How to Clean Window Blinds

Nothing makes clean windows look dirty than window blinds that have not been cleaned in ages. Even though they can be tricky to clean and even hard to remove from the window ledge, you should remember to add the blinds to your monthly household chores.

Before you can even start cleaning the blinds, you need to know what type of blinds you have because some blind types cannot be treated with certain products. No matter the type of blind, most light dusting can be done with a feather duster or old rag. To determine the condition of your blinds, you should dust to see how thick the dust is and if you need to use a different approach. The most popular window blinds are aluminum, vinyl, fabric, wood, and metal. You will clean each blind a little different.

Cleaning Aluminum and Vinyl Window Blinds

Aluminum and vinyl blinds are easy to clean when you do it regularly. If a nice pile of dust as caked on your blinds, it will be harder for you to remove the dust. To clean the blinds regularly, you should get a duster, wet rag, or micro fiber cloth to dust the blinds. You will want to clean both the top and the bottom of each blind. You can even use water and let the blinds air dry.

If it has been months or even years since your aluminum blinds have thoroughly been cleaned, you will need to devote some time to your blinds. Using wet wipes and hand washing each blind is effective. The wipes are perfect for trapping dust and dirt. They will also let you scrub at any hard spots without ripping or hurting the blinds. If they are safe for your baby, they are great for your blinds. You can also take them off the ledge and put the blinds in your shower. The steam from the shower helps remove the dust. You should wipe down the blinds to get the dust off the blinds before it dries so it does not harden on the blinds and make your job harder next time. You can also clean your blinds with warm or cold water and mild laundry detergent. Avoid using hot water. Whatever way you decide to wash your aluminum or vinyl blinds, you can let them air dry.

How to Clean Fabric Window Blinds

Fabric blinds are cleaned the best with a vacuum. It may be a hassle to thoroughly clean the entire blind, but you need to make sure that you take the time to do it. Vertical fabric blinds are very popular. Another way to clean them is to use a steam cleaner. You should try to find or rent a cleaner with an upholstery attachment. You can still clean the blinds, but everything else will also get a good cleaning too. If you do use a steam cleaner, run the attachment down each blind from ceiling to the floor. Wood blinds are treated much different from fabric blinds.

How to Clean Wooden Window Blinds

Wood blinds look great and they come in many different kinds. All wood blinds fall into these three categories, genuine wood, North American hardwood, or ramin wood. Genuine woods are real wood such as real oak, maple, or cherry. They do not have a finish or stain. The color will not fade, but it is possible for the wood to warp. It is also the most expensive type of wood blinds. North American hardwood blinds are less expensive and are less likely to warp like the one genuine wood blinds and the hardwood blinds are lighter in weight than the ramin wood blinds. North American hardwood will be basswood, poplar, or aspen woods. They may also be stained and they can be painted to match your kitchen or living room arrangement. Ramin wood blinds are less expensive than the previous but are heavier. The weight makes it harder for you to lift them to clean them or to adjust them. The humidity can also cause them to warp.

There are several things to remember while cleaning your blinds. You need to remember that moisture can stain and even damage wood blinds. If you have any spots that cannot be dusted away, use a cleaning product that is made to clean natural wood surfaces and even blinds. You need to make sure water does not stay on the wood for a long time. Water will cause the wooden blinds to warp at the ends and become uneven. The wood color and even the stain can fade in the sunlight.

You should clean your wood blinds often with a feather duster or a soft tipped vacuum extension. Make sure you clean the blinds thoroughly and do not forget both sides. Sometimes just dusters only move the dust around. Using a vacuum or a natural wood cleaner can help remove the little spots.

Faux wood is not real wood. You can clean faux blinds with water or a wood cleaner. Lightly dusting when you vacuum the carpet or dust the rest of the house can help make the job easier. Be careful that you do not mistake real wood blinds for faux wood.

Cleaning Metal Blinds

Metal blinds can also be cleaned, but just like wood and fabric there are some things you need to avoid. You will want to be careful not to bend the blinds. If you bend them, they will become warped and will not look good. You can clean them with a duster, cleaner, or with a wet wipe. You can also remove the metal blinds individually and put them on a sheet outside. You would than up the hose to remove the dust. If you can control the pressure of the water, you should keep it on something light. The harder the water pressures the more damage that could be done. Whatever your blind, you should be dusting them often so that you do not have to do thoroughly cleaning that can take up time. You can also rub drier sheets along your blinds to keep dust from returning. This may not work with all blinds, but it does with most.

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