.

In order to put on weight, a person should eat more calories than they’re burning. For instance, a woman typically burns 1940 calories a day and a man 2550. In order to plan a diet to gain weight, an individual must exceed these calorie limits.

Don’t Go Too Fast

How to Gain WeightIt’s advised that to put on a steady amount of weight. You want to eat 300-500 calories more than you burn off in a day, but no more than that. This lets you put on an extra pound every 7-10 days, which is a healthy level of weight gain.

Eating the right foods is an important part of gaining weight. If someone eats lots of McDonalds, the massive fat levels causes you to put on “bad” weight. If someone eats clean food with the same caloric intake, such as turkey, rice and vegetables, that person puts on healthy weight.

A diet to gain weight might look something like this:

  • 9am breakfast – Oats and a banana. (Find more healthy breakfast recipes here.)
  • 11am mid morning snack – Tuna sandwich.
  • 1pm lunch – Turkey, rice and vegetable.
  • 3pm afternoon snack – Chicken and vegetables.
  • 5pm dinner – Jacket potato, chicken and vegetable.
  • 8pm snack before bed – Tub of cottage cheese.

Though this sample menu might seem like a lot, if it’s broken down, you aren’t eating that much. This is a 6 meal plan, but all the food is clean, without saturated fat and other bad calories. The meal above is the sort of diet plan that a body builder might employ to gain weight, but there is no reason why someone who isn’t looking to gain muscle can’t do the same.

Combining this sort of diet with a good workout routine ensures the weight put on goes to the right places, such as building muscle or muscle tone.

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