How to Delete Your Browsers History

Guide to How to Delete Your Browser’s History

There are all kinds of reasons to learn how to delete your browser’s history. If you go to the wrong website at your job site or place of employment, you supervisor might hold this against you. If you use a public computer and don’t want the next person knowing your browsing habits or trying to hack your passwords, erasing your online browser records is a good policy.

Since there are numerous browsers and different iterations of each, I’ve tried to include the most common browser systems. There’s no way to cover everything, but I’ll try to cover operation systems like Windows, Mac and Linux, as well as individual browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Remember that you should be able to make these changes while online or offline, and also remember to check back for periodic updates.

Deleting Browsing History from Web Browsers

How to Delete Your Browser's HistoryBesides deleting your navigation history from an operating system like Windows 7, Windows Vista or Windows XP, you can also clear browsing history from your individual browsers like Internet Explorer, Chrome or Firefox. After going over the one, I’ll move on to instructions for deleting browser information directly from your browser.

This lets you keep cookies and save pages from Internet Explorer, for instance, while deleting the same information from Mozilla Firefox. Picking and choosing browsing history from the different browsers lets you keep important cookies, but also speed up your computer.

Deleting Browser Info in Microsoft XP and Before

In this bullet point list, I’ll first include the pathway to finding what you need, then specific instructions for those who don’t have these steps memorized, so hopefully it’s easy for the savvy and the not-so-savvy.

  • Start – On your desktop, click “Start”
  • Settings – Navigate to “Settings”
  • Control Panel – Click on “Control Panel”
  • Internet Options – Double-Click on “Internet Options”
  • General Tab – Select the “General Tab” setting
  • Clear History – Find and click the “Clear History” option in the History box.
  • OK – When the computer asks whether you want to delete all items in your history folder, click “OK”
  • OK – You’ll probably be asked to click “OK” again, to exist the General box.

Deleting Browser Info in Windows 7 and Windows Vista

For “Windows 7” or “Windows Vista”, go to the Toolbar, instead of the desktop. The other steps should be the same.

Delete Browsing History on Internet Browsers

You might prefer to delete browsing history only on one particular browser, so here are directions for browsing record deletions with several of the biggest name Internet browsers.

How to Erase Browsing History on Internet Explorer

On Internet Explorer, go to “Tools”, then click on “Internet Options”, then “Clear History”.

If you’re using a different version of Internet Explorer, those instructions might not work. If that’s so, then click on “Tools”, then click on “Internet Options”, as before. Then click “Browsing History”, “Delete” and “Delete All Offline Content”.

How to Delete Browsing History on Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla’s Firefox browser is a popular open-source browser, and the one I used most often. To delete browsing history from Firefox, click on “History”, then click “Show All History”. This should show history for the last day, yesterday, the last 7 days and so on.

When you get to this screen, click Control (you keyboard’s “Ctrl” button), “a” and the “Delete” button. This should clear all your history.

How to Delete Browsing History on Google Chrome

On Google Chrome, click on the “Tool” symbol in the top right corner of the browser toolbar. Next, click on “Clear Browsing Data”, which should bring up a “Clear Browsing Data” box. Click on this, which should delete your browsing history on Google’s Chrome online browser.

Deleting Browser History for Firefox Mac

Click on the following links or buttons to delete the history of browsing on your laptop or pc. I’ll put these in a list, to make it easier to read.

  • Go to the Menu Bar and click Firefox
  • Preferences (click)
  • Click on the Privacy panel.
  • Click the “Firefox Will” on the dropdown menu
  • “Use Custom Setting for History”
  • Click “Settings”, which is found next to “Clear History”
  • Confirm the history deletions you want to make.
  • Close Settings and Preferences.

Clearing History in Linux

Clear your history in Linux with the “history – c” prompt, which is probably the most straightforward option. Another option is to find the file called “.bash_history”, if you’re using the default settings, and delete that file.

One Reason to Delete Browser Histories

When you save your web pages and cookies to various websites, this can slow down your computer. Periodically deleting offline pages and cookies keeps these from adding up to a point that they slow down your computer functions and Internet navigation.

Deleting Browser History

As you can see, learning how to delete your browser’s history can be a bit of a headache, just because the information is different for various browsers or operating systems. No one set of instructions is hard to follow, but if you’re sifting through the Internet to find the instructions for your computer or web browser, it can set your head to spinning. That’s why I tried to include information for most of the current operating systems and major online browsers.

Deleting browser history information lets you foil information thieves or snoops. Deleting the cookies and saves websites lets you speed up your computer, too. This might cost you a little bit of time and convenience, or cause you to forget that super-cool website you found last week. But you and I both know that most sites aren’t so essential, that we need that information anyway; if it was so important, you’ll remember to keep the web address saved, or save it into a word file or email.

In any case, learning how to delete your browser’s history is going to be something that changes, as new operating systems come and go, and new versions of a web browser come on line. Keep checking back here, when it’s time to learn how to delete browsing information from your computer, or the browser itself.

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