How To Find a Job Online

Hunting For Jobs Online

Hunting for jobs can be frustrating and stressful in the current economic environment. Trying to find a job online can be a lonely task, too, because you might not get a whole lot of feedback.

But an online jobs search helps you increase your job prospects so much that you can’t ignore the Internet job market. So here is “How to Hunt For Jobs Online” to give you a few tips when trying to find a job with your computer.

1. Don’t Use Your Employer’s Email

Some employers allow you to use their email to send out resumes, but it’s still a bad idea. Your prospective employers aren’t going to be impressed by your seeming lack of loyalty to the other company and they don’t know if you have permission.

Besides, if you move on, you might miss out on business opportunities if a potential employer sends a reply to your old work account. Simply set up an email address specifically for jobs-related questions. Get a gmail account with your name and maybe the word resume or job in the title. Don’t use an email address that sounds unprofessional.

2. Personalize Your Resume

Put a cover letter on your resume that addresses the company you’re sending the resume to, as this personalizes your resume and makes it stand out from the rest.

If you’re sending out a bunch of resumes at one time, have a fill-in-the-blank cover letter template you use, at the very least. Fill in the appropriate information for each business you contact and double-check you don’t fill in the wrong information, because that will look worse than no cover letter at all.

3. Give Contact Information, But Protect Your Privacy

Make certain to set the privacy settings right when you post your resume online. Many job-hunters don’t like to post their information on the Internet, but doing so makes you look computer-savvy. But remember to be computer-savvy and fill in the right information on your resume.

4. Diversify Your Search

Don’t just put your resume on and Career Builder and think you’ve done all you can. There are all kinds of smaller online jobs sites you can post your resume on, and the competition on these may not be as fierce.

Cover all your bases to increase the chances your resume ends up in the right place. Also post on Job-Hunt, Hound, Indeed, Local Job Zone and others of their kind.

Also, go to a company’s website to submit your resume, too. Search for their jobs page or their human resources page.

5. Really Diversify Your Search

Don’t just use the Internet, though. Search through local newspapers and classifieds anywhere you can find them. Spread out your search as wide as you can.

Know that this much work can get frustrating, but understand that it only takes one. The more opportunities you have, the better the chances are you’ll find a job.

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