How to Create a Ringtone with a Mac

How to Create a Ringtone with a Mac

Although it is simple to buy ring tones for your cell phone, it is possible to create your own ring tone for your phone by using your Apple Macintosh computer. By doing this you save money. In addition, you have the ability to customize your ring tone from any of your favorite songs.

You do not need much to do this. All you really need is your Mac, the songs you want or a program that allows you to download the songs that you want, and your cell phone. Of course, you will need to make sure that your cell phone is compatible with Mac. You will also need a USB cord to connect your phone to your Mac.

If you are having trouble with your phone’s compatibility, it is possible for you to send your customized ring tone to your phone as an mp3 file via email or multimedia messaging, depending on your phone’s features. Before beginning, remember that you may need to download at most three programs in order to do this. In addition, do not forget to make sure your cell phone is connected to your Mac.

Creating a Ring Tone Using your Mac

1. Before actually putting a song on your phone or editing it, you will need to find the song on your computer. If you have it on a CD or in your Mac’s library, the process will be simple. You will need a program such as iTunes. Assuming that you are getting the song directly from your CD, open your downloading software. Put your CD in.

2. After you have put your CD in, go to your downloading software program and find the program’s menu. After selecting “Preferences”, go to the “Advanced” tab and select the option “Importing”. When you have found yourself at the “Importing” tab, be sure that you have it is importing by using the MP3 encoder. If it is not doing this, you may find out that you are unable to do anything with your new imported song. This is because almost every program uses MP3 song format as opposed to anything else.

3. Go back to the disc menu and click the checkbox for the songs that you do not want to be imported. After you have finished this, look for the “Import CD” button at the bottom right-hand corner of your screen.

4. When the CD has been imported and you have found the song that you want, make sure that you have copied the file. In order to copy the MP3 file of the song, right-click the song and select the “Copy” option. Go to your desktop then right-click anywhere on the screen and select the “Paste” option. It will already save as an MP3 file, so you do not have anything to worry about.

How to Create a Ringtone with a Mac5. You need to have the song on your computer, but you need to have your browser open. Look for a website that has audio editing software on it. These websites are not hard to find. Once you have found the website, you will need to download their software. For some websites, this option is free, and for others you will need to pay.

6. After downloading the program, open the program and go to the “File” menu. Select the “Open” option and find the MP3 that you saved to your desktop in step 4. A new window will open; more often than not showing different shaped lines. These lines indicate the sound quality and frequency of the file you wanted to open. Choose at the most fifteen seconds of the song you wanted. After you have found out what clip of the song you wanted, save the file.

7. Although you may think there is no more that needs to be done, you have more software that you need to download. Search for a file-encoding program and download it. Once you have done that, you will be able to unzip your MP3 ring tone by double-clicking on the file.

8. Find the your ring tone file and rename it so that you know what it is you are looking for after you put it on your phone. If you have not yet closed the audio editing software that you downloaded, return to it and go to the “File” menu. After you have done that, select the “Export Selection as MP3” option. Do not worry if the software you have chosen tells you that they do not support MP3 files directly. Just select yes and locate the file yourself. Once you have found your MP3 ring tone, open it. Another window will appear, telling you that it is now exporting.

After it has finished exporting, you have nothing else for you to do. The ring tone is already on your cell phone and you are either ready to enjoy the new ring tone or create another. Remember that the worst is over now that you have already downloaded all of the programs originally needed. You can do it all over again in half the time.

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