How to Find Free Ringtones

Finding Free Ringtones Online

Learning how to find free ringtones online and at home isn’t hard, though people might be at a loss for how to start finding ringtones for free. There are actually many different ways to get ringtones, and I’ve included some of the more common places to find free ringtones. I’ve also included one or two alternative ways to add free ring tones to your cellphone, without signing up at an online ring tone website. There’s really no need for you to pay for ringtones anymore.

  1. Free Ringtones – At the moment, allows free downloads of ringtones. Note that has gone through changes lately where a person has to download the entire file to their phone. I have heard people mention that the download does not always complete, so you might have to play with it a bit to get the song you’re looking for. This is a minor inconvenience, if you want ringtones downloaded for free. Verizon users might find a small difference in the way they download songs at Myxer. On the other hand, allows users to crop songs or customize them to their own ringtone needs.
  2. Free Ringtones – Another site where you can get ringtones for free is Just like Myxer, simply go to ProjectPlaylist, find the song you want to download, play the tune and download it to your phone.
  3. Free Ringtones – is another site where you can find free ringtones. Phone Zoo has an easy-to-use walk through manual to help you download ringtones more easily.
  4. Search For Free Ringtones – Hopefully, the three ringtone sites listed above should allow ringtone downloads for free for some time now. If not, you might have to search around for now ring tone download sites occasionally. Once you know of a place that has free ring tones or once had free ringtones, it becomes easier to find free downloads, though. For instance, if Myxer suddenly can no longer offer free downloaded ringtones, you can Google something like “ no more free ringtones” and you’ll find other internet users searching for a new place to find free cellphone tunes. You might also see if the site where you’ve been downloading free songs from has a message board where visitors discuss good places to find free ringtones.
  5. Free Ringtones Rewards Programs – Anytime you make an online purchase, check to see if the vendor has an “incentives program” or “rewards program” for customers. Often, one of the incentives offered to loyal customers is free ringtones. If so, this is a safe and easy way to collect free ringtones for your cellphone.
  6. Downloading Ringtones From Your CD Collection – Upload songs from your music CDs or Mp3 player to your computer. Once this is done, you can download these tunes into your cellphone, creating a free ringtone.

Ringtone Downloading Warning

Beware of ringtone sites that appear to offer free ringtones, but actually charge you a hidden fee. There are a lot of those sites out there. Perhaps you think the ring tone doesn’t cost anything, but there is a small fee per ringtone or the ringtone site has a monthly membership. You’ll have to agree to pay these fees and give your credit card information before you would be charged money for ringtones, but going through the ringtone download process (only to find you must pay before downloading) can waste a lot of your time. So try to read up front whether a site allows for truly free downloads, or whether they charge ringtone download fees.

Remember, if you don’t want to pay for ringtones, don’t give out your personal information. Some free ring tone websites might ask for your name, cellphone or email address. These might be helpful or even necessary for transferring your free song files. If a site wants your credit card information, though, simply navigate away from the site and find somewhere else to get ringtones for free. There is no reason for a ringtone company to want your credit card info if they don’t want to take your money.

As mentioned earlier, downloading ringtones might be slightly different from one telecommunications service to the next. You ringtone download experience may be different ringtones for ATT, Verizon and Sprint cellphones, but these should be minor differences and easily mastered.

Downloading Ringtones

  1. When you find the ringtone you want on your cellphone, the site will usually have a prompt like “Send to Phone” or “Send to Cellphone”. Place your cellphone’s phone number in the box and click the send to phone label. Then hit the start or download button.
  2. This should send a text message which contains the ringtone on it. Open this text message and make sure you save your ringtone to your phone.
  3. Once you have the new ringtone saved to your phone, simply select that tune as your preferred ringtone. Save the changes and this should do the trick.

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