How to Create Curb Appeal

How to Enhance your Home’s Curb Appeal and Make it Worth More

A well-manicured lawn can increase your home’s worth and make it more appealing to neighbors and buyers.  From sculpted bushes to a bright and attractive flower bed, you can add thousands of dollars of value to your property by adopting a green thumb and doing some gardening.

A fresh coat of paint can also breathe life into a lackluster exterior.  Shutters, window boxes, and street numbers often need refreshing after a few years.  Complementary colors enhance the beauty of your structure and cause others to take interest in it.  Do not be surprised if your house is appraised higher than it was in the past once you have made these simple changes.

Decorate Your Front Door

Your front door is often the first thing that people see when approaching your house.  You can add interest to this area of your porch easily by decorating it according to the season.  For example, during holidays, you can change out different wreaths or wooden signs.  You can also wrap your door like a Christmas present and even decorate it with a bright colored bow.  This lets others know that you care about the appearance of your home and that you are willing to go the extra mile to make sure that it looks attractive at all times.

Replace Old, Rusty, and Worn Out Hardware

Rusty hinges, door handles, and guard rails are very unsightly and can cause others to look at your home in a poor light.  Shiny, new hardware can be purchased from a home improvement store for very little money and can be replaced in a short period of time.  Decide what style of fixtures complement the appearance of your home and have at it.  With the right set of tools, you can tackle any project large or small.

Paint Your House Numbers

A fresh coat of paint can make your house number more visible from the road.  This will help others to locate your address easier.  It also gives a freshly painted home another reason to be spectacular.  Black or white paint is best depending on the color of your exterior.  Black works best with lighter colors while white works best with darker colors.  You be the judge.

Replace Your Mailbox

Mailboxes see their fair share of wear and tear over the years.  Replacing your mailbox every few years can add a new breath of life to your home.  People driving by your front yard will see just how much effort you have put into making renovations.  Although these details may see minor, they deliver huge results by increasing your home’s worth and even attracting prospective buyers to your neighborhood.

Plant Flowers and Shrubbery

The right types of flowers and shrubbery can make an old home look new again.  Marigolds, roses, tulips, and sunflowers add a burst of color to a yard which can instantly give it the facelift that it needs.

You can visit a home and garden store and ask a salesperson which types of plants and flowers that they would recommend for a home your size.  You can also learn more about how to care for your landscaping by picking up a gardening book or two from the library.

If you are unable to maintain the yard of your dreams yourself, consider hiring a lawn care specialist to do it for you.  Although this is an added expense, it is worth its weight in gold because it allows you to enjoy every area of your home, not just the living room and kitchen.

Buy a Fountain or Statue

A well made fountain or statue complements your garden area or flower bed.  Choose the one that you like most and make sure to clean it from time to time.  This will keep it looking its best for years to come.

Some popular statues include religious images like crosses and cherubs, animals like owls and dolphins, and even Greek Gods and Goddesses like Venus, Persephone, and King Neptune.

Bird baths are also very popular.  You can attract all sorts of wildlife to your yard by purchasing one of these and placing it in a visible area.  There are a number of different styles to choose from and these items often range in price from store to store.  Shop around to find the best deal.  During certain times of the year, these items can be picked up for very little money.

When it comes to adding curb appeal, small changes make a really big difference.  Adding flowers and statues to your yard draws people in and makes them interested in learning more about your home.  A fresh coat of paint and fun, festive door lets others know that you are a warm and inviting person who enjoys taking care of your possessions.

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