How to Find an Escort

Tips for Finding an Escort

Whether you’re looking for a sex partner or someone to talk to (or both), it’s important to know how to find an escort. Looking in the wrong places can be dangerous, and keep in mind that prostitution is illegal in most parts of the United States.

Escort, as you may have guessed, is a more polite way to say “prostitute.” These working girls are also known as hookers, providers and courtesans. In most cases, their time can be purchased in increments of one hour, although many offer 30 minute and multi-hour sessions.

The following tips are meant for entertainment purposes only. Prostitution is an illegal activity, and we in no way encourage our readers to break the law.

A Note On Safety

If you do decide to spend time with an escort, it’s imperative that you practice safe sex. Some escorts (especially streetwalkers) may pass along a sexually transmitted disease to their less careful clients. These STDs can sometimes result in lifelong conditions or even death. Protect yourself at all times, and avoid escorts who offer to go “bareback” (intercourse without a condom).

Where To Find Escorts

How To Find An EscortWhen looking for an escort, the following will afford you the greatest opportunities for success:

The Street – Almost all major cities have a section which features women walking the streets for money. These women are referred to as “streetwalkers.” They usually offer the cheapest prices of all escorts, with some providing services for under $20.

Streetwalkers are usually located in areas with a high crime rate, so it’s important to be careful. In addition, police usually patrol these areas in an effort to discourage prostitution.

Sometimes, female officers will pose as prostitutes in order to arrest potential customers. In many states, you can receive a ticket just for talking to a streetwalker (even if sex isn‘t mentioned).

Disease and drug use and also risks associated with street walkers. While the experience can be a thrilling one, it also provides the greatest opportunity for you to be arrested or catch a disease.

The Internet And Magazines – A number of Internet sites specialize in advertising for escorts. Most cities also offer local publications which sell these working women advertising space.

Many of these escorts charge several hundred dollars for their services. They tend to be more professional than streetwalkers, and the risk of catching a STD is usually much lower. In fact, the real professionals carry less of a risk than someone you might pick up in a bar.

You do have to be careful of scams, though. Some escorts will post false pictures, while others will engage in what’s known as “upselling.” This means that a price will be quoted, but the escort will then charge additional fees for extra levels of service.

Brothels And Modeling Studios – These businesses provide a number of escorts under one roof. Prices can vary, but you’ll usually end up spending a few hundred dollars. Much of the fun comes from selecting from a variety of girls, and many customers develop an ongoing relationship with their favorite.

Massage Parlors – If you’re attracted to Asian escorts, massage parlors are usually the best place to find them. These places are much like a brothel or modeling studio, but a sensual massage and shower are usually provided at no extra cost. Prices normally run in the $200 range.

In many cities, police pay special attention to Asian massage parlors. This is due to the fact that some of these businesses bring women into the country illegally and then force them to work as prostitutes to pay off their debts. Raids can sometimes happen (especially around election time), and many of the women will be deported in these situations.

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